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Import Redesign Token by ReapersSpeciesHub Import Redesign Token by ReapersSpeciesHub
For The-Sindow-Group 

Do you have an import that you got from someone else and you're not happy with the design? Have an import you designed a while back and can't stand the way it looks anymore? Then this item is for you! 

- The Import redesign token allows you to change your preexisting import to your liking. You CANNOT add genes it does not have, only edit the appearance of the genes your Sindow DOES have. 

- You can change base shade, eye color, skin color, nail color, and color of the markings. 

- You can edit the coverage of the genes and shape. (Just remember that the Sindows expression typically falls beneath the parents. So unless it has an unknown sire or dam then all genes minimum and maximum range should fall beneath the parents. 

[x] what you can't do: As said above, you cannot add genes your Sindow does not have. You may add ANY of the FREE genes, though. 

[x] you can't change marking density and spread.

[x] you can't change the genes to express in a way that does not correspond with the design guide. So, you can't add a flower and call it part of a gene when that gene doesn't allow flower shapes. 

[x] If both the sire and the dam both express a gene minimally, making your Sindow express it minimally, then you cannot use the redesign token to give your Sindow the maximum expression for the gene. 

- this item can be bought in the shop or found while exploring. It can also be given out in monthly quests or from wishing pennies. 
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July 4, 2017
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