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The Map:

Wild Island Map by ReapersSpeciesHub


The farther north you get, the colder it gets. Only the most daring of Siva's and Sindows choose to live here. Think the artic circle. The snow rarely melts here, but as you get lower near the boreal forest, then it gets more like Alaska in climate, where the snow melts for short periods in the summer. 

Boreal/Pine Forest:

These are dark, ranging forests. There are deciduous trees here and there and in patches, but it is mainly pine trees. The terrain is not flat, but rocky and rocky outcroppings are common. It is colder here and snows heavily in the winter, but there are definite seasons. It seems to rain a lot more here in the summertime.

Temperate Forest:

Clear division between the four seasons. Temperate forests are made up of mainly deciduous trees, with pines thrown in there of course. Ranges from mountainous, hilly areas, to flatter forests and meadows. Warm in the summer and cold in the winter, but not extreme. 


This grassland is divided into two main features. Near temperate forest, it looks like the prarie of North America, it is like the temperate forests in tempurature and seasons, however, they are slightly warmer. The closer you get to the scrub, the more like the African savannah it becomes. The temperature goes up and there are two main seasons, rainy and dry. 


Filled with small hardy bushes, cacti, and some stunted gnarled trees, the scrub is not completely desert and able to support quite a diverse population of life. It has a rainy season and a dry season. It is warmer than the grassland though and the rainfall percentage is lower, however, a few weeks a year it does rain. 


This is a vast expanse of dunes or flats. There are rarely any plants out here, maybe a stray tumble weed or cactus. It rains little and the temperatures can be scorching. Think Sahara or Gobi Desert in the driest, hottest parts.


Depending on the climate they are situated in, mountain weather and climate ranges in the lower levels. In the desert areas they look less like the typical pointed mountains but more like the red sandy cliffs and plateaus of the American west. Near the temperate forests they are like the Appalacian Mountains and in the boreal they are like the Rocky Mountains. 

If you are ever unsure a geographical feature is right or not, just know that this island is strange and things may not be the same as they are in any continent. I'm going by what is familiar to me as someone who lives in America, using American land marks. But if you know of somewhere similar somewhere else in the world, go ahead and use it. 
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Submitted on
December 26, 2017