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Eliora is the Aurals caretaker diety. She will go to Najwa and care for Aurals who have no home. She will also take in any Aurals that have no home. 

What is Eliora's Den for?

This is where you will find DTA's, point adopts, and where you can pick up a free geno if you do not own an Aural already or donate geno's that you do not want. Each section will have it's own rules. 

Draw-to-Adopt Aurals:

To get one of these Aurals, all you have to do is draw it. The drawing must be full body and colored, but it does not need to have a background. If you cannot draw the Aural, you can write about it. 500 word minimum. 

This is first come, first serve. All you have to do is submit the art/writing to the Adoption Submissions folder and wait for admin to respond. 

Gatherer Afra [DTA- OPEN] by ReapersMenagerie  Aural Adopt Points/DTA [OPEN] by ReapersMenagerie

Point Adopt or Cash Aurals:

To get one of these Aurals, just reply to the log below stating which one you'd like to buy. Please make sure that you have payment ready, as payment must be made in full up front. Buy log [link coming soon]

Point Adopt [Open] by ReapersMenagerie
$5 or 500:points:

$8.50 or 850:points:

Aural Point Adopt [Open] by ReapersMenagerie
$9 or 900:points:


If you want to donate a geno you do not want to the den, respond here…

Donating Rewards: Donating a geno will give you some tokens and/or items!
3,000 AT
- a random shop item (blessings excluded) or healing poultice. 

Geno Claim
To pick up one of these genos, just comment below. In order to get one for free you cannot own an Aural. These geno's have been donated by other users. Comment here to claim a geno:…

Available Geno's:
none available at the moment]
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Submitted on
November 8, 2017