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Fantasy - Human Gunner

By reaper78
A human gunner with a muke handgun and a long-range antique sniper rifle
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Great character!
Are you ok with it if I make a 3D character some time?
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I love youre style!
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I had one of my players use this as a picture for his character in one of my RPs. So glad I found it myself. You did a fantastic job.
This is going to be in my card game if you agree ?
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What a pleasant and skillful piece. Well done.
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It's a cowboy...
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I like the Medieval Witch Hunter vibe I'm getting off of him
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Very amazing picture! good job.
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The detail is great. I really like these futuristic type of characters who relate to the past.
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*make your move.*
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Hah, I enjoy this picture xD

It looks amazing.
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He is awesome! I already love him ^^
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Really nice. Like everything about it. It's amazing!
this is badass like ull never see a cool character disign right now they make cheap and well unbadass ones :D so faved and rly awsome
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this is quite awesome! good job! :)
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this is wonderful. i wish i could draw for my stories... man i suck. you're awesome.
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bonita imagen
YAKOZ7's avatar
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If I made an mmo, how much would you typically charge a person for concept art to go along with the characters, weapons, and armor... (speaking figuratively of course.) 50k?
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