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This guide will tell you about the base color and how to get it as well as eye color, skin color, and base gradients!

Base Color:

How to get a certain base color:

There are three main base colors, Black, Brown, and Sand. Gobi is a mix of Sand and Brown. The geno will be listed like this:

Black, Brown, Sand, and the dilution modifier will ALWAYS be visible. Certain pairings of these letters (the alleles) will make certain colors. The base is always determined by zygosity, not percent dominance like other genes. So,
*Using Black as an example, but is the same for all base genes
Homozygous Gene: EE or ee = 100% chance of dom gene pass down (all offspring will have at least 1 E from this parent)
Heterozygous Gene: Ee = 50% change of dom gene pass down (all offspring have a 50% chance of inheriting the E from this parent)

This is being calculated with one parent, I use a punnett square for breeding the bases. But percentages can be used as well because they equal the same thing. So, for some examples:
EE x EE = 100% EE
EE x Ee = 50% EE, 50% Ee
Ee x Ee = 25% EE, 50% Ee, 25% ee
Ee x ee = 50% Ee, 50% ee
ee x ee = 100% ee
You may interchange the E with any of the following base genes. This is not the case for ALL genes, but Black, Brown, Sand, and Dilution all have the above pass rate.

DD, Dd, or dd = dilution. The dilution modifier has to be homozygous recessive (dd) in order for dilution to show.

To get Black or Blue:

Black is the most recessive, meaning that if there are other more dominant base colors present the Sivatag Hound will not be black.
EE/bb/ss/D_ = Black
Ee/bb/ss/D_ = Black
E_/bb/ss/dd = Blue
*when a gene is listed like this E_, it simply means that it does not matter what the other allele is, it can be dominant (capitol letter) or recessive (lowercase letter) and it will not change the gene/color

To get Brown or Isabella:

Brown is dominant over black, meaning if you have a dominant brown allele the Siva will be brown.
ee/BB/ss/D_ = Brown
ee/Bb/ss/D_ = Brown
E_/B_/ss/D_ = Brown
ee/B_/ss/dd = Isabella
E_/B_/ss/dd = Isabella

To Get Gobi or Fawn:
Gobi is a mixer gene, meaning you need a heterozygous  brown and a heterozygous sand in the same geno for the Siva to be sand. Not every combo of sand and brown will work. If sand is homozygous, the Siva is sand, if sand is recessive, then the siva is brown.

ee/Bb/Ss/D_ = Gobi
E_/Bb/Ss/D_ = Gobi
ee/Bb/Ss/dd = Fawn
E_/Bb/Ss/dd = Fawn

To Get Sand:
Sand is dominant over all other colors for the most part, unless a heterozygous sand is paired with a heterozygous brown, then the Siva will be Sand.
ee/bb/ss/D_ = Sand (default homo recessive is sand)
ee/bb/Ss/D_ = Sand
ee/bb/SS/D_ = Sand
ee/BB/Ss/D_ = Sand
ee/Bb/SS/D_ = Sand
E_/B_/SS/D_ = Sand
ee/bb/Ss/dd = Gold
E_/B_/SS/dd = Gold
You get the picture

Siva base chart by ReapersSpeciesHub
Eye Color:
Each base has a certain eye color range that is acceptable. Please make sure your Siva's eyes are the right color! Please pick eye colors from these sliders!

Eye color + dilution modifier and other dilution genes = paler eye color in the same range

Heterochromia: Your sivatag hound may have heterochromia, as long as it is within the range of the base color. You will not have Sand Sivatag Hound with a red eye and a green eye.

Eye color + white marking: When a white marking is present and it is around the eye, the eye will turn a light blue, no matter the base. It may also turn blue in only a section if the white marking only touches the eye in a certain place.

Skin Color:
 Skin color can range in natural shades of black, grey, brown, and tan. The only way skin is pink or a shade of pinkish brown is if a white marking or dilution gene is present.

On non-dilute Siva's, the skin and nails are ALWAYS darker than the base.

- skin may show through the shorter areas of the fur around the muzzle, eye, stomach before the back legs, and paws.

Skin by ReapersSpeciesHub

w/ dilution gene:
Skin diluted by ReapersSpeciesHub

With White Marking:
Where the white marking touches the skin, it is pink! The eye is light blue where the white marking touches.
Base with white marking by ReapersSpeciesHub

Base Gradient:

This simply means that you do not have to leave your Siva a simple flat color, especially on Siva's with no extra genes.

Example 1:
This siva has a lightened underbelly. It should be smooth and blended into the coat and should be a lighter shade of the base color. It should not be too light or cream colored or it might be confused with pangare, if this happens, your design will be denied. It's supposed to be subtle.

You do not have to have the base gradient at all, nor do you have to have it in all the areas present below. If you want it solely around the eyes or on only the muzzle. The example below does show the MAX amount of lighter gradient you can have on a Siva in all areas.
Base Gradient 001 by ReapersSpeciesHub

Example 2:
This example also has a slight darkening of the topside. It should be a slightly darker shade than the base and should not be too dark and confused with sooty. You do not have to have a lighter under belly paired with it either. Again, it should be soft and blended into the coat.
Base Gradient 2 by ReapersSpeciesHub

Random White:

Random white is a FREE white marking that you can add to your Sivatag Hound. It is always WHITE and hard edged. It can be very minimal and should be spotty. Here is the max range for Random white. It will cover ALL marking present.
Max random white by ReapersSpeciesHub

Again, it should be smooth edged and not too ridged or have isolated spots near it.

Random white on the face:
Acceptable markings:
- They should look natural and not too artificially shaped
Acceptable white face markings by ReapersSpeciesHub

Unacceptable markings:
- no perfect single circles
- no moon shapes, however something like that shown near the green check is accepted.
- no strange shapes
- no isolated spots of white on the cheeks, they may only occur on the forehead, down between the eyes, and along the snout
- ear tips should not have random white
- and if you can't see any white on the last example, well, that's to show you that random white must be noticeable to be accepted. There is a small dot above the nose that is just barely visible. It is not a fleck of white.
 Not accept white face markings by ReapersSpeciesHub

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