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Gratch and Scrounder by Cotton-gravy
Dr Eggman and Snively but it's Tim Burton by EggmanFan91
League of Extraordinary Eggmen by ErnestPanda
Eggman Vandalism by Rythye
Dr. Eggman -Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom Eggman by smlsmg4nascar2015
Sonic Boom sketches by funstorytime127
Egg and Egger by EggmanFan91
League of Extraordinary Eggmen by ErnestPanda
Dr. Eggman -SEGA JP-
Good Morning by Motobugg
Round Caretaker by Motobugg
rascal and egg by metallicmadness
MS PAINT sonic by JulianIvoRobotnik
Dr. Robotnik -SatAM
Sonic Duality Issue 2 Pg 1 by SkyPirateDash
if IDW Sonic was published in the 90s by JulianIvoRobotnik
Unlocking Ultimate Power by HappyAnthro
Archie/Satam Sonic v Robotnik by JulianIvoRobotnik
AoSTH Robotnik
Sonic SOTP Part Two Ep9 Page 17 by Mighty355
Robotnikclaus by JulianIvoRobotnik
[MSN] PINGAS by DarkenedFantasies
AOSTH Robotnik by MarcosVargas
Fleetway Robotnik
S.T.C Sonic v Dr.Robotnik by JulianIvoRobotnik
Doctor Ovi Kintobor the Tinker Man by EggmanFan91
Sonic The Comic: Dr Robotnik and Grimer by EggmanFan91
What was that? by LuhvArtTheFallen
Eggman Nega
Silver Comic by JulianIvoRobotnik
the future Hedgehog and the future Egg by JulianIvoRobotnik
it's getting cold by JulianIvoRobotnik
Dat ass by JulianIvoRobotnik
Henchmen and other.
Lien-da wants you to join the Legion by PetitGamin
Metal_Rouge002 by Max-Echidna-Bat
Robo Rouge Trio by ChaosCroc
COM Darkspine Mecha-Sally by ChaosCroc
FanChar Robotnik
Dr EggBurton by EggmanFan91
The return of the Dr Eggburton by EggmanFan91
Egg Ventura by EggmanFan91
Iva by JasmineRobotnik
Multiple Robotniks
Team Bowser and Robotnik Alliance by Rizo2612Studios
The Robotnik/Kintobor Family (archie sonic comics) by JulianIvoRobotnik
Eggs,Eggs and more Eggs by JulianIvoRobotnik
Egg Mobile by JulianIvoRobotnik
Official Concept art
Character Card - Dr. Eggman by IronClark

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Dark Eggquestria by ChaosCroc
Robotnik's Fan-Extended Family
dr egg man family selfie by anime1999

Group Info

Realm of the lord of darkness, genius mastermind, robotic engineering expert, master of all evil, and sometimes even...lovable goof?
The one true and ONLY important villain in the Sonic world:

Dr. Robotnik, whether it's the darkest - Sat-AM version, the silliest - AoSTH Rrrrrobotnik!, the sometimes not-so-evil "Eggman" and even those who barely get any attention, Fleetway, Sonic Underground and early years Eggman.

It's all about Robotnik! There's no favoritism, no choosing which one is the best. It's to show the world what a great antagonist the Sonic fandom has and all the forms he's taken and how each it's unique and special in it's own way.

Founded 14 Years ago
Jun 12, 2005


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Fan Club

347 Members
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Update: :iconmobianmonster:I want thank everyone who saw my message and either donated or passed it on. :iconmarama-artz: has had a number of donations recently that have helped her reach the 1k benchmark to help pay for her Fibromiyalgia medicine for the next year, due to the recent disaster that took place. To any and all who donated, thank you from the bottom of my heart. To anyone who still wants to donate, she still will need help to pay for food,water, and other living supplies while the country slowly rebuilds with or without aid from the US.
Here is a message I am passing on to any who care to read.

"I'm managing. Our home is perfectly safe, I have savings because my ex, now friend who pretty much took me in, works at a gas station and is friends with a guy that sells solar panels, batteries and generators and stuff and is trying to get us some for electricity, so we have access to gas, some ice and if I go with him to his shift I get to sit on air conditioning and charge all my stuff. What we're needing most is food and water at home right now and my meds when they run out. Which is what we'll be getting first with the money I've gotten and stretch it out because we don't know how long this will last. However, now I have to figure out how to GET the money out of the bank! The lines are simply BRUTAL and on foot. I can't physically do them. Then will be the mess and lines at food places...

What I got so far can cover my meds for a while and with that alone I'm happy. I can live without power, washing with a bucket and eating cold canned food, heat and mosquitoes as long as my pains are under control."

:iconmobianmonster: I am reaching out on all platforms to deliver a message of help.
To anyone who can lend a couple dollars, club foundier in chief :iconmarama-artz: is suffering in Puerto Rico after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. She and many others desperately needs help. She is living without electricity with food and water being rationed. Any little bit helps.…
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Rules and Guidelines of The Realm

:iconmarama-artz: - FOUNDER/COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF:




This group is dedicated to EVERY incarnation of that evil(sometimes) mad Doctor from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. This includes Dr. Eggman from the Japanese canon in comics, video games, anime and tv series; Dr. Robotnik from the American canon in tv series and comics; Dr. Robotnik from Sonic the Comic(online) or Fleetway; Any official portrayal of this villain, past, present and future in any Sonicverse, comics, video games, tv series, anime, manga etc...
Dr. Robotnik/Eggman is the MAIN and ONLY focus of this club to show the fan's love for such an iconic character. AS SUCH, here are the official rules for posting in this group.

•Folders for specific Sonicverses:
:bulletred:Eggman -JP-, Eggman - Sonic Boom, SatAM Robotnik, AoStH Robotnik, Fleetway Robotnik, Eggman Nega and Multiple Robotniks-These folders are meant for each and any incarnation. If your art, regardless of who else is in the image, has one or more of ANY Robotnik, then it goes in his respective universe folder.

:bulletred:Multiple Robotniks - If your image has 2 different incarnations of Robotnik or more, it goes here.

•Other folders: (Each of these has a description you must read to be sure you're submitting to the right folder, if you are still unsure, just send us a message)

:bulletred:Henchmen & OTHER - In this folder goes ANY robot, machine, slave, assistant, commander, lackey, relative from the Original Canon. This means they MUST have appeared at any time in any of the TV series, Comics, Games, Manga/Anime in which they have some sort of alliance with him. Work for him, served him even if unwillingly, were created by him or simply helped him try to get rid of that -meddlesome- hedgehog!
IF any of these are accompanied by an Official Robotnik then they go into that Robotnik's Universe Folder.

:bulletred:Fanchar Robotnik(This folder will be heavily monitored as it's one many get confused over. Send a note if you need help) - This one is for Alternate Universe Robotniks created by you, the fans, in which the character representing Robotnik/Eggman in your universe looks noticeably different from any of the Canon ones. It could be a female version, anthro version, skinny, muscular, short, tall, an android or cyborg, or a good version that does the opposite he does or one much more vicious. But they MUST be Dr. Robotnik/Eggman, not a relative taking his place, replacing him.

:bulletred:Robo-MISC - Here goes non-art images like photos of toys, cosplays, clothing, wallpapers, forum avatars, etc. Read the folder's own description for more details.

:bulletred:Official Concept Art - This folder is reserved for art made by actual comic/game/tv series artist. Remakes or colored versions of said art by the fans go in the other folders according to the content of said image.

:bulletred:Robotnik's Fan-Extended Family:

This new folder was created because there is a host of MANY Fan Created characters that are either married, in a relationship, siblings, offspring, cousins or parents of a Robotnik. They've been uploading them into the FanChar Robotnik folder, but they do NOT belong there. Initially, they were simply removed. But after seeing how many there are, I decided to keep them and made this new folder.

This Fan-Group is STILL fully focused on Dr. Robotnik/Eggman. So any of these so called relatives MUST have an important relation to him and in the art that must be made apparent by wearing similar clothes/uniform, talking about him, plotting for him, doing something he ordered, etc. IMAGES THAT ONLY HAVE THE ROBOTNIK SURNAME IN THE TITLE AND ARE NOTHING BUT CONCEPT ART DO NOT BELONG IN THIS GROUP. IF they are accompanied by ANY Robotnik or one of his henchmen then it goes into that Robotnik's folder or the Henchman & OTHER one. If they are alone in the image, they go here.
THEY ARE NOT THE POINT OF THIS GROUP. So, no adventures on their own, no backstory of them, NOTHING that focuses in THEM alone, like private lives, in-jokes, or just drawn as a portrait or concept art. You keep those in your gallery and I'm sure there are many others who will take them, but not here.

"But there is art that's breaking these rules!" That's when the staff forgets them too and The Owner hasn't been paying attention.

*If you are still confused by these rules, send us or the Founder/Commander in Chief, :iconmarama-artz: a note.


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Always been a fan of doctor robotnic my Oc's arch enimie is even based off of him origanly. though he's become more origanal lately. but being a fan of Julian robotnic is what inspired me to draw Doctor Dronek.(an OC of mine)
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