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Scandinavian Infantry by ameeeeba Scandinavian Infantry :iconameeeeba:ameeeeba 428 14 Wepwawet ~ Egyptian Gods by Yliade Wepwawet ~ Egyptian Gods :iconyliade:Yliade 1,379 64
Areas of asgard and gods halls.
Place and areas of asgard:
"The well of fate." Home of the 3 norns and one of the three wells that feed a root of Yggdrasil. Called a lake in one text. Said the water there is so sacred if anything enters the water it turns pure white and says that's where swans got their whiteness.
"Home of Joy/bright home." the area of Asgard Odin lives in where the hall Valhalla is. Elsewhere described as a hall where the gods go to take council in Idavollr.
"splendour plain." Field where gods meet. Described as being where gods built their temples. Later is where Vidar and Vali return to after Ragnarok to rebuild and find the golden chess pieces of the gods and remember the fallen.
"Broad gleaming." Area where Baldr rules and where he built his hall. Said nothing unclean can enter.
"Strength field/Strength ho
:iconiglybo:Iglybo 17 4
Norse mythical creatures.
Berserks plural-Berserker.
Werebear/warrior. Warriors would howl and foam at the mouth and go crazy in battle. Laid out after death on bear skins, in the stories they actually turn into bears. Thor is mentioned in one text to have fought an entire island of female berserker.
Undead monster with insatiable appetite. The strength of the will of the dead forces the “hugr” spirit to return to the body which usually haunts the grave, protecting the dead person’s treasure. They die a second death if burned, dismembered, destroyed or the body rots too much. They have super human strength, increase size and weight at will and stink of decay. Some retain some intelligence and many go after people that wronged them in life.
Can rise from the grave as smoke or “swim” through the rock to escape their grave. They kill their victims by devouring their flesh, crushing them, driving them mad till they kill themselves, or by drinking blood. They also effected anima
:iconiglybo:Iglybo 30 32
Don't annoy Var. by Iglybo Don't annoy Var. :iconiglybo:Iglybo 11 14 U is for Ushi-Oni by Deimos-Remus U is for Ushi-Oni :icondeimos-remus:Deimos-Remus 428 37 T is for Tzitzimitl by Deimos-Remus T is for Tzitzimitl :icondeimos-remus:Deimos-Remus 478 42 O is for Otoroshi by Deimos-Remus O is for Otoroshi :icondeimos-remus:Deimos-Remus 387 23 N is for Nuckelavee by Deimos-Remus N is for Nuckelavee :icondeimos-remus:Deimos-Remus 443 64 D is for Dullahan by Deimos-Remus D is for Dullahan :icondeimos-remus:Deimos-Remus 572 47 E is for Echidna by Deimos-Remus E is for Echidna :icondeimos-remus:Deimos-Remus 491 31 F is for Faoladh by Deimos-Remus F is for Faoladh :icondeimos-remus:Deimos-Remus 491 25 H is for Huldra by Deimos-Remus H is for Huldra :icondeimos-remus:Deimos-Remus 400 35 I is for Ijiraq by Deimos-Remus I is for Ijiraq :icondeimos-remus:Deimos-Remus 560 26 N is for Nuppeppo by Deimos-Remus N is for Nuppeppo :icondeimos-remus:Deimos-Remus 231 17 O is for Ojancanu by Deimos-Remus O is for Ojancanu :icondeimos-remus:Deimos-Remus 238 23


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