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The Clan history is told in two parts. The old Blackwater and the new Black water. Named for the black waters of the river the clan was founded by Blackwater was founded when a young Aural named Jinx and his timid mate walked into the dense pine forest Blackwater now calls home. Old Blackwater was a clan of equality and love. Jinx was always brave and caring. He was never hateful. But, one day, his mate died. The cause unknown and her unborn pups died along with her. This turned Jinx dark. He became hateful and spiteful and began using his power for terrible reasons. 

The new Blackwater clan was founded in hate and darkness. The Aurals of a nearby territory became his minions. He killed the Alpha and took his mate. He gathers Aurals from all around and loners that wander in through his territory. Some, he gets withs speeches of glory and delusions of grandeur, that Blackwater will rise and be the strongest clan all the land. Others, the ones that he wants but don't want to join, he uses his Energy to wrap them up and pull them in. Blackwater is a feared clan, those who have territories near it have moved away in fear that Jinx will come to them. 

In Jinx's ultimate scheme for power, he see's himself with the most powerful Energy Aurals. He'd been staking out one clan in particular, one that he happened to travel by and sensed the Energy of an unborn pup. He's so obsessed with Lightning energy he seems to be able to sense it. Rather than charge in there and take the female for himself, he decided to wait until they were born and grown just enough to be impressionable, but not small pups he would have to care for. So, he watched and waited until he was sure that one of them did in fact have Lightning Energy, the mark branding his flank like a blaring sign. So, Jinx readied his clan, knowing it would be easy to take them over. He took the clan against their will and found the pup, thinking he'd fall victim to his Energy as well.

This was Jinx's mistake. Rook, the pup with Lightning Energy, used it on Jinx once Rook's sister was killed. He healed and he became ever bitter. His quest for more power became even hungrier. He became even more volatile and if the pups he mentored did not succeed, he killed them. Those who are too weak or too old are killed. If the Aurals he trained did not find the slightest trail of Rook, he killed them. Blackwater is a tumultuous place, filled with unease and danger. Some are there by choice and others are not. Join Blackwater or die leaving. 

Location: In the darkest parts of the Eleri forest near the Aiah River, which is an important part of their clan and a food source. 

Clan Inner Workings:
Aurals inside Blackwater live their own lives and have different attitudes. They do not have a brainwashed, dead in the eyes look unless they've just joined or have slipped control. Jinx's ability allows him to monitor the brains of many, he can feel when his control is slipping from his Aurals. At this point in time, Jinx has not found a limit over how many he can control. He has run across Aurals who are impervious to his ability, as some Aurals are not bothered by any mind control or addling. Some have slipped into Blackwater to help release the Aurals of Jinx's control, but it is not easy for them to leave, as his range is impressive. They'd have to reach past the Thana Desert in order to get out.

Jinx is a dictator really with this close consorts. His mate Petra is an unwilling victim of his mind control and really only for show, as Jinx is a charming womanizer. If an Aural has proven loyal to him, he will let them out of the mind control as some Blackwater clan members are completely without actual mind control due to them being brainwashed by Jinx's impressive social skills and speaking skills. Typically, most Aurals live quite well in Blackwater, Jinx wants his hoard fighting fit. Only Omega's tend to be not as healthy. 

Punishments are severe and Jinx will kill if he feels he's been slighted or tricked, or if he feels like it. His Warriors are most valued, having authority over everyone but the Beta's Enda and Adna as well as the lead healer, Deign. Warriors out on patrol often kidnap Aurals they think will help Jinx. They are very hostile to the Najwarian Guard. If Jinx finds any of the guard near his territory, he'll kill them, no matter how useful they might be. 

Alpha Pair:

Male: Jinx
Female Petra
Alpha Jinx |*| by ReapersMenagerie  Alpha Petra by ReapersMenagerie


Omega Adna by ReapersMenagerie  Omega Enda by ReapersMenagerie


NPC Female: Deign
Healer Deign |*| by ReapersMenagerie

Non-NPC Healer: [Open]


NPC Warriors:
Lead Warrior:
Warrior Retsu by ReapersMenagerie 
Lieutenant Warrior:
Warrior Scarling by ReapersMenagerie
  Warrior Garr by ReapersMenagerie  Warrior Watch by ReapersMenagerie

Non-NPC Lieutenant Warrior:
Warrior Carran 019 by ReapersMenagerie
[Position Open]
[Position Open]

Non-NPC Den Guards:
[7 Positions Open]

Non-NPC Warriors:
[Unlimited Slots Open]


NPC Hunters:
Lead Hunter:
Hunter Rai by ReapersMenagerie

Hunter Echa by ReapersMenagerie

Non-NPC Hunters
[Unlimited Slots Open]


NPC Gatherers:

Lead Gatherer:
Gatherer Akela |*| by ReapersMenagerie

Gatherer Circe by ReapersMenagerie

Non-NPC Gatherers:
[Unlimited Slots Open]


NPC Scouts:

Lead Scout:
Scout Reyal by ReapersMenagerie

Scout Pin by ReapersMenagerie

Non-NPC Patrol Scouts:
[unlimited slots]

Non-NPC Den Scouts:
[7 slots open]


NPC Caretakers:

Lead Caretaker:
Caretaker Cyprus by ReapersMenagerie

Caretaker Lark by ReapersMenagerie

Non-NPC Caretakers:
[2 slots open]


NPC Omegas:
Omega Bora by ReapersMenagerie  Omega Juniper by ReapersMenagerie

Non-NPC Omegas:
[Unlimited Slots Available]

Want to join Blackwater? Note the group with this form filled out:

[link coming soon]
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Submitted on
November 6, 2017