Katsucon 2008 is a comin'

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I'll be at Katsucon this weekend! For those of you who don't know what it is:


Just a mid-sized anime/art/etc con, but a few ppl I know will be there.  One of them being Will Rogers, the current voice of Brock on Pokemon.  I got to hang out with him at a party 2 weeks ago and he seems like a cool dude.  I'll have to bother him ^_^!

If you are going, let me know, and I'll be on the lookout for ya!  I'll be all over the con for the weekend...but mostly sitting in random places drawing.  I'll be wearing either a blue or red vest...with either a Otakon 2002 shirt...or a bright orange Renamon t-shirt.  I know I know....very generic description, right?....tough! ^_^

Well, hope everyone has a great weekend regardless! Hopefully, I'll have art to upload when I get back.  Take care!
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Hey that's so awesome, I'll be at Katsu too! Hope to see ya there. I'll be the short one running around in a pink wig. hehe ^_^