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What is this?

This is an optional training that your handler can complete. Once completed they will get a bonus and a random trait can be added to any Siva you own or will own. 

If your handler has completed this, it takes 5% off injury chances as well as adds +5 stats to any Sivatag that are assigned to the handler. The handler must be depicted in the image if you want the injury bonus. The stats are added to any and all Siva's once the handler completes the course or gets a new Siva. Other people Sivatags depicted with the handler do not count. They have to be your hounds. 

How do I complete this?

First, you must have a handler. You should have a ref sheet or journal with written information about your handler, but it is not mandatory. 

Next, you will pick a starter Sivatag Hound to complete the course with:
  MSS Jackdaw 1 by ReapersMenagerie  MSS Archimedes 2 by ReapersMenagerie  MSS Ride the Lightning 3 by ReapersMenagerie  MSS Pumpkin Spice 5 by ReapersMenagerie  MSS Hoia Baciu 16 by ReapersMenagerie
MSS Sanuye 19 by ReapersMenagerie  MSS Baldur 20 by ReapersMenagerie  MSS Akilah 23 by ReapersMenagerie  MSS Vladimir 27 by ReapersMenagerie  MSS Lilith 28 by ReapersMenagerie  MSS Magnus 32 by ReapersMenagerie  MSS Quicksilver 34 by ReapersMenagerie

You will then complete the THREE prompts below with the Siva. 

Getting to Know
Taking for a walk (can be on leash or without)


- Handler and Siva must be 80% visible
- If you want to complete this with more than one handler, you may do so, but each handler has to be interacting with a different starter Sivatag Hound. 
- Art must be larger than 300 x 300 pixels
- Art must be colored and have a semi-detailed background
- Writing must be more than 800 words per piece. 


There is no actual judging, as long as you complete the pieces according to the requirements above, you'll pass. 


Injury Evader Trait - lessens chance of injury by 5% (if handler is depicted)
- +5 stats added to any Siva you own. 
x1 FULL slot to the starter you worked with.
5,000 SC

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Submitted on
June 3, 2017