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Lickin' Pop

A pic from Katsucon 2005! I just remember sitting around doing nothing for the longest time...and then I drew this. Guess I was in a sugar-ie mood ^_^;
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like it! =D Nice lineart...
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Yay! My first DA comment!!!!!!!!!!!
(...remember....keep knew this would happen.........keep it together now..........AHHH!H!!H!)


*hands the awesome visitor a cookie*

Sorry ^_^;.....I got a bit excited.............thanks ^_^
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hehehe, cool...=D

welcome to DA ;D

I like the inking a lot...I have no clue how to do that kinda line art in PS...
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Actually...I made that with plain ol' pencil and paper...then scanned it...brought the pic into Flash, and used the line tool to vector it.

I like smooooooooooth lines ^_~
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you should make a tutorial for that. Did you use a tablet?
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If I want a more natural look, with different stroke widths, then I use the tablet. However, then I have to use the paint brush in Flash.

The line tool is for more precision...basically you have to click point A...and drag to point B...then grab and move the line to create a curve. For this, you pretty much have to use a mouse ^_^.
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I see, but how do you taper some of the lines at the end to make it look like a stroke?
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Ah, see, here's the trick....Double Up the lines! Lets say...I have 2 lines...I start them off at the same point...but then run them parallel to each other and then fill space inbetween with black (or whatever color I'm using for the outlines). The thicker the outline, the further apart the lines are from each other.

I might not be explaining this right....but, I think you get the idea. ^_^
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