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Elven Magician Armor 1st Grade

By reaper78
Elven Magician Armor - 1st Grade
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It reminds me of Lineage 2... I loved that game  XD
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She would be dead in the first sword cut. Why? why dress her up, call her a mage no less, and give her armor that is covering her up adn would protect her as much as lingere would. o wait.... thats pretty much what it is. Im sorry but your takig your character and putting her into very skimpy clothing and giving her magic. mages are alwasy the first to get attacked and that armor is begging for a sword, arrow or dagger to go through her like a knife through a piece of flimsy meat. why not just make her completely nude nude and paint her up as a human sacrifice?
As far as melee combatants goes, I agree with you. But not so much with casters. Not sure how much gaming you have done, but any type of armor (even just padded) restricts movements and can cause a spell to misfire (any LARPer can tell you that from experience). Then you factor in that "non-natural" materials (i.e. anything not derived from animals or plants) interferes with the flow of certain magics adds to the "fizzle factor." Then you get to the physical aspects of of wearing armor. Most casters aren't that strong (even leather armor has significant weight to it) and what strength that have will be needed to carry other things. Then you have to factor in the training. You can't just decide to wear some armor, put it on, and move comfortably in it. It takes training and practice to use properly. That's time a mage doesn't have to waste. Then you have to consider the spells a caster has for protection. I've gamed with plenty of people who's mages had AC damn close to, and sometimes to, our front line fighters.
I can't remember the names, but there is a "setting" or two, where the use of magic causes the caster's body to generate excessive heat. So much so that most (male & female) walk around practically nude and a prolonged fight can kill them from heat buildup.
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A little harsh but true......
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I admit that i was a little harsh but i was just irritated but repeated uses of females in far less adequate armor. Despite popular belief female wariors did exist and they did wear real armor. Even in fantasy realms like Lord of the Rings the elfs wore armor to battle. 
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I fully understand your irritation about it seeing as I share it.It's not difficult to make it practical and attractive and this is kind of lazy.I mean I've already made my own and it covers her whole body while still carrying some appeal.......
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I would love to check it out ^_^
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love everything about her
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I see on two pictures, they are the same pose. did you use a base?
wheres the rest of the staff?
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Ohhhh mannn this is soo slickkk, i remember when i was a kid playing pgs n stuff all i could think about is how stuff upgrades in armour as you progress, this is badass
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Good armor. How to the getting concept there?
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getting what? i didn't understand you mean
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oh my god, this is really amazing, I love every bit of it
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All of the designs of the armors are top-notch. Thanks for sharin'. This is great inspiration.:aww:
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