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Upcoming Site Changes and Your Involvement

About a year and a half ago, we posted a journal discussing how DeviantArt’s acquisition would grant us the resources to make many positive changes for the site.  Thus far, a lot of such improvements haven’t been entirely obvious — like the many new hires across all departments (we've more than doubled our staff!) or upgrades to the tools we use behind-the-scenes.  All of this was done in order to bring you big-ticket changes, including a much-improved and redesigned site.
We've approached the redesign with a lot of consideration, which is why it’s been in development for so long.  Not only do there continue to be lengthy internal conversations discussing every piece and every feature in explicit detail, but we
:iconheidi:Heidi 961 3,544
a friendly reminder by chibiirose a friendly reminder :iconchibiirose:chibiirose 160 43 Realshow Rockstars [art trade] by NovaProspector Realshow Rockstars [art trade] :iconnovaprospector:NovaProspector 8 2
I WON!!!

All of your support means the world to me and I appreciate you all very, very much. Without you and your feedback, I don't know where I would be. Thank you again. 
:iconitsaaudraw:itsaaudraw 9 36
To get a couple things outta of the way...
Well, I think I should get a couple of, or rather three, things out of the way.
1. First, I should apologize to Illoo-the-awesome  because the picture for him is taking long, due to me being busy with other things, plus for a while I was not sure what to draw them, but I have finally had an idea for the drawing (NESP finding a cell phone, and thinking which of the other 3 to call), but because of the amount of critters in the pic combined with the coloring, it will take even more a while to finish...
2. Why I left the Angry Birds Fandom. Well, I have already made it clear that I have lost interest in Angry Birds. I guess like with Pokemon years ago, I just got tired and burnt out with drawing AB. I was also not too keen on the direction AB itself has been going in recent times. Ultimately, as a result, I cancelled my Birdtales AU and just dropped off the Angry Birds fandom. Please do not guilt-trip me over leaving the fandom or try to force me to return. Kii wi
:iconkii-the-plasmabird:Kii-The-PlasmaBird 2 19
dA Point Mascot by Lilla-chan dA Point Mascot :iconlilla-chan:Lilla-chan 167 42
In need of Points!
Trying to get some gifts for friends and stuff! Here's some adopts and stuff that could be bought!

Palkia and Dialga Gijinkas - 150:points: for one, 200 for both

Splatoon Customs: 15-50:points:
I also have commissions open here, starting at 15:points:!

And if you donate 5 points to my page, you can be featured on my page forever!
:iconpalkachu:Palkachu 1 0
[OPEN SET PRICE] Palkia and Dialga Gijinkas! by Palkachu [OPEN SET PRICE] Palkia and Dialga Gijinkas! :iconpalkachu:Palkachu 18 3
lolyouthottt situation (Please Read!)
    If anyone's art has been placed in a folder labeled "Worst Shit on Deviantart that Sould be Deleted" along with the description of, and I quote, "I never put any art in this folder. only pieces of shit. This shit just sucks, i'm talking one look and you just barf at it. also if your art is in this folder pls for the love of god stop drawing for the good of the world please ignore it." lolyouthottt is trying to get the best out of you and I want you to know that you are great lovely and talented artist that have been targeted by such an awful person! Don't you ever think that your art is the "worst shit on deviantart that should be deleted" because it's not! The only thing that should be deleted is that awful person's account and nothing else! Don't let people like that get you down! You're all wonderful and talented so don't forget that! Thank you!
:icontokaliz:Tokaliz 1 5
Nintendo Cinematic Universe: A Kirby Movie!
Finally, after an extended wait, :iconrealshow: and I present you with a continuation of our Nintendo Cinematic Universe plot synopses.
Plot Synopsis for Kirby and the Conquest of Dreams
(The original title was Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, but I did delegate developing most of this movie idea to him, so he gets the vote.  Plus, the following borrows elements from the anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, but we're Realshow and Colonel Knight Rider, and no Nintendo purist nazis can stop us from putting original twists on video game film adaptations, especially since our work is non-canon!)
At the Fountain of Dreams, an ancient temple located high above the kingdom of Dream Land on the planet Pop Star, sits the Star Rod, a magical artifact that grants people the ability to dream, protects their sanity, and can be used to destroy pure darkness.  As the temple clock strikes midnight, an overweight, anthropo
:iconcolonel-knight-rider:Colonel-Knight-Rider 5 2
Hello World!
Howdy, (probably) random stranger who won’t care about anything in here in the slightest!
I’m making this post to talk about a few things.
First of all: what do I plan to do on this account? Well, I’m a writer. I write things from time to time, when I have the inspiration to. I mostly write things on FNaF and/or FNaF fangames, so if that isn’t your cup of tea, you probably won’t like the stuff I make.
Secondly, I’m (somewhat) involved in a game project called Aegis Robotics Incorporated, which is very loosely based off FNaF. I can’t say all that much about the game without risk of being crucified, but I will say that the amazing artist Lily-The-Random will be making pixel art for the game. Expect teasers of sorts for the game on her profile!
That’s all for now. Stay tuned for things in the future!
:iconthoenzo:Thoenzo 1 1
Oh, boy... quite a lot of RARE news here!
Could it finally happen? With Rare being open to allowing other developers to make games of their IPs, will we finally see sequels to long-forsaken franchises like Perfect Dark and Banjo-Kazooie? That's right... if a developer is given the keys to make a Banjo-Kazooie game after 10/18 years of dormancy, will we finally see the long-awaited Banjo-Threeie? I only hope the developer has experience with games like 3D Platformers and has creative minds just like Nintendo when they did Mario Odyssey.
Sea of Thieves recently launched, too. I don't play that many games, so I won't be picking it up. If any of you got it, what do you think of it?:pirate:
Ever since March 8/9 (which I regard as a Mini E3), we received a lot of gaming news, mostly from Nintendo, like the Crash Trilogy Remake coming to Switch, Xbox One and PC. But the highlight of it all can be summed up in three words: Super. Smash. Brothers. The hype train is ready once aga
:iconproject-ukulele:Project-Ukulele 6 11
The Great Journal of Headcanons!
Everyone else was doing it, so why not!?
You guys like headcanons? Well I do. Comment a series or character below and I'll tell you a headcanon I have about that said series/character! Also, if you have any headcanons about my characters, feel free to share them (or you can put their name down and hear some random fact about them). Let's see how many I can handle!
The collection of headcanons (to save you from searching for them)1. Callie (Splatoon): She is slightly younger and shorter than her older cousin, Marie. She also has slightly tanner skin and a smaller bust size. Despite her bubbly personality and looks, she is rather violent on the battlefield, so much so that she was once banned from Turf Wars for a month for roughhousing. Her favorite weapon-type are Rollers.2. Agent 8; Female (Splatoon): She is more of a silent but strong type, merciless and fearless in battle. She rarely opens up or trusts anyone. Despite this, she secretly loves hugs. 3. Agent
:iconpalkachu:Palkachu 2 26
Returning to art after an unannounced leave
I have finally gotten my computer working so I can model, do edits, and other things, so I'll be returning to DA. Leave Comments with any questions.
Thanks for reading!
:iconkiwigamer450:KiwiGamer450 1 13
Theory about the Octo Expansion!!
After watching the trailer again, I have a theory. I don't think the Octolings we are playing as are pure Octolings. They have elongated (but rounded) ears, darker facial markings, faint rings on their tentacles... and since we seen them in a test tube... I think these are Octoling/Inkling hybrids. Or Octolings engineered with Inkling DNA, or something like that. 
Just for reference, Marina does not have these rings at all, and according to the Sunken Scrolls, she was previously an Elite. So obviously nothing like these 'Octoinks' that are seen here. (I refuse to call them Inktolings)
That would also explain why they are good guys and not under this 'mind control' like the other Octarians, and why they were grown in a tube anyways. This will also explain why we are seeing males for the first time. 
So basically these aren't playable Octolings, they're playable Octoinks, creatures created to serve the purpose of fighting the new Octarian menace. Why are all the other Octarians
:iconpalkachu:Palkachu 8 27
Spider Rangers by liu-psypher Spider Rangers :iconliu-psypher:liu-psypher 172 22
Art from several of my friends and/or underrated artists I recommend.


To do list

Main stories

-Psycho Pals teaser
-Omega Warriors chapter 1
-Sonic Delta chapter 2
-Fredland Story Mode chapter 2
-Lego Crisis chapter 3

Nintendo Cinematic Universe


Alternate Universes

-Minecraft Storeality
-Angry Knights one-shot
-Super Mario Salvages
-Justice Resurgence
-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2


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