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Orc warrior - 3rd Grade Armor

By reaper78
orc warrior 3rd grade armor (final)
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HammerinInkminer's avatar
...very nice work.
He's looking so BADASS !!!
PurpleOrangeDragon's avatar
would not like to see him in a dark alley way...
SoldierOfDawn's avatar
I really like this one, really just screams Orc, crude and intimidating. No real gaps or flaws in the armor to exploit. Excellent design.
dude have u ever considered concept art for videogames or something? cus ur art is top notch. like this is some of the best art ive ever seen. they shld rly make a videogame solely off of ur artwork lol. i love all your orc paintings even though u have a shit tone of them tht be awesome if u made more. anyway keep up the good work dude! ur awesome!
MageiusX's avatar
I think this would be fun or hard as hell to fight against in a game
NoviceArtist487's avatar
Very imposing despite his bulk :D
Duke-Weirdo's avatar
wow! Third grade must be pretty rough for orcs! Junior high must be a bitch!
SuperCJ's avatar
That blade is friggin' massive compared to the handle! =o I love his helm too.

Great job :clap:
That orc is looking a little pudgy hows he gonna keep up on the battle field when he has to carry his weight and the heavy armor lol
Magnisethered's avatar
I love how you made the fangs look progreivly larger! they all look great :D
The-Myster-Man's avatar
Totally jealous of his helmet and axe.
reaper78's avatar
The-Myster-Man's avatar
Althought one question. How is it a full helmet if it primarily covers the face?
reaper78's avatar
i think all helm has their own way open and close

cgDIRUS's avatar
KyaaRa95's avatar
Great , +1Fav :)
doeufman's avatar
I'm jealous of your work x)
reaper78's avatar
Haha, You can do it better someday. Cheer up, dude.
doeufman's avatar
in a looooong time xD
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