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Human Warrior 3rd armor

By reaper78
Human Warrior 3rd armor
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   Very Arthurian in smite style.
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Artistically this is a nice picture, but as a historical nut I need to point out flaws in the design.

The design of the armor itself isn't bad. However everything is just too big to be practical. It would need to be scaled down a little or the person wouldn't be able to move.

The sword however is an abomination. The quillons on the guard are unnecesarily long and thick, as well as being spikes which gives a danger of one impaling themself with it. The blade is very thin at the base and would likely snap off from the tang. The blade is very thick, and overly broad, especially at the base. This swprd would probably weigh upwards of 10 kilograms if it were to be made in real life. Actual swords of similair length were rarely more than 1.5 kilograms. It would be very difficult to swing around, and would unbalance anyone who swung it.
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I don't think this would be a problem in a, you know, fantasy setting, where thick armors and huge-ass swords like this one are actually quite commonplace.
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Looks formidable, nice metallic lighting.
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These are great, I am going to use them to explain a concept in one of my game design videos :D

Thanks for making these!
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awesomeee, feeling like playing some RPG right now
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any fourth armor.
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might i ask what your process is for drawing chainmail?
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good work. love the armor design
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This should be in Dynasty Warriors!
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This knight will be awesome in my game !
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Great work, on this art masterpiece you've created especially on how the cape looks bada** defiantly going in my favorites
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Very very well done and is the best picture of a knight I've found on here by far.
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this is really incredible work love it
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Amazing looking armor! Well done! :D
great work! if u want this is only just a personal opinion but instead of giving him that massive lump in the breastplate, maybe flatten it out and put an insignia of sorts, like a cross or something
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Epic Armor...wish I saw more female characters with practical, functional armo
r like this on.
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