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- These items are only earned through rank activities! (and can be bought in the shop)
- They cannot be traded in for AT

Non-Permanent Items: They all have one use, once they are used they disappear from your Aurals stash

Strange Potion 1 by ReapersSpeciesHub Strange Potion 2 by ReapersSpeciesHub Strange Potion 3 by ReapersSpeciesHub

Stange Potion 1 (red): Gives your Aural a 10% chance increase in finding items while foraging.
Strange Potion 2 (Blue): Gives your Aural +1 pup per litter
Strange Potion 3 (purple): Gives a 5% chance increase in pups being born with the energy
**These items are not stackable, you can use one per activity or breeding. SP 1 and 2 can be stacked together, but more than one of each potion cannot be stacked**

Strange Slab of Meat by ReapersSpeciesHub Strange Fish by ReapersSpeciesHub
Strange Slab of Meat: Gives a 5% increase in landing a hit in the coliseum
Strange Fish: Gives a 5% increase in finding special items during rank activities
*Items can be stacked, but no more than two can be used in one piece

Catnip Treatment by ReapersMenagerie Lady Fern Treatment by ReapersMenagerie Mixed Treatment by ReapersMenagerie Sage Salve by ReapersMenagerie

Catnip Treatment: Heals 3 HP per treatment
Lady Fern Treatment: Heals 5 HP per treatment
Mixed Treatment: Heals 8 HP per treatment
Sage Treament: Heals 10 HP per treatment

Permanent Items: Are equipped to the Aural permanently! Only one can be equipped per Aural

Lucky Rabbits Foot by ReapersSpeciesHub Feather Charm by ReapersSpeciesHub  Ameber Trapped Bug Token by ReapersSpeciesHub Fertility Charm by ReapersSpeciesHub

Lucky Rabbits Foot: Your Aural will always bring back one item from foraging
Feather Charm: Allows your quest images to be rolled again if you fail, meaning you could pass a quest you originally failed
Amber-Trapped Bug Charm: Takes away 2% from your Aurals chance of getting injured
Fertility Charm: Litter count is doubled every other litter
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Submitted on
November 15, 2017