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Decided to make a bonus list of all general items that give bonus's, breeding, stat points or otherwise. Bonus's earned from trainings and such are also listed here. Items earned from special events are not listed here. 

:bulletgreen: Items may have other things listed in their images description, however, what is here in this journal is correct. 


Breeding Items:

Clancy Statuette by ReapersMenagerie
- Clancy Statuettes increase your Sindows chances of producing offspring with mutations by 5% (so each mutation gets 5% added to its base percent)
- Permanent Item

Red Heart Gem by ReapersMenagerie
- Red Heart gems double your litter count every other litter!
- Permanent Item

Fertility Flower by ReapersMenagerie
- Fertility flowers add +1 Cubling to your litter
- 1 use per flower, not permanent

Beaker of the Skilled by ReapersSpeciesHub
- Beakers of mystery allow your Sindow to produce offspring with random genes. 30% chance in each offspring to give one random gene. 
- Permanent Item

Test Tube by ReapersSpeciesHub
- Test Tubes are needed to breed two types of Sindow that can't naturally breed, like Avian's and Standards. This does not allow them to hybridize, but it allows the pairing to produce both types of offspring. 
- 1 use per test tube, not permanent

Holiday Gene Serum by ReapersSpeciesHub
- Holiday Gene Serums allow your Sindow with a holiday marking to pass down the marking outside it's designated holiday's month. 
- Permanent item

Reroll Serum by ReapersSpeciesHub
- Reroll Serums allow heterozygous common genes, and then any zygosity uncommon, rare, and very rare genes to be re-rolled IF none pass down (in singular offspring, not the whole litter). This serum will re-roll EACH offsprings genes (not base, just the genes) ONCE. 
- 1 use per serum, not permanent

Showing Items:

Coat Shine by ReapersMenagerie Scissors by ReapersMenagerie Skin Lotion by ReapersMenagerie Simple Brush by ReapersMenagerie

Grooming Items give a bonus if you go to the groomer before a show and get a grooming ticket! The Groomer

Bunny Plush by ReapersMenagerie
- Bunny Plushes comfort your sindow before a show and give +5 points to any score. 
- Permanent Item

Simple Lead Rope: Black by ReapersMenagerie Simple Lead Rope: Brown by ReapersMenagerie
- Lead Ropes give +1 Patience and +1 Acuity to your Sindow
- Permanent item - 1 lead rope equipped per Sindow

Leg Wraps - Black by ReapersMenagerie Leg Wraps - White by ReapersMenagerie
- Leg wraps give +1 stat to speed and stamina
- Permanent item - 1 set of leg wraps equipped per Sindow (automatically gives enough to wrap all 4 legs)

Shin Guards - Charcoal by ReapersMenagerie
- Shin guards give +1 stat point to any skill
- Permanent item - only one set equipped per Sindow

Simple Collar- Brown by ReapersMenagerie Simple Collar- Black by ReapersMenagerie
- Collars give your sindow +1 stat point to a stat of your choosing
- Permanent item - 1 collar equipped per Sindow

Simple Halter - Blue by ReapersMenagerie Simple Halter - Green by ReapersMenagerie  Simple Halter - Purple by ReapersMenagerie  Simple Halter - Red by ReapersMenagerie
- Halters give your Sindow +1 stat point to a stat of your choosing
- Permanent item - 1 halter equipped per Sindow

Simple Bridle: Brown by ReapersMenagerie Simple Bridle: Black by ReapersMenagerie
- Bridles give +1 stat to Speed and Agility
- permanent item - 1 bridle equipped per Sindow

Simple Saddle Cloth - Plaid by ReapersMenagerie
- Saddle Clothes give +1 stat point to every stat
- permanent item - 1 saddle cloth equipped per Sindow

Simple Saddle- Brown by ReapersMenagerie Simple Saddle- Black by ReapersMenagerie
- Saddles give +1 stat point to every stat
- permanent item - 1 saddle equipped per Sindow

Treats: -Treats have their own journal
Treats FAQ:iconThe-Sindow-Group:
Treats are special items in the Sindow world and each type does something different, whether if be adding stats or adding AP bonus's! 
Treats can be bought in the shop, found while participating in activities, or from Wishing Pennies!
Common Treats:
- Common Treats give small temporary stat points - 

 These treats give your Sindow a small stat boost for competitions. Link them when you're entering a show and the stats will be temporarily added for that show. 
How many can I use per show: Up to Five - this includes all common treats! They do not stack by type. 
Example: You can't have 5 beef jerky and 5 Smoked Chicken. You can have 2 beef jerky and 3 smoked chicken, etc...
- All you have to do to use them is make sure they are in your inventory and then post in the entry comment the treats that you are using. 

Beef Jerky:
+1 Stamina


AP Orbs
- these items give AP without you having to do any artwork or writing. 
- to use an AP orb, simply link them in your Sindows tracker journal and state which orb it is and the AP it gives.
- AP orbs stack and you can have multiples of the same kind. There is no limit to how many orbs you can earn.
- AP orbs are not meant to make getting AP any easier and are rarer to earn, just as rewards for doing activities. 
Red AP Orb by ReapersSpeciesHub  Orange AP Orb by ReapersSpeciesHub Yellow AP Orb by ReapersSpeciesHub Green AP Orb by ReapersSpeciesHub Blue AP Orb by ReapersSpeciesHub
Purple AP Orb by ReapersSpeciesHub Pink AP Orb by ReapersSpeciesHub

Training/Activity Bonus's:

Joining an Association
- 5% taken off the injury chance when participating in Career Shows
- +500 SC added to placing prize in Bi-Weekly Shows
- +1 stat point added to your Sindows core stats for one discipline
- Access to special events, lower pricing, and starters
- You will get an SREA/MFSG Badge added to your Sindows import sheet

Basic Training: Allows your Sindow to breed and take part in Special and Bi-Weekly Shows
Gold Score:
10,000 Sindow Coins
+5 SSP to add to any stat(s) (for each Sindow depicted)

Silver Score:
5,000 Sindow coins
+3 SSP to add to any stat(s) for each Sindow depicted

Bronze Score:
2,500 Sindow Coins
+1 SSP to each Sindow depicted

Career Training:
+2 Stat Points to add to your disciplines core stats
Prevents Refusals and Buckoffs, 5% taken off chance of injury
2,000 SC
x3 Jelly Bean Treats

Breeding Certification:
Blue Score:
x1 Fertility Flower
x1 Beaker of Mystery

Red Score:
3,000 SC
x1 Fertility Flower

If your Sindow scores above 100 points overall, it'll have a 50% chance of earning a red heart gem. 

Genetic Line Bonus's:
Each line has designated stats to give your Sindow a bonus:
Genetic Lines and Bonus's

Showing (Activity) Placing Bonus's:
Placing 1st: 1,000 SC
Garunteed Stat Roll - 2-3 stats
x1 Gold Wishing Penny

Placing 2nd: 800 SC
60% chance of stat roll - 1-3 stats
x1 Silver Wishing Penny

Placing 3rd: 600 SC
50% chance of stat roll - 1-3 stats
x1 Silver Wishing Penny

Placing 4th: 400 SC
40% chance of stat roll - 1-3 stats
x1 Bronze wishing penny

Placing 5th: 200 SC
30% chance of stat roll - 1-2 stats
x1 Bronze wishing penny

Working (Activity) Bonus's:
Successful Work Day: 800 - 1,000 SC
x1 Gold Wishing Penny
Garunteed Stat Roll - 2-3 stats

Mediorce Work Day: 400 - 600 SC
x1 Silver Wishing Penny
50% stat roll - 1-3 stats

Terrible Work Day: 200-300 SC
x1 Bronze Wishing Penny
35% stat roll - 1-3 stats
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Submitted on
November 16, 2017