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Hellsing The Captain Trikky by Reapercaster Hellsing The Captain Trikky :iconreapercaster:Reapercaster 1 0 Tokidoki Fire and Bone Unicorno 4 by Reapercaster Tokidoki Fire and Bone Unicorno 4 :iconreapercaster:Reapercaster 1 0 Tokidoki Fire and Bone Unicorno 3 by Reapercaster Tokidoki Fire and Bone Unicorno 3 :iconreapercaster:Reapercaster 1 0 Tokidoki Fire and Bone Unicorno 2 by Reapercaster Tokidoki Fire and Bone Unicorno 2 :iconreapercaster:Reapercaster 1 0 Trikky WIP by Reapercaster Trikky WIP :iconreapercaster:Reapercaster 0 0
Picky Eaters
The clanking of forks and knives made up the sounds of the evening meal as the family dined within the hall of the Hellsing estate. Occasionally a servant would pop in, silent and invisible, to refill a glass of wine or discreetly remove any dirty dishes. The young boy Arthur sat at the table between his parents, feet wagging beneath the white tablecloth, suspended above the ground.
Keeping one ear on his parent’s discussion the lad quietly removed a peapod from his plate, cupping it in his hand and hiding it beside his leg. He then dropped it to the floor, its position concealed beneath the edge of the cloth hanging off the side of the table. Arthur then began to once again shovel the unwanted food along his dinner plate with a fork, pausing briefly to take a bite of steak. He waited for it to come over and snatch up the unwanted food he had dropped, but the creature wouldn’t stir.
The boy dropped another piece, this time a stem of broccoli. With no luck the broccoli was t
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Tokidoki Fire and Bone Unicorno by Reapercaster Tokidoki Fire and Bone Unicorno :iconreapercaster:Reapercaster 1 0
Walter stood leaning in the doorway of the nursery, arms crossed, watching his masters and their newly arrived heir. Arthur Hellsing bent over the crib, twirling the mobile hung with fuzzy critters with one hand and gently caressing the arm of his baby daughter with the other. His wife stood nearby, watching the most ridiculous grin her husband sported, grinning all the same herself. The baby cooed softy, waving a fist in the air.
There was a time when Walter doubted whether Arthur would ever settle down with just one woman. He had been a bachelor through and through, and the butler wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that Arthur already had an illegitimate heir (or half a dozen) somewhere out there from his past female acquaintances and nightly consorts. But something had changed when he met his wife. She may not have been the prettiest woman his master had ever brought home (and there had been many) but she was still a lovely woman all the same, and she treated the butler as
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Anderson bent down to retrieve the soccer ball before turning around to cross the street once it was clear. Back on the other side he entered through the orphanage’s open gate, where a group of young children stood and waited for his return. He handed the ball to one of the boys in the front, his hair disheveled and sneakers caked with dirt from their earlier game.
“Thanks Father!” the boy said politely, before the mob of younglings raced back to the field to restart their game.
Anderson watched them go, the children taking up their designated positions again. One of them ran over and stood between two trees that functioned as a makeshift goal.
A slight, pleased smile brushed passed the man’s lips. He had taught them well. The children knew they weren’t allowed to leave the orphanage grounds without an adult present, so instead of rushing out into the street when one of them kicked the ball over the fence they had gone to him for assistance.
Still smiling,
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Steam Powered Giraffe Rabbit Munny by Reapercaster Steam Powered Giraffe Rabbit Munny :iconreapercaster:Reapercaster 5 3
Raindrops patted against the high windows of the conference room of the Hellsing estate. Around the long table sat the lords that had been summoned as a part of a scheduled Round Table meeting. The gentlemen were now taking a short break, chatting idly amongst themselves while others smoked or left the room to stretch their legs. Walter made his rounds about the room, serving low tea and finger snacks during the intermission.
Slowly the rest of the lords returned to their seats, the room growing quiet as they waited on Integra Hellsing before the meeting could continue.
Sir Nigel had been the first to take notice of the recurring sound. At first he thought he was simply imagining it, having been drowned out in the rest of the goings-on in the conference room, but now that the surrounding commotion had settled the noise seemed to make itself even more apparent.
To the older gentleman’s ears it sounded like the turning of pages, yet every time he would glance around at his colleagu
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Hellsing: Checkmate
Author’s Note: While not overly graphic, Alucard does briefly mention impalement later on in the story
Integra’s pen tapped rhythmically against the piles of papers strewn across her desk, gnawing her lip with frustration.
The young girl would be lying if she said she never missed the mornings she had spent sitting in the sunlit garden with a book, or the other endless hours of free time she once had when she wasn’t being called to her father’s study for their vampire lessons. Integra knew that the lessons were the slow, gradual steps that had been taken to ease her transition into Hellsing’s next leader, when she would take charge of the troops and lead them into battle against the undead that soiled the lands of Great Britain. Except no one had known just how soon that day would come.
Overall, Integra liked her job, knowing she was following in the footsteps of her ancestors and completing her duty for queen and country. And yet there were other days whe
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Meeting in the Moonlight
Persephone stood off to the side of the grand space, her senses drowning in the continued chatter around her. The gathering of the gods on Mount Olympus had been in full swing for hours. Music played softly, toasts were made, and the volume only seemed to increase as the night grew longer.
The young goddess took a small sip of wine, standing quietly outside the expanse of bodies and raucous laughter. She could see her mother, Demeter, sharing a word with Dionysus. Upon their arrival her mother had corralled her in the direction of Zeus’ throne, each bowing and making their respective greetings before the harvest goddess had allowed her daughter the chance to mingle.
Persephone had met with a few of the other guests, speaking cheerfully with Aphrodite or saying hello to Artemis, before she already began to find herself growing tired of the party.
She raised her glass to her lips again just when she felt someone playfully nudge her hips. Persephone lowered her beverage to see Aphro
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Hellsing: Sick
Integra reached across her nightstand and snatched up a clean tissue to blow her nose for the umpteenth time. Groaning, she then released it into the wastebasket that had been situated beside her bed. She lifted an achy arm to rest her hand across her forehead, her cool fingers contrasting greatly with the still burning skin above her temples. Walter had noticed something wrong with his young master yesterday between her sniffles and coughing. His fears were only proven correct when he went to take her temperature and concluded she had a fever, before urging his master to return to bed and get some rest.
Which was why Sir Integra, leader of the Hellsing agency, was still in bed, dressed in her pajamas, at twelve o’ clock in the afternoon.
The young woman huffed loudly and flopped back on her pillows, the covers bunched around her waist. She pulled off her glasses and pressed her palms against her closed eyelids. Her sinuses felt like they had received a blow from a sledgehammer,
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Monsters Within
Monsters are the figments of our worst nightmares.
They are the creatures that lie beneath our beds at night
And hide in our closets to give us a fright.
They are the foul creatures that enjoy tormenting their victims
With as many thoughts and schemes as they please,
And the grueling chuckles they make when they tease.
They can be big or small, large or tall.
Some have sharp teeth and claws,
Others are furry with paws.
They make the world appear dark and dreary,
Instead of light and cheery.
They can be as cold and heartless as stone
And make you feel terribly alone,
Chilling their victims to the bone.
While others rely on flames for their power to bring,
Singeing and agonizing the unlucky with a powerful sting.
The monsters live within.
They are the demons that form our quaking fears and sadness,
Our hatred and madness.
But, if these creatures inside hold so much power over human kind,
Then who are the real monsters?
Them, or the mind?
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Demon Flowers' Masato by Reapercaster Demon Flowers' Masato :iconreapercaster:Reapercaster 0 8


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Favorite genre of music: rock (alternative,punk,hard..)

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