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We are here to promote fantasy art and literature of all kinds, from pure fairytale expression, to tabletop roleplay . Defining fantasy as anything outside the realm of mundane normalcy.
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Welcome, Rules, and Folders


We are here to promote fantasy in all it's forms.
I truly love fantasy art, but other groups dedicated to the genre i found lacking through a mix of:
-submission rules being too tight,
-moderator's disinterest in basic housekeeping leading to dead groups,
-groups founded/moderated by non artists flaunting petty self appointed power,
-hyper specific subject matter groups,
-and rules being changed on a whim months after i joined that make my contributions suddenly unwelcome.

and I wish to provide better because we all deserve better.

in short i have a list of grievances that have soured my experience in other art groups; so i made my own. I'm not a boat-rocking edgelord with an axe to grind, nor is this group a sanctuary for artists who are. i just feel like a noticeable number of us are slowly being sidelined for continuing to draw what we always have how we want to.



-Both membership and submissions to the group are all auto accepted, except for submissions to the featured, nsfw violence, and nsfw nudity folders; that are reviewed before acception into the group gallery.

-Don't upload anything that is in violation of DA's rules

-Put things in the right folders, if a folder is full let me know and i'll make a new one, and in the meantime please submit art to the overflow folder.

-Don't be a butt, it's not 2008 anymore, but flame wars will still be put out with ban hammers.
It's 2019, be the change you want to see in the world. actively presenting yourself as a positive example will make everyone happier than dieing on a hill defending a shitty way of thinking "because tradition".

-This isn't a "safe space" group to hide from asshats on the merit that i don't believe retreating into safe spaces is healthy, since backing away from these rude individuals is the same as giving them permission to act that way everywhere that isn't labeled a "safe space", we will not be part of the problem.

-Originality please, thieves and tracers will not be tolerated. and using bases, character builder dress up doll games are highly frowned upon [those submitting adoptables to the commission folders can use a base, but the base must be originally drawn by you]
If you spot stolen art submitted to the group, let me know exactly witch folder it is in so i can remove and ban the gutless worm, and please encourage the original artist to issue a DMCA notice, but then also extend a group invite to the real artist.

-Effort, all skill levels are welcome, but seriously; plain white printer paper is cheap as dirt, doodles on lined school notebooks is not art.


-If there is a folder you think we are missing, please come make your suggestions here:…
-These are more than welcome in all folders.
-I haven't made dedicated folders for these since in my experience these folder types create a segregational quarantine culture, damaging their reputation more than positively showcasing them.
-Once a week I pick the best from the "featured submissions" folder.
-Only your absolute best complete works please.
-No half finished sketch dumps, adoptables/character sheet turnarounds here thankyou.
-"Complete" in this instance involves a full scene, it cant be a blank background character/creature portrait, i want "full scenes" here that showcase multi-subject disciplines [creatures, characters, backgrounds; all in the same image]
-You know what this is, there's more mythical creatures than normal animals, more fictional races than shades of human skin, everyone is on first name terms with someone who's a wizard.
-This would be vanilla history but with minimal strictly limited list of fantasy additions to it. There are no fantasy races, just humans, and the only sort of magic takes 20 cult members to summon a demon to control the king. Or there's no magic, human history is unchanged, but every sea monster, cryptid, urban legend, and ghost actually exists.
[examples would include: Disney's Robin Hood, or American History X]
Again, feel free to debate me on the definition.
-For anything directly interpreting old fairytale and folklore but can't rightly be thrown together with fanart.
-Aka "grimdark" rather than focusing on the stunning brilliance of high faantasy, dark draws it's frame on the desperate and morally lost underbelly of the things you once thought were beautiful. vampires and necromancers are not inherantly dark fantasy [they'd more likely belong in horror]. Dark covers the concept of "there's no such thing as heros" a bleak distopia re-imagining of traditional fantasy.
-This for everything from demented fever-dream walker nightmare fairies, personification of abstract emotions as monsters, and stuff like H.P.Lovecrafts shorter stories that were not related to world ending gods from forgotten places.
-This is where the vampires and mad scientists belong with all those drunk teens accidentally summoning demons and monsters deep in the forest where there's no phone signal.
-The walls are bleeding because it's supernatural and spooky in this folder.
-Domestic fantasy encompasses all the mundane parts of fantasy life,
-Cooking, pitching/breaking camp, hanging out in bars, telling stories by the fire, scenes of ordinary farm or castle life, celebrating local festivals, funerals, weddings and much more.
-I would say that it is everything that's less than the big focus of an adventure [fighting dragons and saving princesses] but still has enough definitive flavour that these cozy scenes shouldn't be sidelined into a folder called "other".
-This is Harry Potter, Hellboy, the crow, percy jackson, white wolf's world of darkness
-The whole world is as normal and boring as you expect it to be, but looking a little too hard and paying attention reveals a secret world of magic and monsters right on your doorstep in the middle of a modern city.
-There's a distinctive difference in the aesthetics of science fiction and cyberpunk, i couldnt explain the nuance myself,
-Cyberpunk has a more home-made DIY feel to the culture, like a normal world where individuals are making their own equipment.
-Sci-fi feels like the individual making something of their own is an odd rarity and most tech is consumer grade gadgets made by corperations for ordinary people to buy...
-Feel free to debate me on that
-Also known as biomechanical, this is H.R.Giger's alien art, warhammer 40K Tyranids, flesh gloems, living armour grown in artificial wombs... Living mushroom Whale airships.
-You all know what fanart is,
-There is only one fanart folder for the time being, but depending on demand i may split it into two folders for classical and contemporary focus,
-One for fanart of classical literature like lord of the rings, peter pan, Dracula, Arthur.c.clarke
-And another for contemporary fan art for games, comics, anime, RL.Salvadore, Patrick Rothfuss, D&D podcasts etc...
-Battle, Dungeon, City, and World maps for fantasy settings.
3D & CGI:
-This is for anything computer generated, and where 3D printed works belong unless you continue to further modify them by hand.
-In the interest of originality; it is preferred that 3D models are created by the artist.
-Screen shots from second life, IMVU, Gaia or similar are not welcome.
-Posing arrangements of pre-made assets raided from Github or the unity/unreal catalog is fine but fancy it up with renders, edits, and extra creative jiggery-pokery [simple drag and drop rush jobs are not in the spirit of the group]
-Nsfw content belongs in the Nsfw folders.
-Photos submitted here must showcase a whole fantasy scene with thought dedicated to either location or set dressing. Cosplay in your bedroom/livingroom/kitchen/garden that simply shows off your handiwork should all go in the "Crafts" folder.
-Nsfw content belongs in the Nsfw folders.
-Same as the rules for the 3D folder, only use component assets that you photographed yourself. Re-using the same stock images everyone else does to blend into their textures doesn't foster good creative habits.
-Individual pages/chapters that contain description/depictions of excessive scenes of violence/sexual themes belong in the NSFW violence & nudity folders.
-This is for showing off the things people payed you to make or do.
-This is also a general sales folder for anything like adoptables, cosplay/larp props, advertising your writing services.
-All submissions to NSFW folders will be subjected to a vote.
-Everything here must have the mature content filter on and adhere to DA's content policy.…
-Depictions of abuse, hate or prejudice are forbidden unless at face value your art is capable of sending a meaningful message [providing you can do that while sticking to DA's rules]
-Nudity may include sexually themed intent as far as nude calendars and pinups would show.
-Explicitly pornographic images of spreading, arousal, insertion, tools/toys and fluids that violate DA's rules are forbidden in this group.
-If the picture needs censoring [pixelation/blocks/bars/cropping] beyond just DA's mature content filter; it doesn't belong on this group.
-Any photography submitted here must subjectively express more than 25% fantasy [your topless bikini photo-shoot with cheap Halloween costume elf ears don't belong in this group] there are other websites where that content will reliably earn you better success than here.
-for the time being, clothed softcore and ecchi are also welcome in the nsfw nudity folder, but please do let me know if you'd prefer a second folder to separate ecchi and full nudity.
-Top 10 pieces of fantasy armour historic realism nerds hate. keep it SFW but bad for the heart, and worse for the eyes.
-Anything that doesn't fit neatly into other folders or could be described as "fantasy neutral". please consider making a new folder suggestion in the journal linked at the top of the folder descriptions list.
-Only submit to this folder when another is full, drop a note the group to let me know to make a new folder.





First of all, do you think it would be better to get rid of the 3D folder and add 3D to the list of things that are welcome on all folders?:

-These are more than welcome in all folders.
-I haven't made dedicated folders for these since in my experience these folder types create a segregational quarantine culture, damaging their reputation more than positively showcasing them.


And secondly, do you think it would be nice to add a folder for festive seasonal holidays?
For both real festivals like Christmas, New year, valentines, mother's day, obon, Divali, your local prettiest cow competition etc. But also Fantasy festivals like Hogswatch and Deckvictor?

Happy Easter to you all
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THE LAST WARRIOR -Ch 43. So this is how it ends,Lazarus was sent to a berth located deep within the Eldritch's bowels. It had a hard bunk, a dim lightbulb and a solid metal door. No porthole. No less than five Shedim were posted outside and Lazarus found that quite hilarious, were they so afraid of him? Or that some unknown, not yet dead ally would come and liberate him? Laying down on the bunk, he stared up into the white painted ceiling. So this was how it ended. More than once the phrase 'What the fuck have you done, man?' jangled through his head. Sacrificing himself to save everyone else and their cousin wasn't something that came naturally. Not to a guy like him. No, one of the first rules of soldiering was to never volunteer. A motto which surely applied to executions more than anything.The decision, however, had seemed logical at the time, and just about still did. Nobody else could have struck the same deal, because nobody else had pissed off Salainia quite like he had. In that sense, he hadn't had much of a choice. He hadn't been trying to be big and clever, he had simply played the one measly bargaining chip he had left, himself. Now he racked his brains over and over. Not long from now, a few hours perhaps, maybe less, he was going to die, if not some strange last minute miracle was about to happen, like it did in the movies. But he was not ready to give in, perhaps there was still a chance of redeeming the situation to some small extent?After a while, he banged on the door, demanding at the top of his voice to see Salainia. The Shedim guards told Lazarus to go and perform some very uncomfortable acts. He persisted. Eventually they got tired of him making a nuisance of himself and one of them went off to fetch her."What's going on?" Salainia said as she entered the cabin. "There a problem with the accommodation?""Not as such. The place smells like old jockstraps, but apart from that, no real complaints.""Well, I am just so sorry, Lazarus. Soldiers ain't always that big on their hygiene. I'd've lent you the use of the stateroom, 'cept that's mine. So other than that, what can I do for you? Why'd you want to see me?""I have a favour to ask. Two, actually.""Really? You're haggling? You know you ain't in any position to do that. Not at this late stage in the game.""A condemned man is entitled to a last request or two, isn't he?""Maybe in an Earth prison, on death row. But we ain't on Earth any more, Toto.""Still," Lazarus persisted. "You have me all lined up for a spectacular, messy death, Salainia. I'm going to be putting on a big show for you. Consider this my fee.""Your fee is the lives of those folks at the ol' Bastion.""Then I'm after a small raise. Honest, it's not much. At least hear me out!"Salainia planted a fist on her hip and cocked her head. "All right then, I'm listening. I cannot guaranteeing I'll say yes, but I'll listen."Lazarus outlined what he wanted. The first thing he asked for brought a mildly puzzled frown and a cry of: "Aww, cute." The second, a crooked, wicked smile. "Let me think about it," Salainia said, turning to go. An hour later: "Visitor."The Shedim ushered Amastrine into the cabin. They hulked there, all five of them, heads bent under the ceiling. Amastrine and Lazarus had virtually no room to themselves."Little privacy maybe?" Lazarus asked."Orders," one of them said. "Neither of you is allowed out of our sight while you're together.""We can barely breathe. How about you back off outside? Leave the door wide open. You'll still be able to see."Eventually they agreed and Amastrine and Lazarus sat down side by side on the narrow bunk. The silence simmered between them."You're an idiot," she finally said."Not quite the words of condolence I was hoping for.""How dare you do something so... so...""Brave? Self-sacrificing?""Selfish.""Buying other people's lives with my own is selfish how, exactly?"She looked away. When she looked back, her eyes were brimming, and he felt bad for snarking at her."Sorry," he muttred and she sighed."Salainia might have let everyone go free," she said."I doubt it.""But she might have. If you'd just kept your peace, there's every chance...""You know it's not true.""Why couldn't one of the others have done it, though? Why? Why did it have to be you?""Well..." Lazarus began. "I suppose I've become the leader, by default. No, that's too grand. I'm no Charidamus, no Annunaki. I'm not even up to par with those tired twins. But make it the spokesperson. So it sort of had to be me. Tall poppy syndrome, you rise too up, you have to expect to be cut down. But also..."Lazarus thought hard. He had been doing little else but thinking hard since getting locked up in this cabin."I should probably have died in that car crash," he finally said, looking into her emerald eyes, regarding the pebbles of gold therein. "Or if not then, immediately afterwards, thanks to that icy river that took my mate. I was damn lucky. I got a second shot. So everything since has been gravy, as far as I'm concerned. A bonus life. Which makes the idea of losing it that much easier to adjust to. I've had fun. These past few months have been baffling, painful, intense, sometimes awful - but what a laugh! I've done shit I'd never in a million years have dreamt of doing, and I have been a warrior again, and fighting a fight worth fighting. This wasn't some spurious war cooked up by civil servants and businessmen to keep the oil flowing and the rebuilding contracts flooding in. This had meaning. It was clear cut - like the Second World War and unlike any of the conflicts since, except possibly the Desert Storm. A definite recidivist with nefarious ambitions, and them the last, best and maybe only hope against her. A soldier couldn't ask for more than that.""So at least you've got something out of it.""Don't be like that.""Like what?""All bitter and twisted. I was going to go on to say something else. One of the most amazing things about this entire situation is that I've met... well, you. Bear with me here, because I'm hellish clumsy when it comes to this sort of stuff. But, I don't know what you think of me, Amastrine, but I think you are pretty incredible. And incredibly pretty. But mostly pretty incredible." Lazarus spotted the guards making stupid, leering faces through the doorway. "Oh fuck off, you!" he snapped. "This is difficult enough as it is, without cockfaces like you getting involved.""Concentrate on me, Laz," Amastrine asked of him, taking his hands. "Ignore them!""I'm a hard-shelled bastard, I know it. I come across like nothing bothers me, nothing gets to me. All front, no depth. That's the impression I give, and that's more or less how I also am. But you, Amastrine, I can't get over the fact that you're you and you chose me. You could have anyone, you could go out with any of the Anunnaki, but it was the humble little human Laz Dellucci who got the nod. I'm not pretending I don't realise that it's chiefly been about humping one another senseless. I get that. Any port in a storm, and so on. And I'm not against shaggery for shaggery's sake. Far from it. Bring it on, I say. But if there was more to us than that, if I've been more to you than just a convenient booty call, I have to know. You have to tell me.""You choose now to ask this? When you're moments away from dying?""It's that close, is it?""They're nearly ready. Your 'audience' is being gathered.""Shit. Then yes, this is precisely the time to ask. When better? And don't just tell me what you think I want to hear. Be honest, Amastrine! Straight from the heart. Is it possible for an Igigi to love a human? Can it happen?"There was a pause, a long one. Then, gaze averted, in barely a whisper, Amastrine replied. "It can. Yes. It can.""I think I can go to my grave happy now," he sat back, contented."Truly?""Yeah," he nodded. "I mean, let's face it, I've loved an Igigi and she loved me back. Doesn't get much better than that.""If I could help you in any way," Amastrine said. "As I helped those people who they pinned to Etz Chayim...""You would, I know, and I appreciate the offer, but you can't, can you? Not from out of the crowd. You won't have a gun."She lowered her voice. "I could slay you now. Spare you that way from what's in store.""With your bare hands?""You know I could.""And then the Shedim would kill you too.""So? I'm as good as dead anyway, when they're done with you, little Amastrine will go to meet her maker."He sincerely smiled at her. "I don't want that. And more to the point, if I die here now, Salainia won't need to keep her half of the bargain. Much as I hate the idea, I have to go through with this. It's shit, but there's no other way.""Time's up," one of the Shedim announced."Salainia promised us half an hour.""We don't run our lives by clocks like you do," The Shedim shrugged. "I don't even know what an hour is. Your ladyfriend's been here long enough by my reckoning, so say goodbye to her."Lazarus muttered something uncomplimentary. The Shedim just laughed."Laz..." Amastrine took Lazarus' chin in her hand and guided his face towards hers, and they kissed. Their last ever kiss. Sweet and firm and deep. And over all too soon. But a kiss Lazarus would have remembered for all his life, even if he were to live to a ripe old age.*** His lips were still tingling from that kiss when they came to collect him. Outside they'd built a scaffold out of wood. The timber had come from Etz Chayim itself. Several lower branches had been lopped off and sawn into planks. The stumps wept a sap so dark orange it was almost the colour of blood and Lazarus could well sense somehow that the Tree of Life was in agony. Just something about the way its other branches drooped, the way the breeze shivered its leaves. It was sacrilege, to dismember the Etz Chayim like this, Lazarus sensed that. The scaffold was large and crudely put together, but sturdy-looking. It consisted of a platform with a simple framework built on top, a rectangle with cross-braced corners. Wooden pegs had been used for nails. Short ropes were attached to all four cross-braces. Everyone still alive and walking had been mustered in front of it. Penemue was there, dragged away from her patients. Philolia, Nurah, Amastrine of course, plus Claudius, Amethyste and the couple of dozen other surviving humans. Shedim, perhaps a hundred of them. Some people Lazarus took to be the tanksuit operators, out of their machines and looking quizzical and bloodthirsty - executions like this were clearly not an everyday occurrence for them, but something worth experiencing nonetheless. They looked oddly human, Lazarus thought, they wouldn't be found too out of place anywhere on Earth. Well, people might guessed them to be role players of some kind, given their clothes. And, waiting on the platform itself, Salainia. She watched him approach with the air of a society hostess about to welcome her guest of honour. She even clasped her hands together as Lazarus climbed the scaffold steps, with a Shedim guard prodding him from behind."I am so glad you could make it!" she exclaimed."Wish I could say the same," Lazarus replied."Come now, don't be like that! It's your big moment, Laz. In some strange way I think you even want this. A grand finale. An ego like yours, it wouldn't be satisfied with you just dying along with everybody else. Shot in the head during the bedlam of battle. It has to be public and splashy and meaningful, does it not?""What can I say? I'm a fame whore.""Plus it gives you one last chance to show off how goshdarn down-home courageous you are. Quipping and wisecracking, a wiseguy all the way to the end. We'll see how it easy it is to keep the jokes coming once Orax's started in on you." She looked over Lazarus' shoulder, where the grumpy and stinking chief of the Shedim were making it up the staircase together with an escort of two warriors. "First, though, if my eyes don't deceive me, I see that we have a last-minute arrival."Everyone followed her gaze. From the shadows beneath Etz Chayim af female figure emerged, walking out into the thickening afternoon light, then stopping just beneat the scaffold, the wind tearing in her platinum blong locks and her long, blue and bare armed robe. Srerosa."The Oracle!" Salainia exclaimed. "How magnanimous of you to grace us with your presence. We are honoured.""I've come because there is no more to predict," Srerosa said. "This is a pivotal point, the moment of all moments and I must see with my own eyes how it unfolds."Salainia chuckled delightedly. "I couldn't have asked for more. The Oracle herself, curious to know how everything is going to turn out. Know what that means? Means I've done it! I've truly won. I am greater than destiny. If I have brought matters to the point where even the Oracle is blind now, only able to see what's in front of her eyes, then I have overcome all limitation and anything is possible." She was almost hugging herself with glee."Do not exult just yet, Salainia," the Oracle warned. "An end may yet be a beginning." "You don't scare me, little girl," Salainia retorted. "That's just sore loser talk.""But you should be afraid," Srerosa insisted. "Not of me of course, but what may be looming ahead. Perhaps just within a few days. Or even hours.""But you said you couldn't tell how it'll unfold.""No, but my aprentice has. Eiendo. She told me she had a vision, only that we were unable to interpret it at this moment in time.""A brat," Salainia chortled. "I'm even less impressed of her than you, of course." She then took her eyes of the Oracle and shifted her attention back to Lazarus."Now, let's not get ourselves distracted any more," she said. "Betcha eager to get this over with, huh?" Lazarus made a yes-and-no noise. "Then we'll have you tied up and screaming in no time. Orax...?"Just as the Shedim was about start attaching the ropes to Lazarus, Salainia slapped her forehead."Wait just one moment, what an earth am I thinking? You asked two favours off of me, didn't you, Laz?""I was wondering whether you'd remember.""Conjugal visitation rights with Amastrine, and... oh heck, what was the other one? Clean slipped my mind. No, wait, I've got it." She snapped her fingers. "You asked if I'd give up my 'informer' - assuming I have one, of course. That was it, wasn't it? Let you have that person and let you decide how to be dealt with.""Yup.""Well, Lazarus, I said yes to your first favour, and so happens I'm inclined to say yes to this one too. Nothing pleases me or amuses me quite like seeing one man getting his satisfaction on someone who's done him a bad turn. I know all about slights and injustices and how they can make you feel. Story of my life, some'd say. So, you asked me to reveal who the person was, the double-crosser, the one you reckon was throwing spanners in the works and was responsible for getting a couple of your buddies killed. Boys?"She was now calling out to the nearest of the Shedim who were policing the crowd of onlookers."Her," she pointed. "Blonde thing over there, yeah, her. Fetch her up here!"The Shedim homed in on Amethyste, who looked aghast and dumbfounded. They grabbed her and strong-armed her onto the scaffold."What the?" Amethyste spluttered. "Laz, what is the meaning of this? What are you doing?""Obvious, isn't it?" Lazarus said. "You screwed us, lass. You've been Salainia's gal all along, just like I said at Charidamus's funeral. I want to show you what I think of that. Worst crime of all - betraying your own side.""But I didn't!""You did. You can deny it all you want, but I know.""But I don't know Salainia. I've never seen her before in my life," she gesticulated at the brunette woman. "Never met her, never made any kind of deal with her. This is crazy! Why are you doing this to me? I fought next to you. I put my guts on the line, just like you did. I'm no traitor!""Sounds pretty convincing to me," Salainia commented. "Swearing blind she ain't the one.""Well, she would, wouldn't he?" Lazarus replied."Tell him," Amethyste pleaded, it was obvious she was beginning to panic. Maybe she'd guessed what he had in mind for her. "Tell him I'm not working for you! I've got nothing to do with you.""Ain't down to me, lass. This is Laz's call.""No," Lazarus eyed Amethyste coolly. "You're a conniving bitch, no doubt about it, and for that, you're getting the same treatment as I am."Her eyes swivelled towards the rectangular frame. "No..." she gasped."It's only fair," Lazarus said. "I'm being punished for doing everything right, so you should be punished too, for doing everything wrong. That way, it all balances out.""Laz...""Do her first," Lazarus said to Salainia. "Whatever you're planning on doing to me, she gets it first. I'll watch.""Very well," She nodded to Orax. "This must be your lucky day, Orax. You're going to have your fun with two of them."The Shedim ruler laughed from way down in his belly, he couldn't quite believe his good fortune."No! Please, no!" Amethyste yelled hoarsely as the Shedim bound her to the frame by her wrists and ankles. They strung her inside it with her limbs outstretched so that she formed an X shape, like Andrew the Apostle. She bucked and struggled, cursed and spat, returned to the edgy language of her home land as she started to call down what was obviously curses upon Lazarus, Salania and the Shedim. But it was of no use. Salania's response was a nonchalant shrug. "If you are what Laz says you are, then you have outlived your usefulness to me. The game is over. What's one player less on the field?"Orax produced a short knife with a half-serrated blade. In a few deft strokes he slashed off Amethyste's clothes, leaving her top half bare. Including what was definitely a pair of generous and lovely tits, not that they would help her now. Amethyste yelled even harder and writhed against her bonds, but spread-eagled as she was, she had no leverage, and the knots held fast. Salania turned to Orax. "Any time you're ready, big guy."Orax gave a yellow grin and brandished his knife. Amethyste had gone limp. She hung from the ropes, her breath coming in fast, sharp pants, it was obvious that she entering some kind of hypnosis, some kind of strage methodology from her homeworld. Lazarus could see it in her eyes, how they were glazing over, her mind was going elsewhere. She was retreating inside himself, trying to escape the here and now, vanishing into tunnels within...As Orax got to work on her, all Lazarus could think of was that he was going to be next. In a few minutes' time, that would be his skin flogged off....
Nona - Character Sheet by DragonDovah
What Have we Here by Hexdrake
The Azure Wraith by Hexdrake
Urban Fantasy
The Renegades - part 6As Theo said his good nights to Mathilda, he was feeling more hopeful than he had in quite some time. Maybe he could make it work after all. And with any luck, Mathilda would have forgotten all about putting her entire family in danger to help him. He had enough guilt eating away at him in as it was. He simply couldn't afford any more. Somehow he'd help Miriam, he was determined to do it, but he wouldn't put anyone else in danger to do it. Or so he thought.He took a break from it all, fetched a beer in the fridge and spent the evening watching some odd film on TV. Car chases and shoot-outs, a 1A plot, cops in trenches and blond bombshells in need of help. Nothing that put demands on the brain. Just the way he wanted it. Before he went to bed, he was beginning to feel satisfied. The next day, Theo didn't get a chance to see Mathilda, as he and Dorian spent from before the sun came up until way after midnight checking the invisible walls protecting their little society. And always, when he was done with such a deed, he was too tired even for beer and TV. The day after that was Mathilda's turn on patrol, and after that they worked together in the gardens for twelve hours because a sudden frost was on the horizon. These three days, Theo was frustrated and walking on cloud nine, all at the same time. And spend some brainpower analyzing that. Day number four, Mathilda burst through his door like the Council itself was on her heels. "Theo, Miriam's in trouble."He knocked his keyboard off the desk in his rush to get to his feet. "What do you mean, Miriam's in trouble?""I just talked to my parents," she shoved her hair back from her face with shaking hands. "She's on her way to a battle in Wales, and the Council knows it. They're going to ambush her."Theo ignored the fact that he'd told her not to talk to her parents. Miriam was in trouble. "Where in Wales? Do we have anyone there who can do a saldepement?" He turned to the maps they'd been slaving over, tracing the Wales region with his finger. There were a lot of battles in that old land; usually ending in Radical victory. This was bad. Very bad. He shook his head."Yeah, but you can't go, Theo. The Academy fighters might kill you too then!" Mathilda's face was paler than Theo had ever seen it, and she shook so violently her teeth chattered."It doesn't matter." He jerked his phone up off the desk and called his mom, swearing once for every second she didn't pick up."Theo?" Finally her voice came through."Mom! Miriam's in trouble," Theo exhaled. "You have to get them to send more warriors to meet her.""Meet her where?""Or she might get killed.""Calm down, Theo, where is she? Is she still in London?""Apparently she's on her way to Wales.""Wales?""Yes.""By car? Train? Bus? And where to in Wales?""I..." he looked at Mathilda, who was mimicking the sound and movements of a train with lips and hands. "Train," he spoke into the phone, hearing his voice going pitched. Nerve-strung."How do you know this?" Patricia asked."I just do. I'm on my way there now.""Theo, no! We'll take care of this. I have an entire force of Academy fighters already in the area.""But...""But nothing," Patricia was sounding the way she used to do when he was a kid and wanted to stay up late, even if it was school day the next day. "We'll handle this. I'll stay in touch."Theo hung up. He didn't have time to argue with hos mother and at this second, he didn't even know if he could trust her. If the extra troops showed up to save Miriam, first then would know he know if Patricia was on their side.Meanwhile, Mathilda was on her phone across the room. "Her train isn't expected to arrive for close to an hour. She's coming in from London," she told Theo, as she realized he was watching her. "Seriously, when are your bunch of rebels going to learn how to do a saldepement?""How do you know these things about my sister?" he demanded, ignoring Mathilda's question. Fear and confusion made him brusque. He could do a saldepement and so could Miriam. As far as he knew, they weren't the only ones."My parents said there's someone in the Academy playing both sides," Mathilda said, every word sharp against his heart. " Someone there is telling the Council their secrets." Theo knew it couldn't be his mother. But if it was Caspar and she wasn't stopping him? Once more, he grabbed his phone and began searching for someone in his contact list who might get him to Wales. Behind him, Mathilda had returned to the phone conversation."Can you open a portal?" she was saying. "We're coming through.""We're not doing anything." He spun on her. "This is my fight, Mathilda. Not yours."She glared at him. Her dark eyes, usually sparkling and kind, were now menacing. "If you're going, then so am I, Theodor Barley." Before he could answer, to tell her that he was the Prodigy's Guard and one of the most powerful sorcerers ever, she turned her back on him, finished her call and folded the phone. Then she began counting down. And before he could stop her, she stepped through the doorway as it shimmered to life.He swore yet again, quickly burning a shroud spell and throwing it over her before he followed her. She hit him with one, too, as soon as he stepped through. Even so, he knew as soon as he threw a spell, they would all know who he was; his flames were brighter than regular Academy warriors, just like Miriam's were. But it didn't matter. If he could save his little sister, then it was worth it.He looked around, finding himself on a frozen field a bit outside a smaller congregation of houses, even too small to be called a village. A light rain was falling and the only thing moving was a pack of crows and a blue pickup truck rolling ahead on a road a bit away. He had maybe expected to see hundreds of Radical warriors, but there were only a handful. He looked at Mathilda, his heart pounding. Had it been a trap? Was she really against him? "Where is everyone?" he asked.A middle-aged woman standing just to the side stepped forward. From the strong family resemblance, he knew she must be Mathilda's mother. "They haven't arrived yet," she told. "If we gather too large of a group, they'll sense us and assemble more Academy warriors. More than we can bring up. They usually send her alone." She paused. "I have to send an e-mail calling them. I have no way around it, or my family might be in danger. But if you could somehow tell Miriam to turn around or something-"How stupid was he? He hadn't even tried to call Miriam. Theo dug his phone out of his pocket, hitting her number. But it went straight to voicemail. Of course. He swore again, thinking crazily that he was going to have to wash his mouth out with soap if he survived this day. Shaking his head at his own folly, he shoved his phone back into his pocket. "I cannot stop her," he announced.Cries exploded from across the field, floating on the breeze, carrying with the handful of snowflakes that were whirling about, and they were picking up volume as they neared him. He simultaneously breathed a sigh of relief as his blood froze in terror when he saw the cause of all the commotion. That blue vehicle had stopped and academy warriors were now flooding off it, too many for him to count, obviously the vehicle was enchanted to hold more people than what met the naked eye. "Thanks, Mom," he murmured.Mathilda's family raced toward the new threat, but Mathilda herself stayed protectively by his side. "Theo, we need to get you out of here."But they weren't fast enough. The Academy fighters saw them, and even though they couldn't possibly know who Theo was, they assumed he and Mathilda to be part of the Radical team. And they attacked. Mathilda immediately fought back. "Theo, don't burn any spells!" she cried, risking a glance over her shoulder. He'd trained her to throw spells, but not to participate in a battle.It was death to look away from one's enemy.When Mathilda became attacked from the side, Theo couldn't move fast enough. As she crumpled, he lost all semblance of control. He roared and leaped over her, burning the exergy and shoving it away from him, not waiting to see if it hit its mark. He knew it did by the screaming that reached him the next moment.He burned another, letting the flames control him, moving on instinct as he spun out of the way, dodging more spells, rolling across the ground and throwing another exergy as he came to his feet. By now, the entire field had seen who he was. He could hear them, screaming as they abandoned the Radicals to come after him. It made absolutely no sense at all, but nothing in war did.Theo threw three more spells, one after another, watching in satisfaction as the warriors fell to the ground and didn't move again. But he needed to not kill them - he needed them to stay here and fight with Miriam. He froze in uncertainty as he saw their spells coming at him; did he save himself and fight back or did he save Miriam and stop killing them? In the end, it wasn't really a decision. If he was going to die, at least it was to save Miriam like he was supposed to. He was going to die. And he couldn't care less. Something dark and hard hit him in the back and he fell. Then several hands grabbed him and yanked him backward. He tumbled through what appeared to be another portal and was shoved to the ground as several spells blew over his head. Mathilda leaped forward and pushed her hand to the doorway, letting the spell dissolve, and the doorway closed."Miriam's still in trouble. There aren't enough Academy... ""Theo! You almost died out there. Because of the Academy fighters!" Dorian bellowed, pulling him to his feet. "Theo you think about that for a second?"Theo paused, breathing hard. He ran a shaking hand through his hair, grimacing as soot fell around him, onto his carpet. That would be fun to clean up, he thought sarcastically. "I took a lot of those Academy fighters down though," he finally said, grinning. Dorian rolled his eyes and laughed, a nervous, frightened sound."You almost died - saving me," Mathilda said quietly. Theo took her hand, running his thumb across her palm. "Always. Where are you hurt?""Just my side. It isn't bad. I'm sorry, Theo. My mom'll send that e-mail soon and I don't know what else to do... "Theo's head jerked up like a puppet. "E-mail." He smacked himself in the forehead. "Radical get their orders by e-mail?"Mathilda frowned. "Yeah, didn't you hear my mom... ""Dorian, heal her? I'll be back!" He turned and ran to his office, letting his fingers fly over the keyboard. E-mails. How had he not known this? Academy fighters used their cell phones, but it took forever to call every warrior, because they had homes all over the world. Usually, they utilized groups that were closest to the battle, but it still required advanced planning because they didn't live in barracks together. For the Radical, e-mail would be instant, and could contact thousands at once. All he had to do was block that e-mail.It was child's play.
Egypt 3000 by mohamedsaberartist
P0299eng by Cranash64
Blue Cheese by ZaubererbruderASP
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Landscapes and Architecture
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Nozdormu Plushie by OtterSoIm
Silversword Crypt (1750x150 Battlemap) by Hexdrake
Needle-felted heart turtle by SuperferretIX
3D and CGI
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Sculpting, Miniatures, and Art Dolls
Ursoc (Cursed Bear God) by Panterius
Random place in the Forbidden Place by Bluegirl123456
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NSFW Nudity

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