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It was a bit large to be a will o' wisp, and anyway didn't those prefer forests? They did traditionally, however, beckon naive people to follow them, usually to some manner of doom. Or destiny. It really depended on whom you asked.
"I am not a creature which people have given a name," it said. "I am the first and last of my kind, here for a singular purpose. You must follow me, Bob-Tessell-human. Your gate is about to close."
It took off with great leaping strides, its broad feet seeming to hit the ground without actually making contact with it, small boulders, brush and blades of grass passing through it. Bob spurred on Thornhoof through the storm after the creature which left pink, streaking afterimages of itself. When it needed to turn, it did so smoothly and surely, leading man and horse eastward over the vale, where a great wooded valley sheltered the next town and, at the bottom of a disused well, the nearest gate to Tessell.

As suddenly as an eclipser dragon flying overhead, the forest blocked the moonlight.
Some early chapters of Curses! were incorrectly numbered. I've fixed it now. :)
So, I'm going to attempt once again to revive my Deviantart page, and it is going to start by updating info, cycling out older art that is not so awesome (don't worry, it'll have to be really crappy or embarrassing for me to take it down completely) and going through my writing:

All chapters of the main "Jigsaw" story will be taken down in preparation for a story revamp. The story is undergoing a lot of changes and I hope to soon post up, gradually, new chapters. At the moment I have about six.

Stories that have been edited will be updated. Several short stories will also be added! I have been working on a series of themed short stories, each about ten pages long that take place at intervals in Jigsaw and Tessel's history. Background information will be provided in spoiler fields and a few of these stories will contain spoilers for the main Jigsaw story.

In addition, I'll look into posting, in parts, two complete (apart from edits) novels, Curses and Betrolled, both Nanowrimo projects. Curses is a complete story that is nearly finished its first cohesive edit and Betrolled was just finished last year and has yet to go through much in the way of rigorous editing.

Thank you. :)

Tales to be uploaded in the future, for my own reference:
Jigsaw Book One (The Offal Truth) [rewriting]
Jigsaw Book Two (Runaway Goddess) [rewriting/finishing]
Jigsaw Book Three (Silver Lining) [outline in a shambles]
Jigsaw Book Four (Rude Awakening) [in my head]
The Clock of Fate cycle (compiliation of themed short stories)
(Untitled story about a centaur)

Tales to possibly be edited and updated:
The Third Sister
Pandora's Cookie
Drugan's Tale

Other stories in progress:
Woad Is Me (next Nano project?)

Perhaps in the future I will post a handy directory of all these stories, but probably only if I think it is necessary.
While I'm still doing Jigsaw and fantasy art, I've essentially canceled my webcomic, using that energy to start doing My Little Pony art instead. It'll be posted to its own folder for the sake of neatness and for those coming just for that.

Stay tuned for information on possible commissions...? PM me if you're interested in commissioning me. I work cheap in order to fuel my pony collecting habit. :P

Hi all! I'm just wrapping up Chapter Twenty-six, so you guys will get a new chapter soon-- stay tuned for awesomeness.

Expect more artwork in the near future, as well, as I continue my work on my gigantic panoramic cast picture.

As always, stay Jiggy, and thanks to everyone who recently left feedback!
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Really, I'm not.

I've noticed that I'm not getting much response from my submissions lately, so I'm not updating here as frequently. I'm actually in the middle of writing chapter Twenty-Four, and I've done some art. I also wrote nearly 150 pages for Drugan's Tale, and will continue working on that as well. I'm just not terribly pressed to put it up at the moment, so no worries.

If anyone's missing my updates let me know, and I'll get to work. If not, I'll just continue to do my own thing. Cheers!

~~ Reanna
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As I mentioned earlier, I've been planning a standalone story that will be easier to sell as my first book than a whole series. From this concept comes Drugan's Tale (a working title), which will be an account of an ancestor of Aleric of Tione Shynne and the very first battle with the Silverfolk, 500 years before the novel series takes place.

I plan on placing most of my emphasis on this and getting a short story published. I will work on the novel you've been reading, but probably much less. It appears as if the new chapters I post aren't really getting read, anyway. However, if enough people let me know that they're up to date and want to read more now, I'll try to balance both novels and the short stories and work on them all at once. Just let me know.

In the meantime, I'll keep on providing artwork and more info on Drugan's Tale-- and hopefully soon, the first few chapters. At the moment, I'm working out the synopsis.
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I'm currently wrapping up chapter twenty-three, and polishing "The Third Sister" for submission to fantasy fiction magazines. I'm also thinking of a story for a standalone novel that might be suitable to be a first submission to publishers, but that's in its very, very preliminary stages.

I've got lots of art coming up, including the Jigsaw Halloween costumes and the colored version of the Geddon pictures. Also, I've got a five-page Tione and Aleric comic ready to scan, so look forward to that!

Anyway, chapter twenty should be up soon. As always, I value the input of all of you, so if you've read my work and have something to say, please let me know.

Stay Jiggy!
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Top Ten Supporting Characters

Wed Jul 29, 2009, 8:54 PM

Just dinking around. I thought of Jigsaw's wide cast and all of its supporting characters that only appear once, or show up very rarely but manage to be memorable. Here they are, in order of appearance. To avoid spoilers, don't read the last one-- he's showing up in the next chapter. 9, 3, 2 and 1 all have spoilers of some sort, but minor ones.

10. Paskin
The owner of the Cloak N' Dagger Inn. An homage to Ben Stein (he's a douche in real life, but his flat unexcitable characters he gets typecast as in movies are always amusing), nothing bothers Paskin, which is how he manages to run an inn in Cognito. He never panics, never rejoices, never fears, and never smiles. A perfect foil to any character who believes in enthusiasm and spirit.
9. Plume Menteur
The tailor and owner of the shop where our heroes get their new costumes while in Cognito. He may be frail and fickle, but after our heroes all but destroyed his shop in a battle with Hal'berd and his men, he pursues them across the kingdom in search of compensation. Fortunately, he's as gullible as he is stuck up.
8. Raklesh
Adorable, diminutive and put-upon. Dobby has nothing on Raklesh. He's a goblin slave working in the Sundries and Sandwiches cafe in Cognito, but dreams upon being free and starting a song-and-dance group in Juste.
7. Gryphon
Psst- his name and Cockney accent is an homage to Hawley Griffin/The Invisible Man of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. He's a magical creature with a free spirit who has no qualms about pursuing his future on a whim. He goes wherever the wind blows.
6. Pavillin of the Rolling Hills
He's a thief with big dreams. He may be a little dim and his actions a little misplaced, but his heart's in the right place. Somehow, despite his ineptness he became the head of a band of merry men too large to support itself by skimming a little off what's stolen from the rich before giving to the poor.
5. Cavil and Wevil
Who knows what they are? All that's clear is that they inhabit the Caves of Infinite Terrors and, because not having bodies is a major drag, they entertain themselves by toying with adventurers, leading them to dangerous parts of the caves, often to their death. They only listen to Serayika, because she's always clever enough to foil their tricks.
4. The Seventy-Seven Dwarves
Esteemed as the forty-third most popular group of semi-heroic characters in a group of fifty or more, their only dream is to show up those stuffy, overrated Seven Dwarfs. Unfortunately, they're just not cute and cuddly enough. With members like Hairy, Suspiciously Happy, Languid, Overly Competitive and George, they've got a long way to go.
3. Pingas and Pimminy
Two hapless, bumbling Silvers who apparently die when Katrina heals the Lost Gardens and it surges over them. In fact, they become two wood sprites and because of their newfound magical nature are shunned from their people. They go on to use their unparalleled powers of nature to rule a small patch of moss in the Silver Mountains (that's all the other wood sprites would allow them).
2. Tulpa
Cute, cuddly and evil. He finds numerous opportunities for personal gain in our heroes, not limited to selling info on Kao to demon hunters. When he's finally convinced to use his abilities for nobler goals, he joins up with Ruca and Luca after they are ejected from the Silver Race.
1. The Q'avarix
The q'avari are Jigsaw's very own tentacle monsters, but this one's fortunate enough to have intelligence and a conscience. So he --what else?-- runs an inn. Despite his horrific appearance and his race's reputation, his jolly nature has gained him many friends and regular customers. He's like a teddy bear. An ugly, slimy, obese teddy bear.

What do you think? If there are minor characters you like better, let me know!

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Hi all!

Chapter seventeen has just been posted, and our heroes steel themselves against the remaining distance to Sela. Similarly, I'm steeling myself against the imposingly tight market for fantasy writers as I browse viable publishing venues. I've learned just how much the fiction magazine industry has suffered lately, and am thinking of making do with submitting to e-zines, as they are increasing in popularity due to much smaller production costs and lack of need for paper.

In case anyone has wondered, at any given time, I am a few chapters ahead of the chapter that has been most recently submitted. While chapter seventeen has just been put up, I am actually just starting on chapter twenty-one, and considering naming conventions for individual books in the series. I'm thinking that each part will consist of a trilogy of books. The first trilogies' titles will be puns on magic terms, and the second trilogy will be puns on terms about metal and machinery.

I'm continuing to draw new art, too. I've actually got a small backlog of pictures to put up, and they should appear within the next week or so.

Anyway, as you know, I thrive on the input I get from all of you as you follow our heroes' adventures and provide your views. If you read, please review, even if it's to let me know that you're there. My delicate ego hangs on your presence. ;)

Stay Jiggy, everyone!
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Hey everyone, hope you're enjoying the "public service announcement" comics. More will follow!

The novel progresses nicely. At the moment I'm beginning chapter nineteen, and I'll try to put up chapter sixteen for all of your perusal very soon. Please keep in mind that feedback helps me make my story better, and that... well, I love the attention.

In other news, I now have a "favorite character" poll. Please let me know which of the main characters you love most! I'm hoping that if I get enough votes, I'll see a fairly equal spread throughout the cast.

Also, in terms of art, I'm looking for ideas to keep my pencil busy. If you've got any fun ideas for character art, let me know, and I just might draw it. Think of it as a commission you don't have to pay for!

Until next time, stay Jiggy!

~~ Ri
Hello, all.

I'd planned to put up some cute art today, but I just discovered that the screen for the scanner I just bought in November has numerous cracks in it, and I have no clue how it happened.

So art will be delayed until I can buy a new one. Sorry, guys. :(

Happy 10th Birthday, Jigsaw!

Sun Jan 11, 2009, 4:00 PM
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It's that big day-- Jigsaw turns ten years old today! Yes, I've been working on Jigsaw, in some form or another, for ten years now, although it started out a very different story. Originally, Tione was a girl named Jessica from our world who was kidnapped into the world of Jigsaw by its misguided leaders seeking to continually restore balance to the world, filling in the gaps left by mysteriously disappearing people and things there. She met a young man named Amok (Aleric, later), who, along with characters who never really made it, set out to discover what evil was stealing parts of Jigsaw, and stop them, and finally send Jessica home. Of course, she decided she'd rather stay in Jigsaw.

The world of Jigsaw has changed from a fairly generic fantasy world to an intricate, expansive world complete with culture, history, religion, unique flora and fauna and government. Its cast has ballooned into one of epic proportions consisting of wild and weird characters, pulling up the story's overall maturity level.

There have been lots of drafts of Jigsaw, and each time the story has changed a bit. Some characters have come, and others have gone, but the whole time, the world of Jigsaw, to me, just seemed to get more wild and wonderful.

I feel I owe a lot to my readers, for pushing me to put all of my passion for worlds of magic and wonder into my work, so thank you-- and I hope you continue to enjoy the world of Jigsaw.

So, what's in store for this special day? Well, starting today onward, expect plenty of little goodies to be submitted here for the next week or so-- mostly art. Even though Deviantart is being silly, be sure to check out chapter 15 and stay tuned for plenty more.

Stay Jiggy!

~~ Reanna

Finally, Chapter Fifteen

Sat Jan 3, 2009, 11:42 AM
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Rrgh. As you may have noticed, I've had issues making chapter fifteen available to my patient readers. The bad news is that I still haven't gotten it up here yet.

The good news is that I've updated my FictionPress (Yes, FFN and FictionPress suck, but I'm desperate) account to make all chapters available here also available there, in addition to the new chapter fifteen. So, without further ado, here's the link:…

In other news, Jigsaw's tenth birthday approaches! Get ready for plenty of goodies-- including art, and maybe even a bit of flash fiction suited to the occasion.

Stay Jiggy!

Chapter fifteen and prints!

Wed Dec 17, 2008, 12:43 PM
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Just in time for Christmas...

Well, someone requested my lovely Twilight bashing comic as a print, and while I don't think it's really suitable for one, that an several other of my pieces can now be purchased in print form. Check back through my gallery at colored pieces; many of them can now be purchased.

However, many of them are rather small because of the small image sizes. From now on I'll try to submit images in a larger size and better resolution. Most notably, the Jigsaw 10th anniversary picture should be available in January, if anyone's interested.

Also, chapter fifteen is up! The whole team is together now, and just in time for plenty of trouble with Silvers, Hal'berd, and plenty more. Enjoy!

Stay Jiggy!
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Hi all! Yes, book one is finished, but let me explain. Currently there are fourteen chapters available, but book one is sixteen chapters long. They'll be put up soon.
Also, the end of book one isn't the end of book one according to my synopsis. For now I'm splitting it up a bit further.

Also, there's been a major edit to all previous chapters. Now they contain the occasional anecdote or aside in first person, narrated by Tione. They're there to add some additional humor and exposition to herself and to the world. Go back and check them out if you like!

Also, the new story in the works is a standalone called The Artful Allergist, and I'll be working on it alongside book two.

Halloween is almost here, and there'll be plenty of art and a couple new comics gracing my gallery very soon, some of it as soon as tomorrow!

Until next time, stay Jiggy. :P
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Hey all! Just a quick announcement to let you know that the end of the first book of Jigsaw, at least as I have it planned, is approaching. This is a great time to get up to date with chapters you haven't read yet, as I might have a small hiatus to work on a short story.

Also, Halloween is approaching, so expect a new Jigsaw Halloween picture up.

Further in the future is Jigsaw's 10th birthday, in January. I hope to do something special, but I'm not sure yet, but there will indeed be merriment.
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If you're new to Jigsaw, you may have trouble finding where to start. Here's a complete list of all the chapters that have been submitted thus far. It will be updated regularly! Enjoy!

Chapter One:…

Chapter Two:…

Chapter Three:…

Chapter Four:…

Chapter Five:…

Chapter Six:…

Chapter Seven:…

Chapter Eight:…

Chapter Nine:…

Chapter Ten:…

Chapter Eleven:…

Chapter Twelve:…
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First of all, as you can see, Chapter Ten has arrived! I've hinted at it enough in the last entry, now go see what happens!

I've also begun a new short story starring all the main heroes. All I'll say about it at the moment is that it's called "The Dream Patrol."

In big news, tomorrow is Jigsaw's ninth birthday! Be sure to wish your favorite character a happy birthday!
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There are some scenes in Jigsaw that are a long way from being written, but they're always on my mind because of how hard they'll be to write. I just got some spectacular inspiration for one of these scenes.

Also, chapter ten will be ready soon. There are a few surprises here, and a couple little allusions to revelations to come. And finally, the group is ready to set off on their journey once again, with plenty of new challenges waiting in the wings.

Who wins the Heroes' Contest? What, exactly, is the nature of Shani and Aleric's new weapons? What sinister plot does the Silver Tribe have planned for Aleric, and why did they send Ruca and Luca again after their miserable failure before? And most importantly, what happens when a puzzle dog gets drunk?

Stay tuned to find out!