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Ok, this was one of the first animations I did in college. It was for a project where I had to used shape tween at some point....yeah, I did a little more than just a shape!

The song is "Saa, hajimari you" from Azumanga Daioh!
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d'aww this is like a "don't worry, cheer up!" flash, you know what i mean? :D
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hehe..yep yep! Glad you like it ^_^
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hehe...glad u like! And thanks for stopping by ^_~
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this is really awesome :D I just started flash in my computer class
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yay~! this makes me happy~!:love:
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i have NO IDEA where to even start with flash myself but you did a great job on this
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I like it
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lol, that really cheered me up for some reason ^_^ great job!
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Uh... (Was going to say the same *Kaiya-Ayame said, but sees she already said it and leaves)
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^^ sorry for stealing your words.
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I found out why I'm happy =D: the sun is happy and it gives me happy energy XD
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I'm glad! ^_^ I'll have to make more things to cheer you up!
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watching that definitely makes me smile XDDD
the music is so annoying and it goes with the animations so well!
man, that definitely makes my day
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woo, way to go over the limit with awesomeness! :clap:
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Yayyyyyyyyyyyy I like it!!!!!
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