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Ah yes, time for beaches, waterparks, conventions, drawing, food, fun...and...uh...other things!

The other things being the shows on Cartoon Network that have been on for the past year.

I'm looking forward to the season premier of Adventure Time on July 11th. I'm really tempted to throw a Adventure Time party and have some friends over. I'll probably have another one when the Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake episode comes out ( adventuretimewithfinnandjake.w… ). Pen Ward is amazing. Every other episode of Adventure Time just has a comic timing I haven't seen in a cartoon in a long while. The ones inbetween (and my favorites), are the ones where they give the characters more depth. Mortal Folly/Mortal Recoil and Nightosphere are the best episodes so far.

Regular Show is also another one of my favorites. I love how the episodes just snowball into something ridiculous before the end. The inclusion of the Sega Master system is another win! J.G. Quintel...good jorb! I also love the short he made which featured some of the RS cast for the first time (… ). Regular Show is just one big acid

I do like how the creators of these shows are also doing voices. Pen as LSP and J.G. as Mordecai are great. I tried voicing QuickPaw in my own shorts, but I still can't nail down what I want him to sound like. I really need to animate more...

...oh! And the Amazing World of Gumball is realllllly cute. If I made a cartoon show, this would be it. I'm finding myself studying the animation techniques they are using more and more. I just wish they'd shop running the same promo commercial over...and over...and over again!

The Looney Tunes Show is hit or miss with me. I either find myself yawning, or laughing for 2 minutes straight. However, Daffy steals the show. He is such a jerk now, and I love it.

And Thundercats is on the way!

It might seem girly, but I am watching JEM whenever I can...and I'm trying to see My Little Pony on HUB. JEM for the nostalgia (and the crazy plotlines, the very 80s music videos and acting), and My Little Pony so I can find out what all the fuss is about...and maybe a Derpy Hooves sighting.

I don't miss Flapjack or Chowder. They were good shows, but they didn't leave a long-lasting impression on me. I just hope Adventure Time and Regular Show go into re-runs, and not get completely booted from the network. That has been happening a lot lately. I haven't seen Flapjack or Chowder on at all. They probably run on weekends or really early in the morning now. Same goes for Fosters.

I will be going to Otakon 2011 this year! I hope to meet some of you out there. I'll be in my Marty Jr hat. Can't miss me.

Ok, back to work with me.
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A bit late on this one, but Otakon '09 is in the can!

The line on Friday was looooooong (yeah, 2hrs)! This is definately the last year I forget to Pre-Reg. At least I bumped into :iconchibi-jen-hen: while I was on line. It was a quick meeting since she had to find her sister.

After I got my badge, I ran over to the For Tax Reasons panel . These guys were awesome! Best panel I went to in a long time. I went up and said hi, and even saw them walking around the dealer's room later that day. Nice.

I definately can't forget about meeting up with :iconstormyhotwolf88: and her bro! They are a great pair I must say. They even came up to my hotel room, and we all played BAD video games (Awesome Possum, Cheetah Men II, etc). I'm glad our room had a TV with component in...yay for homebrew'd Wii!

The highlight of the con was watching DBZ Abridged… on the big screen in Video 1. This MADE the con...seriously. If you haven't watched it yet...I highly recommend that you do!

As for didn't get a chance to draw anything ^_^;. I think work has taken over my creativity since I'm constantly working on websites/graphics/flash all day long. By the time I get home, I'm spent. Hopefully I'll get to invest more time over the weekends on my own stuff. Hang in there all, I'll update again!
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I'll be at Katsucon this weekend! For those of you who don't know what it is:

Just a mid-sized anime/art/etc con, but a few ppl I know will be there.  One of them being Will Rogers, the current voice of Brock on Pokemon.  I got to hang out with him at a party 2 weeks ago and he seems like a cool dude.  I'll have to bother him ^_^!

If you are going, let me know, and I'll be on the lookout for ya!  I'll be all over the con for the weekend...but mostly sitting in random places drawing.  I'll be wearing either a blue or red vest...with either a Otakon 2002 shirt...or a bright orange Renamon t-shirt.  I know I know....very generic description, right?....tough! ^_^

Well, hope everyone has a great weekend regardless! Hopefully, I'll have art to upload when I get back.  Take care!
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I'm a little late for this one ^_^;...but yeah....Happy New Year to all! Hehe, I had a blast!  I had a bunch of my friends from Scifi/Anime club (mostly all Alumni like myself) over for the ball drop.  We had a ton of food, watched Stallone's Over the Top with RiffTrax, played Wii, and...well...did some analog stuff too, like Jenga, and SceneIt.

Oh oh oh!!!! I also got to finish revamping my website:

The biggest change has been behind the scenes...I made all the code web compliant!!...Yay!.....yay........woo.......umm....^_^;. Well, what that means is that the site will load faster, display on all browsers better, and makes it SOOO much easier for me to update. I also added a few little graphical spices to the site, like drop shadows on thumbnails, and such.  I also added a bunch of my old animations! I hope everyone stops by!

This is looking like a great year to come!  I really do hope I pick up animating and drawing some more...well...on stuff that ISN'T work related.  But yeah, for everyone:


P.S.  The New York Anime Festival was great! I meet the cast of Kappa Mikey and met so many nice ppl!
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Funny, I almost let this one pass me by! To make a long story short (well, it wasn't very long to begin with anyway) I was feeling some con-withdrawal since Otakon....I miss going to cons >_<! I like the atmosphere, the people, the cosplay, the artists, and the fun of it all! So, I decided to check if there was anything else around the NJ/NY area...and yep...found out about the NY Anime Festival!

It's next weekend if you didn't know, and it's shaping up to be BIG. I thought I was just going to go on Saturday, but it looks like I might go for both Fri and Sat! Friday hooked me in with Animation Runner Kuromi (I love it to death!) and a Kappa Mikey panel featuring the voices of Gonard (also played as Goku in the first season of DBZ and a ton of other stuff), and the voice of Mikey ( does other stuff????) ^_^!

Here is my "TO DO" list for the con:
  • Well, I'm going to finish working on my website Realm Of so people I meet after the con can actually see something worth their time ^_^;
  • I gotta print contact (business) cards to give out to new friends
  • Make lots and lots of prints to give away
  • Buy a new digital cam (looking at the Canon SD1000) so I can take some awesome pics!

Who else is going to the con? I wanna meet everyone I can! And if you see me, ask me for a free print ^_~!
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