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Untested Power: Part 1
Untested Power: Rook’s Puphood; (Year 1)
The late spring day was like the others before it. Mild temperatures, sunny days, and all the play time Rook could ever dream of. Unlike his siblings, he could only dream of it. His parents kept him in the nest of brambles, away from the others, saying it wasn’t safe for him to be running about. Sometimes, they covered him in mud or made him wear a cloak, which would often get in the way. He peered outside with jealousy. He watched the goings on and soon another pup loomed into view, his sister, Jay. She plopped down at the entrance, panting, her eyes bright, she’d obviously just gotten done with a good romp.
“What’cha doin’?” she asked, gold eyes bright. Her coat was lighter than his, a soft midnight. Her bright gold eyes surveyed him.
“What do you think?” he asked, sulky, “I’m not allowed outside when mother and father are gone.”
“That’s why we brought you some
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Aural July Newbie DTA's [OPEN] by ReapersMenagerie Aural July Newbie DTA's [OPEN] :iconreapersmenagerie:ReapersMenagerie 3 4 From Childhood's Hour (Comm) by ReapersMenagerie From Childhood's Hour (Comm) :iconreapersmenagerie:ReapersMenagerie 3 2 Bubbles [Comm] by ReapersMenagerie Bubbles [Comm] :iconreapersmenagerie:ReapersMenagerie 10 4 Rickie Teagan - Wolf Form [Com] by ReapersMenagerie Rickie Teagan - Wolf Form [Com] :iconreapersmenagerie:ReapersMenagerie 5 5
One and of course, Wren [RoS]
One and of course, Wren - RoS - Outsmart
It was difficult for One, traveling with another Aigeelan. He rarely ever strayed too close to anyone. He liked his peace and quiet. Wren was…strange; it became obvious to One that Wren could not be left on his own for any amount of time.  He was manic, strange, and just overall hapless. Teaching him to hunt was the hardest because Wren could not sit and be patient. He could not be quiet. Souls could still sense presences, mainly through sound waves, so if you weren’t paying attention, you could scare them away.
Once tried to tell him what to do, tried to get him to make sense, but it just wasn’t happening. Wren was whacked. One had never seen another Aigeelan like him, though he really didn’t have room to talk. He didn’t hang around too many Aigeelans. One had almost left Wren behind several times, but it all of a sudden seemed cruel to him, leaving the defenseless pup behind. Wren would certainly die if One l
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Jackalope Hunt 1 by ReapersMenagerie Jackalope Hunt 1 :iconreapersmenagerie:ReapersMenagerie 3 0 Sweet Like Poison Candy by ReapersMenagerie Sweet Like Poison Candy :iconreapersmenagerie:ReapersMenagerie 5 2 Dragon's Fire by ReapersMenagerie Dragon's Fire :iconreapersmenagerie:ReapersMenagerie 11 6 Winter Blue by ReapersMenagerie Winter Blue :iconreapersmenagerie:ReapersMenagerie 6 0 Hellraiser Auction [OPEN] by ReapersMenagerie Hellraiser Auction [OPEN] :iconreapersmenagerie:ReapersMenagerie 4 1 Big Cat Adopts [OPEN] by ReapersMenagerie Big Cat Adopts [OPEN] :iconreapersmenagerie:ReapersMenagerie 7 23
One and Wren [RoS]
One walked for a long time. He always walked, always wandered. He never settled down. Why bother? Naskatcha was a cruel place, but a great place all at the same time. He didn’t have to worry about others bothering him. He didn’t have to worry about being found, being talked to or questioned. He was free to go where he liked, without worry. He could stop when he wanted, go when he wanted, and he answered to no one but himself. It sounded selfish and maybe he was wandering around for selfish reasons, but he honestly didn’t think it so. He just didn’t like the noise of others. He didn’t like drama or talking really. One liked silence. Peaceful silence.
The clouds roiled overhead, like normal. Swirling, coiling, undulating like the great grey seas of the north. The sky and the water were vast, endless, both disappearing as far as you could see. One had traveled the coast many times in his wanderings. Almost died on several occasions, but death didn’t sca
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Wren and One [RoS] by ReapersMenagerie Wren and One [RoS] :iconreapersmenagerie:ReapersMenagerie 7 0 YVH Runner [OPEN] by ReapersMenagerie YVH Runner [OPEN] :iconreapersmenagerie:ReapersMenagerie 9 2 Just one step closer... by ReapersMenagerie Just one step closer... :iconreapersmenagerie:ReapersMenagerie 10 4


{Request} Exploring the Desert by ZalynnScizuki {Request} Exploring the Desert :iconzalynnscizuki:ZalynnScizuki 2 2 Lakota Blight by WhiteLiesArt Lakota Blight :iconwhiteliesart:WhiteLiesArt 22 6 Starry Tiger by TamberElla Starry Tiger :icontamberella:TamberElla 2,817 47 RotSD E2 P1 | Through the Trees by TalonV RotSD E2 P1 | Through the Trees :icontalonv:TalonV 30 2 Star Field by JadeMere Star Field :iconjademere:JadeMere 824 22 light moths by drachenmagier light moths :icondrachenmagier:drachenmagier 2,915 158 Harness by JadeMere Harness :iconjademere:JadeMere 2,660 77 9804 Hiba by sealle 9804 Hiba :iconsealle:sealle 1,848 79 Once upon a dream by sealle Once upon a dream :iconsealle:sealle 340 32 Hi by Black-Wing24 Hi :iconblack-wing24:Black-Wing24 822 17 Neverland/Star SFT Riding by SilverRaven042 Neverland/Star SFT Riding :iconsilverraven042:SilverRaven042 1 1 Neverland/Star SFT Tack and Rider by SilverRaven042 Neverland/Star SFT Tack and Rider :iconsilverraven042:SilverRaven042 1 2 Neverland/Star SFT Lead by SilverRaven042 Neverland/Star SFT Lead :iconsilverraven042:SilverRaven042 4 2 Royal Wyvern by DemonML Royal Wyvern :icondemonml:DemonML 828 46
Grand Re-Opening **SALE EXTENDED!
"Tragedy has befallen Tapiola, the Forest region that once guarded The World Tree Yggdrasill.
The Tree is no more, from the roots to it's massive branches, it has vanished without a trace, leaving a gaping wound where it once sat.
It's Guardians, the four seasons and their counter parts, are devastated. These Rukaans and their own caregivers that have dedicated their lives to protecting the World Tree.
And from it's loss the world has changed, the Rukaans themselves have been altered.
Will you join this race against time to save the world? Or let it rot?"
Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider

:iconfields-of-valhalla:Fields-Of-Valhalla 20 608
The Grand Jackalope Hunt | Easter Event
This event is officially open!
A rumor's been spreading around the West.
Apparently, there's been a Jackalope sighted leaving eggs everywhere! 
To be fair, Churro F23's information isn't quite the most reliable, but your taiga can't quite hold their curiosity back. 
What even is a Jackalope, anyway? 
It's time to find that out. 
The road may not be easy. 
Your taiga must make it from Arizona, all the way to Alaska to find the fabled Jackalope.
To participate in this event, you must draw one of the starting prompts. 
Your taiga's progress will be tracked on the Jackalope Roadmap! 
With every prompt or encounte
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
:bulletgreen:I am open for Commissions!!!:bulletgreen:
Commissions [Open]:bulletgreen: Just a heads up. I have two accounts. This one ARPG work and the other for personal work/non-ARPG work. If you want to commission something that is non-ARPG related, please go here: Commissions [Open] (if you're not sure what it would qulify as, please just ask^^)
Simple/Complex Art
Slot 1: [Open]
Slot 2: [Open]
Slot 3: [Open]
Slot 1: [Open]
Slot 2: [Open]
Slot 3: [Open]
Slot 4: [Open]
Slot 5: [Open]
:bulletgreen:My Terms of Service! Please read before comissioning:
 (this is posted on my other account, but it rings true for this one as well.)
150 x 150 Icons
Price: 100:points: or $1
- 1 Character per Icon
- +50:points: or $.50 for complex characters, like that guy in the middle below. (I'll let you know If I feel your character is complicated)
Original Species CommissionsSo, I thought I'd offer another type of commissions strictly for Original Species. These can be general species or ARPG species, it doesn't matter. 
What these commissions are for:
- Species Sheets
- Species Import Lines
- Genetic/Marking/Coat Length Sheets
- Import Backgrounds
- Genetic Services (read below to find out what this is about)
:bulletgreen: I accept cash or points. All cash must be USD and all cash transactions will be done through paypal. 
:bulletgreen: I do accept payment plans.
:bulletgreen: I will probably only accept cash or points, not trades, but if I like your species enough I may cut the price for a custom of that species. 
:bulletpurple: As a sort of FYI, I have a semi-realistic leaning towards realistic style. If you want your species to be cute, round, and chibi looking, them I'm probably not the person to commission. 
:bulletpurple: If you buy more than three sheet types, you get one free!
Species Sheet: $5 or 500:po

:bulletyellow: Art Trade Status: Just Ask. Depending on the amount of work I have I may or may not agree to a trade. Your art skill does not matter to me, I will trade with anyone if I have the time^^ Please read my terms of service before asking for a trade:

:bulletgreen:All my ARPG Species Groups :bulletgreen:
- These are species that I've created -

:bulletgreen:Credit Bank:bulletgreen:

:bulletpurple:Need a Geno Designed? - The species doesn't matter, I'll design your geno for only 200:points: :bulletpurple:

Hello, all. This is my Original Species ARPG account. All art relating to any of my original species or any original species arpg groups that I'm a part of (that don't belong to me) will be uploaded here.

If you're interested in checking out my OC art, writing, and photography, head on over to ReapersElysium!

ARPG Stuff
ARPG HubJust a place for me to keep all my groups and imports. 
SI Token design 6 [Needs Ref]
Thilyarem Cave
Vayron Hub
Taiga Tribe
Chaos Reign Stables [CRS]
Morning Star Sivatags
Aigeela Critters


I have no internet at my house right now, so I will not be on as much until I figure out what is going on. Will be calling Frontier. If it's not one thing, it's the other.
- an event that centers around training and creating activity for the group! If you're new, don't let the object of this event scare you off! You can still join the group and get a Sindow relatively easily!
Sindow Summer Bonus Days and Giveaway:iconThe-Sindow-Group:
Sindow Summer Bonus Days and Giveaway
Thought I'd try something a little different for the last couple months of summer! Bonus days are meant to be an incentive to train or just in general draw or write about your Sindow. There are a ton of Sindows out there that are not trained nor have they been used or drawn, so I'd really like my Sindow owners to use this time to do just that and get some awesome rewards in the process!
:bulletred: Leasing is NOT ALLOWED for this event. The whole purpose is to get Sindow owners to work with the Sindows they have! You may include someone else's Sindows in your art/writing, but it must also contain one of your Sindows as well. 
If you're new:
- please be sure to read through all the group information!
- if you don't own a Sindow, you can use a starter (for general art/writing) or get one of your own through these methods:
Custom Orderi

- this is a storyline event. Complete chapters to move onto the next part of the event!
Awaken the Guardians:iconAigeelaARPG:
Representing each of the 9 kingdoms, the Guardians represent an element of Aigeela. Long ago, they were very present in the lives of all Aigeelans, lending the land and it’s beings their magic. Over time, the Guardians were disregarded as many stopped worshipping them and the land they lived in. The people turned to violence and war, pushing the Guardian’s away. One by one, the Guardian’s sank into a deep slumber. They still lend magic to those who are in need, but the land has turned dark in their absence.
 A movement has started to restore the guardians to their original power and place among the people. Though, some will try to stop it, it’s time to give back what was taken and restore faith to those who need it most.
 Awaken the Guardian’s and restore peace and magic to Aigeela.
The Search for the Guardians will be long and difficult. They have been hidden for centuries and only the

- you can win currency, starters slots, and other special prizes

If you're new you can get your first Aigeelan here:
Adoption Den
So, I kind of went on an unintended hiatus, even though I checked in every several days.

I do plan on getting back into things, updating my groups, and getting some ARPG art done! I've been in an art block zone for the most part and busy with RL things. I think taking a small break helped as I lose my focus and my drive if I'm on every day, all day trying to make things happen. Here's to hoping I can get some things doneXD
I don't know how active I'm going to be on here for the month of July. My sister is home from Texas (Airforce) for the month, so I'm going to dedicate my free time to do things with her. But if she has other plans I'm going to try and scramble to get as much done as I canXD 
Hunter Luken 006 by ReapersMenagerie
Rank Bonus: 5% increase in bringing items back from hunting

EP Total: 37

Rudimentary 0-50 
Novice 51-100
Adept 101-200
Advanced 201-400
Proficient 401 - 700
Exemplary 701+

General Skills

Strength: 7
Speed: 7
Stamina: 7
Intelligence: 8
Gathering: 5
Hunting: 14
Healing: 3

Total: 51

Bullet; PurplePath of the AncientsBullet; Purple
[+10 ASP]

Bullet; PurpleBreeding RitesBullet; Purple

Bullet; PurpleGeneral Art/WritingBullet; Purple
The Anima Chronicles: Part 1The Anima Chronicles
Part 1: From the Ashes
The densight was cold, crisp, and laced with Autumn. Bergemont, the eldest of her three siblings lifted her head and looked out into the flat open space of the clan center. She yawned, sticking her paws out, hitting the fur of Lamia, who made a small sleepy growl but otherwise stayed sleeping. Berge snuggled her nose down into the fur of her front legs and was glad for three siblings in the chill morning. They were all balled up together.
Through sleepy, parted eyes she thought that the densite looked a little empty, normally there were at least several hunters or warriors roaming about. She knew it was early, but she’d often wake to the sound of soft paws hitting the ground or the faint voices of her parents. She lifted her head, blinking away sleep and becoming alert. Something wasn’t right. Then, in the cold, unmoving air, a pained howl sounded. Lamia jumped and scrambled up as Bergemont heard more growls and terrified shouts o
[6 ASP] 

Soul ClanSoul Clan
Rhys had spent the winter alone, quite alone. She’d spend her time in the outskirts of the Eleri. It was pretty empty of Aurals, so she hadn’t run into anyone. She hadn’t longed for any company other than Carran’s, but she realized with sadness that she’d probably never see him again.
Luckily, the winter had been warm and food had been abundant. She’d made her own small den tucked away in the side of a hill. It’d become comforting, to be able to go to a place over and over again, like a home. Maybe it was home. With the winter snow receded and spring sprouting all around, Rhys thought that it might be time for her to start searching for the small clan Carran had talked about. Maybe they knew of the rook struck by lightning.
With one final morning hunt, Rhys set out, trotting along feeling a little more hopeful than she ever had. The weather was warmer; there were insects buzzing about and a lively feel to everything. Sun shone down th
[6 ASP]

Path of MindSome Aurals went on their paths in one go, not stopping to go back home, but Rhys knew that the rest of Anima would likely be worried about her and she didn’t need to travel away, when all the Path of Mind called for was a body of water. After her journey through the arctic and tundra, she was ready for a few months in warmer weather. The summer season was in full tilt, yet the arctic was still freezing. She couldn’t imagine going there in winter.
She hit the Kotori Forest within a few days time, making haste of things, she wanted to be able to rest a couple days at least. This journey alone had not been her longest, but it had drained her, given her time to think on many things. With her mind occupied by daily clan things, border patrol, hunting, gathering. There were only four of them, but they split the work load. She’d completely forgotten what Carran had said. The rook struck by lightning.
She wondered if he had expected her to find this bird or whatever it was a
[13 ASP]

Hunting, Gathering, Digging:
Anima Clan - Hunting 1Bergemont sniffed the air, Luken and Lamia following behind. It had been several days and they were ready for another kill. The snow had slowly been melting as spring approached. The winter hadn’t been as harsh as winters past. She was excited to see the snow going and she could feel the coming of spring. It was in the air, in the ground, and she was shedding out her winter coat, as were the others. Soon, prey would be abundant and the weather would be warm.
Hunting was the only activity that took the three of them from the den site at once. Normally, at least one of them sat at the den and kept an eye out for enemies. However, to increase their chances, they set out all together to hunt. Luken had a keen eye and was definitely the hunter out of them all, that’s why he was the only ranked hunter. Of course, there was only three Aurals in Anima, but Berge liked it that way. She wasn’t sure if at this point she could tolerate any more Aurals in her clan. It would help d

[2 EP]



Rank Activities:

So, I kind of went on an unintended hiatus, even though I checked in every several days.

I do plan on getting back into things, updating my groups, and getting some ARPG art done! I've been in an art block zone for the most part and busy with RL things. I think taking a small break helped as I lose my focus and my drive if I'm on every day, all day trying to make things happen. Here's to hoping I can get some things doneXD


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REAPEr, I have a general question abt breeding, can u help me? > <! What do superscripts mean?? ex. SsSs

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Ss = Scarlet
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