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What are Art Points?

Art points are earned whenever you draw or write about your Sindow. They are collected and kept track of to rank up your Sindow, which will give your Sindow stat points as well. Ranking up your Sindow also determines how many offspring it can have. 

:bulletgreen: ALL Sindows start out with 0 AP (Novice). AP is the amount of art/lit your Sindow has done for it. (Stat points are a different type of points for Sindows, but they are connected. Read below in the Ranking up section.)

:bulletgreen: AP are not passed down to offspring.

Art Point Guide:

This shows how many points you get for your art or writing plus bonus's! You'll take a look at your art and go through, adding up your AP according to what you have done. If you're ever not sure what your art qualifies as, just note the group!

Below is a chart showing the percentage of which is which for headshot, bust, half body, half body, 70-80%, and full body. This is the same on all Sindows. The grey areas are the optional full body, but if they are cut off outside the image, then that is okay too. This is also used for art requirements when something asks for halfbody, 80% etc... 

Standard art percent by ReapersSpeciesHub Gigan art percentage by ReapersSpeciesHub


Smaller than 150 x 150 = 1 AP [no matter if it is colored, shaded etc...]

Headshot: 1 AP
Bust/Halfbody: 2 AP
Full Body: 3 AP

Sketch: +1 AP
Lined: +2 AP
Painterly: +3 AP (no lines, so don't count lines or sketch)

Color: +1 AP

Shading[Soft or Cell Shading Counts]

Simple Shading: +1 AP
 - One layer of shading or highlight, not very dynamic

Complex Shading: +2 AP
- Shading and Highlights, several layers of it

- If there is no background don't add AP for a background
- Solid Color backgrounds or just simple pattern backgrounds do not count either

Simple: +1 AP
- There is no real depth, it's just flat color or low detail, or it doesn't encapsulate the whole Sindow

Complex: +2 AP
- Takes up whole picture, has shading and detail, and has depth. 


Every 200 words = 1 AP

- Lit must be in English, please. Can be from handlers point of view or Sindows.
- In order for the lit to count for a Sindow, it must be mentioned at least three times and have some sort of impact on the story. A passing mention will not suffice. 


- Take your art and add up what your animation is, like if it's a full body sketch, take the Art AP amount from a full body sketch, which is 3 AP. Then add this AP to it. 

Simple: +2 AP per frame
- Eye blink, eat twitch, small movements

Complex: +4 AP per frame
- This is two or more parts moving in unison, including the full body


Featured Bonus: +10 AP 
- If you're art shows effort, dynamic color, lighting, and overall impression, and I think it deserves to be in the featured folder, then you'll get +10 AP for all Sindows depicted in your amazing artwork. Literature can also make it to the featured folder if it is detailed, enthralling, and grammatically readable. 

Handler Bonus: +2 AP
- For every piece of art that you add a handler to, that does not require a handler, you can add the handler bonus.

Other ARPG Species Bonus: +2 AP
- Spread the species love! Only counts if the the species is original, closed, and is considered ARPG (ex. shedu's, tokotas etc...). It doesn't matter if the groups are technically in different time periods. If you stick another species in there, then you get the bonus^^ If you question whether or not the species would count as a bonus, please ask. 

Activity Bonus: +1 AP
- For Showing, Working, and Exploring pieces only

Training Bonus: +5 AP
- Your basic training, defect training, breeding certification, and career training pieces only (each piece gets the bonus)

Show Bonus: +3 AP
- For Monthly Shows or group shows (not holiday events)

Monthly Quest Bonus: +5 AP
- Monthly Quest pieces get +5 AP 

Starter Bonus: +1 AP
- depict a starter in your art and earn +1 AP for your Sindow(s).

Personal Art Bonus: +1 AP
- If the art is done BY you of a Sindow YOU own, then this counts. 

How to keep track of your Art Points:

To keep track of your AP, you need to make a tracker journal for your Sindow. It can be organized however you like, but it must have these things visible: 

  • Sindows Import Sheet
  • Each Art or Lit piece done for the Sindow WITH the AP breakdown. 
  • A total for ALL your AP. 
  • The rank of your Sindow. 

Activities: You will also need the tracker for activities such as showing, working, and exploring. You can have designated comments or separate journals for Admin to respond to with your results or just have them comment on the Sindows journal itself. 

Examples: (these are examples from my own Sindows. I'm on the more organized side, so you can copy my format if you like) Blair's is pretty well filled out, Song's is pretty blank. Brighty's is in between. 
CRS Blair Witch 62
Age: 5 Years
Discipline: Endurance, Halter
Rank: Intermediate [88 AP]
- completed old style training for Basic/Endurance- 
Total AP: 15 AP

2 [full body] + 2 [lined] + 1 [Color] + 1 [Simple Shade] + 2 [Complex BG] = 8 AP

2 [full body] + 2 [lined] + 1 [Color] + 1 [Simple Shade] + 1 [Simple BG] = 7 AP
Career Training:
Endurance Skills: Stamina, Strength, Agility, Speed
Halter skills: Patience, Acuity
Star! Endurance Training: Complete - under old system
No Star Halter Training: 0/4 complete
Leading: Draw or write about your Sindow/Handler just walking back and forth around the ring
Standing Pretty: Draw or write about your Sindow/Handler learning to stand together with correct for
  CRS Sleepsong 369
3 weeks
Discipline: Show Jumping
Line Bonus: +2 Ag, +1 Sp
Rank: Novice [ AP]
Basic Training:
Total AP: 0 AP
- not complete-
Career Training:
Total AP: 0
Discipline: Showing Jumping
Show Jumping Stats: Speed, Agility, Strength

- The Jumps: Draw or write about your Sindow being introduced to jumping equipment
- Small obstacles: Draw or write about your Sindow/handler jumping over small obstacles
- Large Obstacles: Draw or write about your Sindow/handler jumping over large obstacles
- The full course: Draw or write about your Sindow/Hanlder taking a mock run through a full course.
Breeding Certification:
Total AP: 0AP
Total AP: 0
Total AP:  0 AP
General Art:
Total AP: 0 AP
  CRS Bright Lights C4
4 Years
Discipline: Pleasure Driving, Endurance Racing
Line Bonus: +2 Sp, +1 Str
Rank: Novice [ 30 AP]
Basic Training:
Total AP: 19 AP
Bright Lights [Training 1] [1,245 Words] = 6 AP
Bright Lights [Training 2] [1,386 Words] = 6 AP
Bright Lights [Training 3] [1,430 Words] = 7 AP
Career Training:
Total AP: 0
Discipline: Pleasure Driving, Endurance Racing
Pleasure Driving Stats: Patience, Acuity, Strength
Enduracing Stats: Stamina, Strength, Agility, Speed
- Into the Wild: Draw or write about your Sindow/Handler examining the most difficult areas of a mock course.
- Survival Mode: Draw or w

What is Ranking Up?

Ranking up happens when you reach a certain AP threshold, meaning you've earned a certain amount of AP. AP is stacked, so any AP you earn goes towards the total AP and rank that your Sindow has. 

Here is the Chart:

Novice: 0- 50 AP
Intermediate: 51 -100 AP
Advanced: 101-200 AP
Expert: 201-300 AP
Elite: 301-500 AP
Superstar: 501-700 AP
Infamous: 701+ AP

Your Sindow's rank will be listed in it's import sheet! 

Rank up Rewards:

Each time your Sindow Ranks up, it will get a reward of Stat Points (SSP) and/or an increase in litter count, and/or gene pass rate. 

Reaching 50 AP:+2 SSP to any stat
Reaching 100 AP: +2 SSP to any stat
Reaching 200 AP: +2 SSP to any stat that you have not add SSP to in the previous to rank-ups
Reaching 300 AP: +3 SSP - cannot add all 3 to the same stat
*** Also, reaching 300 AP will increase your litter count from 1-4 to 2-5! 
Reaching 500 AP +4 SSP to any stat - cannot add all 4 to the same stat
Reaching 700 AP +4 SSP to any stat - cannot add all 4 to the same stat, cannot add SSP to the same stats you added SSP to for Elite
Reaching 750+: +5 SSP to any stat - cannot add all 5 to the same stat
*** Also, reaching 750+ SSP grants you 'gold litters' which have 15% added to gene pass rate

Getting AP Approved:

- You have to get your AP approved if you want your Sindow to rank up. This is why you keep track of it's AP^^ 

- Getting your AP approved is easy! Just make sure you have all your Art/writing gathered in your Sindows tracker and then respond to the link below. 

- It's easiest and makes the most sense to wait until you have reached a threshold to submit your AP for approval. You shouldn't skip more than two thresholds. 

AP Approval log: AP Approval Log

Now, you've learned about AP, it's time to learn about Stats and Stat Points (SSP): [link coming soon]

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