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We are here to promote fantasy art and literature of all kinds, from pure fairytale expression, to tabletop roleplay . Defining fantasy as anything outside the realm of mundane normalcy.
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Welcome, Rules, and Folders


We are here to promote fantasy in all it's forms.
I truly love fantasy art, but other groups dedicated to the genre i found lacking through a mix of:
-submission rules being too tight,
-moderator's disinterest in basic housekeeping leading to dead groups,
-groups founded/moderated by non artists flaunting petty self appointed power,
-hyper specific subject matter groups,
-and rules being changed on a whim months after i joined that make my contributions suddenly unwelcome.

and I wish to provide better because we all deserve better.

in short i have a list of grievances that have soured my experience in other art groups; so i made my own. I'm not a boat-rocking edgelord with an axe to grind, nor is this group a sanctuary for artists who are. i just feel like a noticeable number of us are slowly being sidelined for continuing to draw what we always have how we want to.



-Both membership and submissions to the group are all auto accepted, except for submissions to the featured, nsfw violence, and nsfw nudity folders; that are reviewed before acception into the group gallery.

-Don't upload anything that is in violation of DA's rules

-Put things in the right folders, if a folder is full let me know and i'll make a new one, and in the meantime please submit art to the overflow folder.

-Don't be a butt, it's not 2008 anymore, but flame wars will still be put out with ban hammers.
It's 2019, be the change you want to see in the world. actively presenting yourself as a positive example will make everyone happier than dieing on a hill defending a shitty way of thinking "because tradition".

-This isn't a "safe space" group to hide from asshats on the merit that i don't believe retreating into safe spaces is healthy, since backing away from these rude individuals is the same as giving them permission to act that way everywhere that isn't labeled a "safe space", we will not be part of the problem.

-Originality please, thieves and tracers will not be tolerated. and using bases, character builder dress up doll games are highly frowned upon [those submitting adoptables to the commission folders can use a base, but the base must be originally drawn by you]
If you spot stolen art submitted to the group, let me know exactly witch folder it is in so i can remove and ban the gutless worm, and please encourage the original artist to issue a DMCA notice, but then also extend a group invite to the real artist.

-Effort, all skill levels are welcome, but seriously; plain white printer paper is cheap as dirt, doodles on lined school notebooks is not art.


-If there is a folder you think we are missing, please come make your suggestions here:…
-These are more than welcome in all folders.
-I haven't made dedicated folders for these since in my experience these folder types create a segregational quarantine culture, damaging their reputation more than positively showcasing them.
-Once a week I pick the best from the "featured submissions" folder.
-Only your absolute best complete works please.
-No half finished sketch dumps, adoptables/character sheet turnarounds here thankyou.
-"Complete" in this instance involves a full scene, it cant be a blank background character/creature portrait, i want "full scenes" here that showcase multi-subject disciplines [creatures, characters, backgrounds; all in the same image]
-You know what this is, there's more mythical creatures than normal animals, more fictional races than shades of human skin, everyone is on first name terms with someone who's a wizard.
-This would be vanilla history but with minimal strictly limited list of fantasy additions to it. There are no fantasy races, just humans, and the only sort of magic takes 20 cult members to summon a demon to control the king. Or there's no magic, human history is unchanged, but every sea monster, cryptid, urban legend, and ghost actually exists.
[examples would include: Disney's Robin Hood, or American History X]
Again, feel free to debate me on the definition.
-For anything directly interpreting old fairytale and folklore but can't rightly be thrown together with fanart.
-Aka "grimdark" rather than focusing on the stunning brilliance of high faantasy, dark draws it's frame on the desperate and morally lost underbelly of the things you once thought were beautiful. vampires and necromancers are not inherantly dark fantasy [they'd more likely belong in horror]. Dark covers the concept of "there's no such thing as heros" a bleak distopia re-imagining of traditional fantasy.
-This for everything from demented fever-dream walker nightmare fairies, personification of abstract emotions as monsters, and stuff like H.P.Lovecrafts shorter stories that were not related to world ending gods from forgotten places.
-This is where the vampires and mad scientists belong with all those drunk teens accidentally summoning demons and monsters deep in the forest where there's no phone signal.
-The walls are bleeding because it's supernatural and spooky in this folder.
-Domestic fantasy encompasses all the mundane parts of fantasy life,
-Cooking, pitching/breaking camp, hanging out in bars, telling stories by the fire, scenes of ordinary farm or castle life, celebrating local festivals, funerals, weddings and much more.
-I would say that it is everything that's less than the big focus of an adventure [fighting dragons and saving princesses] but still has enough definitive flavour that these cozy scenes shouldn't be sidelined into a folder called "other".
-This is Harry Potter, Hellboy, the crow, percy jackson, white wolf's world of darkness
-The whole world is as normal and boring as you expect it to be, but looking a little too hard and paying attention reveals a secret world of magic and monsters right on your doorstep in the middle of a modern city.
-There's a distinctive difference in the aesthetics of science fiction and cyberpunk, i couldnt explain the nuance myself,
-Cyberpunk has a more home-made DIY feel to the culture, like a normal world where individuals are making their own equipment.
-Sci-fi feels like the individual making something of their own is an odd rarity and most tech is consumer grade gadgets made by corperations for ordinary people to buy...
-Feel free to debate me on that
-Also known as biomechanical, this is H.R.Giger's alien art, warhammer 40K Tyranids, flesh gloems, living armour grown in artificial wombs... Living mushroom Whale airships.
-You all know what fanart is,
-There is only one fanart folder for the time being, but depending on demand i may split it into two folders for classical and contemporary focus,
-One for fanart of classical literature like lord of the rings, peter pan, Dracula, Arthur.c.clarke
-And another for contemporary fan art for games, comics, anime, RL.Salvadore, Patrick Rothfuss, D&D podcasts etc...
-Battle, Dungeon, City, and World maps for fantasy settings.
3D & CGI:
-This is for anything computer generated, and where 3D printed works belong unless you continue to further modify them by hand.
-In the interest of originality; it is preferred that 3D models are created by the artist.
-Screen shots from second life, IMVU, Gaia or similar are not welcome.
-Posing arrangements of pre-made assets raided from Github or the unity/unreal catalog is fine but fancy it up with renders, edits, and extra creative jiggery-pokery [simple drag and drop rush jobs are not in the spirit of the group]
-Nsfw content belongs in the Nsfw folders.
-Photos submitted here must showcase a whole fantasy scene with thought dedicated to either location or set dressing. Cosplay in your bedroom/livingroom/kitchen/garden that simply shows off your handiwork should all go in the "Crafts" folder.
-Nsfw content belongs in the Nsfw folders.
-Same as the rules for the 3D folder, only use component assets that you photographed yourself. Re-using the same stock images everyone else does to blend into their textures doesn't foster good creative habits.
-Individual pages/chapters that contain description/depictions of excessive scenes of violence/sexual themes belong in the NSFW violence & nudity folders.
-This is for showing off the things people payed you to make or do.
-This is also a general sales folder for anything like adoptables, cosplay/larp props, advertising your writing services.
-All submissions to NSFW folders will be subjected to a vote.
-Everything here must have the mature content filter on and adhere to DA's content policy.…
-Depictions of abuse, hate or prejudice are forbidden unless at face value your art is capable of sending a meaningful message [providing you can do that while sticking to DA's rules]
-Nudity may include sexually themed intent as far as nude calendars and pinups would show.
-Explicitly pornographic images of spreading, arousal, insertion, tools/toys and fluids that violate DA's rules are forbidden in this group.
-If the picture needs censoring [pixelation/blocks/bars/cropping] beyond just DA's mature content filter; it doesn't belong on this group.
-Any photography submitted here must subjectively express more than 25% fantasy [your topless bikini photo-shoot with cheap Halloween costume elf ears don't belong in this group] there are other websites where that content will reliably earn you better success than here.
-for the time being, clothed softcore and ecchi are also welcome in the nsfw nudity folder, but please do let me know if you'd prefer a second folder to separate ecchi and full nudity.
-Top 10 pieces of fantasy armour historic realism nerds hate. keep it SFW but bad for the heart, and worse for the eyes.
-Anything that doesn't fit neatly into other folders or could be described as "fantasy neutral". please consider making a new folder suggestion in the journal linked at the top of the folder descriptions list.
-Only submit to this folder when another is full, drop a note the group to let me know to make a new folder.





First of all, do you think it would be better to get rid of the 3D folder and add 3D to the list of things that are welcome on all folders?:

-These are more than welcome in all folders.
-I haven't made dedicated folders for these since in my experience these folder types create a segregational quarantine culture, damaging their reputation more than positively showcasing them.


And secondly, do you think it would be nice to add a folder for festive seasonal holidays?
For both real festivals like Christmas, New year, valentines, mother's day, obon, Divali, your local prettiest cow competition etc. But also Fantasy festivals like Hogswatch and Deckvictor?

Happy Easter to you all
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THE LAST WARRIOR - Ch 29 - Capricorn,The huge and impressive dirigible Capricorn floated majestically across the silvery skies of Nibiru. Frozen desert sand glittered and winked some 5000 feet below as they flew further east, into a barren land of frozen death. In the cargo bay of the airship, Amethyste, Celestine, Uriel, Oxyathres, Astrael and the new addition to the team, Arsenio, were all ears as Tersaline, Claudius and Lazarus took turn in retelling their mission to Malaronada to rescue Eiendo, the oracle to be. The only one not listening was Laudon, who sat staring out through a porthole with the light slanting along his face, as if he couldn't care less. Then again he'd been part of the Malaronadan mission too, although he'd stayed on board the ship Pisces while the rest went ashore, as they needed someone to secure their return.."The sun had set and we were just about to give in and move on, away from the dangerous position we were in when young Kietcarno returned from the warehouse," Lazarus was saying. "And with him he carried a small, dirt-coloured glass jar containing what Eiendo needed to force her fever down and survive the journey across the sea and back to the Bastion where Penemue could return her to the land of the healthy. It wasn't pills, but a potion, a kind of medicine which according to the face young Eiendo was making really did taste foul.""Then again all medicine does, so what else is not new," Claudius said to spread laughter."Not much," Lazarus answered. "Not even in a world far away from home. And that was about it, the rest of the venture was more like a walk in a park, if you're used to parks with stinging bugs and no real roads to speak of. As dawn was breaking we were back to the shore and The Pisces lay where she should be, waiting for us to embark for our second last leg home. Now, Eiendo looked much better, she wasn't burning hot anymore and her cheeks had acquired a more natural colour. But she got worse on the route home and according to Penemue we really were making it by the last moment. The slightest delay and not even Penemue would have been able to save the young girl."."But as we left she looked jolly good," Tersaline said. "All excited about her new mission and about meeting Srerosa and all those legendary Annunaki." Then she blew on the surface of her hot tea and changed subject. "But now at the matter at hand. The Shedim land, the Phamassa.""First and foremost," Lazarus said, "this is a diplomatic initiative. We're ambassadors from the Annunaki.""And when it all goes tits up?" Claudius asked."Don't you mean if?" Tersaline frowned."No offence, but diplomatic? You, Lazarus?" Astrael chimed in."Point taken," Lazarus huffed. "But I think I have some leverage here. The Shedim should at least hear me out.""And then when they've heard you out and start trying to kill you.." Uriel mused."Then, and only then, the shooting starts," Lazarus said. "Just try not to get trigger-happy before that crucial moment.".When the Phamassa loomed ahead, the pilots summoned Lazarus up to the cockpit for a squint. It was like beholding some amazing dream-city, a fata morgana of shimmering spires and gleaming domed roofs where it rose sheer from the dessert plain, white and pale blue and in some places transparent but shot through with sparkling rainbow glints. There were layers to it, layers within layers folded together like the petals of a rose, and hundreds of cylindrical towers capped with spikes, reminiscent of minarets. It looked delicate and sturdy at the same time. Unshakeable. Unbreachable. Eternal. Viewing it took Lazarus' breath away and it reminded him of Krypton of the first Superman movie meeting Thousand and One Night. But as these things were references they didn't have here, he simply murmured something about the city looking amazing.."I'd never have imagined," he added. "The Shedim are such honking great clodhoppers, but this..""Not bad, is it?" the first pilot, Flight Lieutenant Philinna said."Some of those towers are taller than the Bastion High Pylon," Aristides began. "And the whole thing's got to cover several hundred hectares, wouldn't you say, Linna? Isn't that pretty damn sizeable."Philinna nodded. "Well-fortified, too. Only one way in or out, far as I can tell," she raised a hand and pointed, "that gate, with the bridge in front. Otherwise, rampart walls a couple of hundred metres high and a huge crevasse all the way round the perimeter. You could defend the place forever and no one would get in.""Could you starve them out, you think?" Aristides asked."I'm not sure, I've heard rumours of vast greenhouses between those high rises. And they do have access to an endless amount of freshwater too."."But we're not laying siege to it," Lazarus pointed out. "Just going up and knocking on the front door.""Your funeral," Aristides offered out of the side of his mouth."You'd like us to do a flyby, correct?" Philinna queried."Make a meal of it," Lazarus told her. "They already know we're here. They must've spied this crate coming a mile off. Let them have a good look at us, show them we're not making an effort to be sneaky or anything, it's all out in the open.""We come in peace.""That's the general idea.""These are the Shedim, Dellucci. The disreputable winter apes," Aristides said. "I don't think 'peace' is in their vocabulary.""Then today is the day when they learn a new word."."Here we go then," Philinna said as she yanked on on a control lever, pushed a button and took them in close to Phamassa. The Capricorn encircled the stronghold clockwise and by the time they were halfway round, scores of Shedim were appearing on the battlements and on the balconies of towers. They gesticulated at the Capricorn and hopped up and down. Lazarus couldn't see them yelling, but it didn't take an Einstein to figure out that it was exactly what they were doing. And you didn't have to be a lip-reader to tell they weren't showering the Capricorn with warm words of welcome. Several of them, to get their point across, even turned, bent over, lifted the skirts of their long unisex gowns and mooned at the craft."A Shedim's arse," Lazarus said. "Now, there's a sight I hoped I'd never see again.".Once they'd completed their circuit, making certain there couldn't be a single Shedim in Phamassa who wasn't aware of their presence, Philinna pulled a lever and to the hissing sound of let off gas, they began descending. "How far out do you want me to set down?" she asked."Near, but not too near," Lazarus answered. "A mile should do it. They're already spooked, so best not rub it in.""Aye aye captain," Philinna grinned at him, making a salute before she returned her attention to the control board..Lazarus went aft to inform the team that they were on standby to land, not that they didn't know this already."Team A is going in. Team B, you're here for emergency extraction purposes only. We come out of that place running and with a hod of Shedim up our arses, you swoop in and pick us up and get us back to Capricorn ASAP.".Amethyste looked Lazarus like he was the village idiot telling them how to tie their own shoelaces."We have trailer sleds fastened to the rear of our snowmobiles," she said. "What else are we likely to be wanting to do with them?""Just don't dawdle. You spot us coming, no hanging around, come fetch, fast as you can.""We know how to drive these vehicles, man. Unlike some. Including onto this kind of fine sand.""Yeah, yeah, all right. I'm sorry. How many times do I have to say it? I stole your snowmobile and crashed it, and I'm sorry, sweetie. It'll never happen again.""Fine, boyo," Amethyste grinned. "Get over it.".The Capricorn touched down, flinging up great billows of powdery sand around it. The cargo ramp opened, letting in a burst of frigid air, and Amethyste, Arsenio and Oxyathres mounted their snowmobiles and roared outside, trailer sleds rattling along behind them. Each sled seated two and, practising with them, Lazarus' team, consisting of himself, Claudius, Uriel, Celestine, Laudon and Astrael had found out that it was a safe ride, as long as you hung on for dear life to the handle grips on the sides. Five minutes later, the snowmobiles parked in the lee of a small ridge which screened them from the direct line of sight from Phamassa. They shouldered their weapons, adjusted their sunglasses and, hunching against the bite of a bitter wind, began the final march across the dessert towards to the city of Phamassa..There was a reception committee waiting at the gate. A couple of dozen Shedim in full armour regalia, armaments galore and not a friendly smile to be seen. Lazarus motioned to the others to hold back. Then, solo, he set a tentative foot on the bridge spanning the crevasse. A quick glance over the edge showed him a sheer and apparently bottomless drop and he felt a wobble of vertigo. No handrail, no barrier of any kind, nothing to stop you slipping off the side and falling if you didn't watch your footing. As he took another step forwards, the Shedim firmed their grips on their weapons and growled..One of them had a fancier helmet and a more ornately engraved breastplate than the rest, marking him out as the commanding officer present, captain of the guard perhaps. He advanced a few paces from the gateway to challenge the visitor, the khorudd, the Shedim staple weapon, to the fore."Annunaki!" he boomed. "Halt! You are trespassing on sovereign Shedim territory. It is prohibited. Take one step further and perish.""Two points, sunshine," Lazarus said, ticking them off on his fingers. "One, I'm not Annunaki, I'm just your bog-standard human. And two, it isn't really trespassing if you come in an official capacity, right?" The Shedim just snarled, revealing blunt yellow teeth. "All right," Lazarus resumed, "I'm willing to concede on that. You say I'm trespassing, then I am. But I have business here.""With whom?""First off, can I ask your name?".He looked startled. "My name is no affair of yours.""Hear, hear!" agreed one of the Shedim behind him. "That's the way, Tadouicus, give him nothing.".Lazarus nearly snorted with laughter. The captain of the guard, Tadouicus, wheeled round and clouted one of the other Shedim with the flat of his khorudd blade. "Dimwit!" he cried. "Next time, think before you open your mouth.".The other Shedim rubbed his head and took a moment to work out what he'd done wrong, then cringed with shame."Well now, Tadouicus," Lazarus said. "I was wondering if Orax is in.""What if he is?" Tadouicus puffed out his chest, hoping to regain some of the authority his subordinate had lost for him."I want a word with him. I'd like to parley.""Parley?" Tadouicus frowned. "You come here with that flying thing and with guns, yet all you wish to do is talk? Forgive me if I find that hard to believe.""I understand your suspicion, but the Capricorn is the most convenient way to get here and our guns are just a precaution. Face it, you wouldn't turn up on the doorstep at the Bastion unarmed, would you? But look at us!" He let out a hand. "Only six of us, and three times as many of you right here at the bridgehead and then thousands more within those walls. We're obviously no threat. We'd be crazy to think we were. Therefore you have to accept what I'm saying is true. It stands to reason.".Tadouicus tried to look sly and knowing, which for the average Shedim didn't exactly come naturally. "This could be some trick. Some clever ploy. Charidamus is a cunning one.""True, it is on the Annunaki Patriarch's behalf we have come. I'd very much like an audience with Orax, in the name of Charidamus of the Annunaki.""And what if mighty Orax does not desire an audience with you?""Oh he will," Lazarus said. "Just give him this message. Tell him, 'Xenetin is a lot shorter than he used to be.' Coming from a human, that ought to tweak his todger.""Who the hell is Xenetin?" Tadouicus asked."Just send him the message," Lazarus insisted. "Orax will know what I mean.""Okay, I'll see what he has to say, he'd probably tell you to piss off, but I'm going to give you the benefit of a doubt, just because you amuse me," Tadouicus grinned again, showing more of those yellow canines. Then he called for one of his subordinates, a tiny girl with fleet feet and passed the message on to her. She spun around and disappeared inside of the city..Minutes passed, turned into half an hour, then almost a hour. Then the tiny girl returned and murmured something in the ear of Tadouicus and not long after that the six visitors were escorted through Phamassa. The city guard formed a tight phalanx around the humans and every so often there'd be a spot of jostling, an 'accidental' jab with an elbow, an attempt to trip one of them up with a carelessly trailing weapon haft. None of them rose to it, however, they kept their cool, and soon enough the Shedim got bored of trying to provoke then. It wasn't any fun with people who didn't react..Phamassa really was a marvel. Lazarus hated to admit how impressed he was. The place had everything you might have expected to find in a medium-size metropolis, all the amenities - shops, restaurants, bars, workplaces, plazas, accommodation, commuting facilities. He saw a fishmonger's shop, his goods laid out in front keeping fresh on ice trays. He saw Shedim kids being marched in line by what was obviously a school teacher. He saw municipal statues far larger and more intricate than any he had ever seen made by human hands. A snowball was lobbed at him, chips of ice scraped up off the ground and compacted together by some Shedim showing off to their mates how much they despised anyone associated with the Annunaki. It stung, but Lazarus shrugged it off..Finally they reached a citadel, a palatial cone-shaped concrete building whose sides were studded with millions of tiny glass fragments, creating a dazzling diamante effect. Inside there was more of the extravagant architecture and design, spindly columns modelled in rising spirals, skeletal staircases that curved and arched and seemed to have no purpose other than just to be there and ceilings with shapes suspended from them that resembled snail shells. There were also large numbers of.."Anyone?" Lazarus prompted, "what do you call those carvings on the walls?""Honorary friezes?" Uriel suggested."I know, but -""I don't read their language, unfortunately. Perhaps Celestine..""Quiet, humans!" Tadouicus barked. "No talking.".Some of the friezes depicted great Shedim throughout history, heroes and leaders in suitably noble and dramatic stances. Others showed Shedim and other beings engaged in trade, battle or what looked like athletic competitions. Still others were showing Shedim taking on hideous beasts, a repeating specimen looked like a dragon with octopi arms..They were escorted up a final flight of broad stairs at the heart of the building and up to a large set of double doors guarded by a duo of Shedim uniformed similarly to the guards but with a different colour scheme."Humans," Tadouicus bellowed. "Here to see the king.""Aye," one of the guards muttered, lowered his khorudd and placed a glowed hand on one of the door knobs, pushing it open.."Here we go now," Lazarus murmured under his breath and in good old English.,
Sparkle Evening by Yeraa
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Custom Dragons For Rosefang16 by Eternity9
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i just submitted my deviation "Monkeys" to Domestic Fantasy, but please let me know if it's not quite the right folder, despite the story itself being domestic fantasy! i'm still trying to work out where things belong.
scratchmarksart Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist
personally i would have put it in "characters" because it looks like a group portrait, but if you think it belongs in domestic fantasy, then that's where it belongs.

the rules regarding folders i'm hoping to keep loose with lots of freedom, the domestic one i came up with because i don't like seeing really cozy feel good stuff get lost in "other" folders.

hope you have a great time in the group
PaxCallow Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
okay, thank you for clearing that up! and thanks again for having me.
Foosuke Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2020
Thanks for your invitation!
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