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Orc Squad Ver. 1.5

By reaper78
Edited Some points :

1. edited contrast (especially warchief orc)
2. edited fire effects (more redly)
3. added some flags, front orc fighter's sword
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KouTheMad's avatar
That is a manly picture.
ContentialChampion's avatar
This is all kinds of badass! Excellent work!
IceJudgement999's avatar
I dont know but that reminds me of 300 spartans. BTW really great drawing you did there will you make an indvidiual drawing of these giants?
Deathsequel's avatar
He's like an Orcish Dong Zhou from Dynasty Warriors.
Amazing the level of detail, it is really astounding.
Caradepato's avatar
Very nice. Really brings out the feirsome and destructive side of the greenskins instead of the comical side wich i think is overplayed.
Aracubus's avatar
Awesome work mate. Congrats.
how many hours? and what software If I may ask?

greetings from ARgentina.
That is amazing! The tone is fantastic im just gonna sit here for a couple of minutes basking in tis awesomeness
ZiggyJester's avatar
Could just be me, but I still think of shredder from TMNT when I look at the mounted character. >.>
Still love the piece though.
PanzerMuffin's avatar
It feels like I'm the worst artist on earth when I see your work.
Among the best I've seen, keep it up. :D
GeoKorf's avatar
composition, it ok that boar in the end of corner? i think its better uncutted. only my opinion.
tndrhrtd37's avatar
Fantastic piece...
pokekitteh's avatar
Pwn = Own ( to succeed in something ) with the emphasis of the letter P instead of O at the front :)
XxfAtPAndAXx's avatar
The creature the warchief orc is riding on is so cute. <3
The warchief orc looks cool though. : )
SeanMahana's avatar
2 words. Bad. Ass
reaper78's avatar
what? do you wanna pick a quarrel?
SeanMahana's avatar
that picture is really good lol
reaper78's avatar
ah... the word "bad ass" means good?
SeanMahana's avatar
yes it means very good :)
This picture reminds me of old wars of the several Counties Orcs simply cut away the sies have very real picture of skin as if you were there close.
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