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The Female Vampiric Knight 2.0

By reaper78
I have thought VK1.0 has some problems, for example the vagueness of design concept of armor, face and imcomplete BG. So I decided the re-painting.

In fact, VK 1.0 is the most popular artworks in mine. That truth come to me as a burden. However I pained it again.
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This is impractical, and I love it to bits.
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I like the design but it's so impractical...
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Sem palavras para este trabalho, magnífico!
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I love her face, her weapon and position its a very nice drawing but however...

Hm...her armor is screaming to me: stab my chest and stomach! I'm vunerable!

I love the colors but for me a knight have to be in a proper armor to battle...this one is a trap to anyone who would use it ^^"
For once the standard impracticality of female fantasy armor actually works in her favor. As a vampire, she's pretty much immune to almost everything, so those exposed areas aren't in any real danger. Her most vital part, her heart, actually has the thickest armor over it. Yes the tops of her breast are exposed, but getting stabbed there with a wooden/silver stake would only hurt like hell, not kill her. Being as hot as she is, those exposed areas can actually be a distraction in a fight. Not so much to a really experienced vampire hunter, but the lesser experienced could be just for an instant. And fighting a vampire, an instant will cost you your life.
I figured I should share the wealth
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Kinda makes me want to join them, just to be able to weild that scythe!

In all seriousness though, that design's awesome! The amount of detail is just crazy!
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Excellent, overall jus perfect. Well done.
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:bulletblue:A awesome vampiress,in a pic with superb artwork and rgeat coloring! :worship: Congratulations! :winner:
The detail on this is stunning! great artwork!
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Too bad the horns are too small but the outfit is amazing! Great pic!
Any chance to draw Tera in that outfit?
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Its so.. I can't find a word or it..
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Marvelous! I love it!
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thumbs up...

way up...

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Badass warrior girl.
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Pretty nice too!!!
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Are all of these costume\character designs your own original work? You have serious talent. Are you uder contract?
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Looks awesome, I am strongly reminded of a death knight in World of Warcraft
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Its great!!!whooo!!!
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nice underwear?
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