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:bulletgreen:The Wilds:bulletgreen:

How to Battle:

First, you'll pick your opponent from the battle masters below. [more will be added]
006 Kemosiri by ReapersMenagerie 002 Bayard by ReapersMenagerie

Once you've picked an opponent, you'll draw your Siva battling the master! You can draw them battling in any location in YOUR Siva's reserve area. These battle masters cross into different territories all the time to gain battle experience. 

-art must be bigger than 300 x 300 pixels
- art must be colored and have a BG
- both Siva's must have at least 80% of their body showing
- writing must be more than 700 words 

How to win battles:

- Each Sivatag gets 3 turns 
- A turn results in a hit or a miss (50/50 shot)
- Damage is RNG 1-20 damage 
- at the end of the battle, the Siva that has taken the most damage looses

- The battle masters have a slight edge over their competitors. They have a 60% shot at landing a hit instead of a 50% shot. 

**battle traits can help with your results. 

Rewards: (if battle is won)

Loot roll: 100 - 500 SC
- Chance at a breeding slot to battle master you battled

Submit battle entries here to get results: [link TBD]

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June 20, 2017
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