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Firstly, you'll look at your type of beast and it's coat length and other attributes and find the right lines:
Murci Medium Coat Lines by ReapersMenagerie Murci Heavy Coat Lines by ReapersMenagerie Murci Light Coat Lines by ReapersMenagerie
The Steinnulfr lines do not come with BG's, so you'll have to go here to get a Bg:
- It does not matter what tribe you are in, you can pick any background

Highland Arkhos Template by ReapersMenagerie  Lowland Arkhos Template by ReapersMenagerie  War Beast Arkhos by ReapersMenagerie
The Arkhos come with BG's according to type. You may pick any listed in it's file.

After you find what you need in that department, you'll move onto the genes. 

I have all these genes and I don't know how they work?

First, you'll want to read through the base basics guide and the guide for each gene your beast has. 

Gene Order:

As for the order of the genes and how they show on the body, most of it is explained, but her are a few simple pointers to get you going in the right direction:

  • reguarding siam and Pangare. Siam ALWAYS shows over pangare
  • when you have a bunch of markings like hood, collar, and noosemarks that all go in the same area, it is up to you which order they show in. 
  • The same goes for accents on the feet and Siam. the only thing Siam goes over for sure is pangare. If you have chrome or gilded, you can choose which you want to show more than the other.
  • You MUST make sure that every gene shows unless it is covered by a white marking. You cannot hide a certain gene with another gene just because you do not like it. 
  • Markings show OVER everything but white markings.
  • White markings show OVER everything, markings and all. Golden cat is the only thing that will change the color of everything. 
  • White markings can occur in multiples on the body, so they could effectively turn the whole beast white. 
  • Albinism and Melanism are mutations that everything disappear, including markings. White markings will be darkened or not show at all.  

If you're still confused on how your beast should look after this, but still want to design it yourself, please just ask. Leave a comment on this journal, note the group, I'm normally pretty timely at answering questions. 

If you need someone to design for you: 
- I, ReapersMenagerie charge $2 or 200:points: per design - or I can have you do some art or writing for me
- Other than that, contact the group designers or find someone offering their design services

:bulletgreen: The design file can be .png or .jpg, it's what suits you.
:bulletgreen: If you have a designer, they should submit the design to their stash and you should save it and then upload it to your stash, please do not give links to the designers stash.
:bulletgreen: Once the file is in your stash, you can move on

My beast has been designed, now what?

Copy and paste this form into the description of your beast: 

Bullet; RedBasic InfoBullet; Red

Nickame: [Optional]
Age: 1 Year
Career/Rank: [Optional]
Pack/Stable: [Optional]
Personality: [Optional]
Backstory: [Optional] 

Bullet; RedHealth and StatsBullet; Red

Health: 100/100
Defects/Health Problems: 


Journey of Knowledge Complete?: No
Breeding Rites Complete?: No
Rank Training Complete?: No

Bullet; RedGenetic InfoBullet; Red

Coat Type:
- If Steinnulfr, fill out rest of info, if not, just erase
Tail Type: 
Eye Color: [do not erase- fill out for either species]
Ear Type: 
Pupil Type: 
Horn Type: 
Tongue Type: 
Rarity: - [do not erase, rarity is given in litter comment]

Line Bonus: 

Lineage: [Please fill out the lineage with working links and so that the names are listed. you shouldn't have plain links]
------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

Design: [please give credit to your designer, even if it's yourself]

Steinnulfr/Arkhos are a closed species! Please do not copy, recreate, or make your own. 

After you have filled out the form:

Submit your design(s) one at a time to this log:…

If you need a correction approved, submit your designs one at a time to this log:…

My design is in approval, how long do I wait?

We will try to review your design ASAP! If your design has been approved, we'll say approved. If you need corrections, we'll let you know what needs to be corrected and then you'll submit to the correction log. 

After your design has been approved, it'll be uploaded ASAP. 
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