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Sakaki meets a Kitty

Another class project...and again, I went a little above and beyond from what was required ^_^;

Anywho, we just needed to show how to use buttons in Flash, and theme was "love"...yeah...feels like I made a Dating! I just really wanted to experiment with drawing in just LOVE Azumanga Daioh! Lots and lots of I'm such a pirate. *arrrrr!*

Music is "Osanpo desu" from Azumanga Daioh!
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Blackops3596's avatar
Sigh... Sakaki, haven't you learned from the other 15,000 times this happened? Its never your lucky day.
talitsa's avatar
o---k--a-yy :/
oddgirl97's avatar
Time to bunt a cat across the park :3
kalie444's avatar
ouch that must have hurt
ranmas2's avatar
Mak, do you even know what anime this is? XD I watched it all when I weres younger with Dylan. (of course lol) Oh I miss Dylan D: I wonder when he gonna come again. :iconthinkingplz: Oh and I love this. : D Faved!
ranmas2's avatar
:iconimsodeadplz: I get so lonely being only child, so now I really cant wait to see Dylan D: He needs to come nows! Except for stupid school and his job keeping him occupied -.- dumb life being mean to me.. I don't want to go to school tomorrow, I would like school a lot more if we didn't have to walk so much, and if there wasn't gym, they always force you to do stupid sports..(I hate sports-sorry sport lovers-) and I don't have clothes that are easy to change.. :iconrainbowdashshrugplz:
ranmas2's avatar
Umm... why so angry? I didn't do anything..
rayne123elm's avatar
im not angry just because i say -.- doesnt mean im angry...
ranmas2's avatar
You also used that emoticon... Suffering emoticon where it's being punched.
rayne123elm's avatar
and? i just wanted to put it there...
ranmas2's avatar
o.o Okay then..
novascottch's avatar
Poo dear. At least she'll always have that Iriomote wild cat :)
Purplestar31's avatar
hahaha por Sakaki
The-Shady-Lady's avatar
I always loved their cats in that. So cute, then so vicious. This was awesome.
anayaju's avatar
just plating funny loo at her face
anayaju's avatar
not wat i had expcted i thought the cat would turn into....
black0193's avatar
NO! SAKAKI DON'T DO IT! ITS THE BITING CAT! "chomp" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I couldn't save her in time!
ShaD-23's avatar
yameshizuka's avatar
=.= U didn't make this . U just cover it from the anime !
RealmOfQuickPaw's avatar I said, this was mostly practice. Glad you watched it though ^_~
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