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This is awesome. I made a wood texture ages ago, it was for a Unreal Tournament mod. I saw a tutorial on how to do it. Made a picture with my camera of some wood and made it into a texture.
I was 16 at the time, 5 years ago.

Then, 5 years later, after I had forgotten about my deviantart I randomly check my work.
I log in, after remembering my password and I see 133 Feedback Messages. All on the wood texture.
133 messages.

I look around and see the work. Some are absolutely awesome and my texture is in it.
It's weird, it's just something simple I made.

To everyone who wants to use it: Do with it whatever you want! Be it posting on deviantart, printing, whatever!
Well I've been away for some time now, well from dA that is.
As you can see I've had my first gig with a band which was pretty awesome.
I think ill post some new pictures soon, maybe ill even finally get to scan my drawings and color them. :)
yay europe open beta is here from a really cool game called World of Warcraft hurray!

And now some other MMORPG news:
Formerly know as Fung Wan Online now it will hit the stores in Europe and America aswell, but it will be called Storm Riders Online.
Cause Cloud and Wind Online sounds a bit silly, thats the real translation.

So it will be a good year for MMORPG's.
As so I say..
Yep I started a new project.
Called Warlord Online *name might change in the future.*
Its an MMORPG using a 3D engine called TV3D SDK 6.2 .
So its fully 3D and gonna be really awesome :)
Here's a link to the website for so far we got it;…

Its going to be a free game, but there will be premium memberships.
So check it out!

BTW we still need members, concept artists, texture artists, modellers, coders, writers!
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I havnt updated for a while, been busy playing Joint Operations: Escalations alot!
I havnt really done more then that, just playing some guitar.
Oh wait I did make a website thats what the update was about :S its pretty cool, its my clan for JO:E and maybe the upcomming Battlefield 2, we're getting a .com and game server soon :).
Anyways if u wanna join post on the forum or e-mail, whatever.
I will make some more pics soon....
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:stereo: Listening to: Narcotic - Liquido & No Time To Cry - Cradle Of Filth (I have a varied playlist :) ).

Happy new year!

Hope you all have all of your fingers, and had some nice fireworks!
Or whatever you've been doing.
I ended up karaoke-ing somewhere with Evilicecream.
No comment...
I finally made a website to showcase all my work I really like how it looks check it out man :) or woman....
I've got a job now at a big mall called V&D I work in the CD part,
I've gotta open up CD boxes, take the cd's out and put it in a seperate stack, all numbered.
So not the best job in the world, but soon I can go in the shop and sell, thats cooler :)
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Ive been really busy lately doing lots of stuff, like school... I guess.
Actually Ive been busy learning how to use mySQL and PHP, for those who do not know what that is, its used for websites and databases.
Thats pretty cool to do, you can do way more stuff with it then normal website design coding(HTML).

My Game Mod "All Out Fairy Tale" has made an engine switch so all my level design work has gone to the trashcan :trash: but ill finnish those maps one day just to show I master that engine.
We changed to the Half Life 2 engine so I hope it was worth switching.
I still need to learn that level editor program.
But atleast my Textures stay.

And I made this super awesome über great picture called "Black Eyed And a Broken Home".
I really like the way it turned out.
I just had to make something with my new Photoshop CS :).


BTW check this guy: :iconevilicecream: he got some nice stuff :)
Im not sure if I spelled "Reneisance" right, well you can forgive me Im not English(or French).
Anyways Im making back-ups from my computer again.
Yep its that time of the year, the computer is slow, lots of popups, weird programs installed that you dont know.
But now even my computer wont boot up without a Recovery-CD so thats really weird.
Hopefully I'll be back soon :)
Oh yeah, I also made a website as you can see I think it looks pretty sweet.
Got another website comming up soon....
See ya.
Its truly a great time for gaming, im downloading the World Of Warcraft Open Beta right now, and yes that is totally legal.
And we got HALO2 in 3 days from now, Im really gonna love that game by the looks of it, its just so cool looking.
And if its the same gameplay as HALO but ofcourse with those extra's its gonna be awesome, I already got my first HALO2 LAN-party this weekend so thats really cool.
Ofcourse we cannot forget about that sweet sweet open beta from WoW, its 2.4 gig of holy power, and slow custom build downloader :(.
There both great games but lets not forget Half-Life 2, the mod-creator's dream.
Its graphics are cool, the gameplay looks cool to me aswell.
The only thing its a bit scripted, that means if you play it again the enemies will do the exact same thing, pop out the exact same space, kill the exact same enemy on the exact same way.
So that will lower the replayabilty, but that doesnt take away its hot graphics.
I had to write off this excitement about those 3 games, there not really review worthy but its a bit how I think about those games.
Im going now to wait for WoW to download, its on 6% now(after 2 hours).

EDIT( 16:11 next day) World Of Warcraft is on 83% we're comming there!
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~~ All about you, you you! ~~

1. name: Dennis
2. DOB? 23/04/1989
3. Marital Status? Single
4. Who do you live with at the moment? Parents
5. Occupation? Student
6. Height? 1.78 cm
7. Eye Coulour? Green
8. Hair colour? Dark Blonde
9. Siblings? No thanks..
10. Sexuality? Hetero

~~ Favourites (at this moment in time) ~~

11. Colour? Red
12. Movie? LOTR
13. Song?  Boys dont cry - The Cure
14. Book? none really
15. Food? French fries
16. Soft drink? Fanta
17. Alcoholic Drink? Heineken
18. Phrase? "Dibs on first player, bitch!"
19. Quote?  "Dibs on first player, bitch!"
20. Actor/Actress?  Johnny Depp

~~ What do you prefer? ~~

21. Light or Dark? Dark
22. Night or Day? Night
23. Summer or Winter? Winter
24. Staying in or Going out? In
25. Simpsons or Family guy?   Simpsons
27. Chinese food  or Indian food? Chinese
28. Kids or Old People? Inbetween :P
29. Dogs or Cats? Dogs

~~ Have you ever... ~~

30. Started a fight? Yeah...
31. Been in love?  I guess
32. Been so drunk you passed out? not that I can remember
33. Ever kiss a person who's the same sex as you? no
34. Flown a kite? nope
35. Climbed a mountain? yep
36. Sucked toes? im not that agile
37. Been on a plane? yes
38. Bungee jumped? no, scary!
39. Been tied up? Uhhh... no

~~ And finally... ~~

40. Please finish the following statement:

  If I won the lottery... I'd be rich!

~~~~~~~~~~~~I WANT ONE OF THESE!~~~~~~~~~~~~…

Im truly addicted to fable its the third time im gonna play it out now, now as a good person :)
I've really been addicted to it playing it all day long, but I made a new wallpaper now.
check it out if you want.
The model is a mate of mine, she just joined dev art check her out here:
Im now working on a new picture Im trying out something new and if it works im gonna be sooo happy gonna work on it now see ya.
It's such a day that nothing has to be done, all spare time.
But ofcourse Adobe has been running and I made a website, which can be seen in my gallery.
I also went working on my levels for "All Out Fairy Tale", it got really pretty i must say.
Ofcourse I had some chilling out today; I went beating up my mate daniel and wilzst*r in some Warhammer :)
Tomorrow im going to "camp" with school, will be fun i guess, wont be back till friday.
But then I finally got some vacation :D, im gonna put my website up then and do some other stuff.
Like practising with my band!
Yeah I got a band, I play guitar in it, we got some "auditions" then for bass player and hopefully for singer 'cause neither of us can really sing.(altough we do think that when we have a drunk mood.)
I think that was about it for the day, see ya in 5 days.
Hehe, I got Warhammer 40k: Dawn Of War yesterday, it's awesome!
It got me painting again aswell.
For those who do not know Warhammer is actually a board game which you first paint your army and then fight with eachother.
And for those who are curious what I play, my army is Vampire Counts and I got 2 lady's of Lahmia, its not such a big army 2 normal regiments and 1 special unit regiment.
But now about the game, its just really cool its really bloody and it plays really nice and u can view 360 degrees and zoom in really close, unlike other RTS!
I havnt made it far in the Campaign yet Im just at mission 4.
Now about dev art, yeah I made a new 1, He Loves Me Not, I really like the way it turned out, nice focus on the flower and all.
Had some good comments about it aswell :)
I also made "Jaded" with my "personal" model Marte, more pics of her propably following.
Im going now.

/Reaper logs out
This is my first journal entry, so well first welcome to my journal and to my dev art gallery :)
I hope you like my art and if you dont maybe its not your taste or tell me what to improve on.
I have been on Deviant Art for a while but forgot about it and when I came across it again (a few days ago), I started to experiment with Photoshop and posted a few on here and people actually like it.
So I'm happy about that, so allways post if you like my work it boosts my ego. :)
Ill propably post again this week, also some art if I get inspiration.