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I'm sure many of you are aware of the situation with using stock from the website I wanted to bring you the final word on the use of their stock in photomanipulations. (Keep in mind that they should never be used to create premade backgrounds.) Our Community Volunteer Aeirmid has shared the latest update from the's version of the "help desk."

Jade received an email as part of a mass BCC email to the dA users who expressed concern over the situation. Here is a quote from the response:

"1. The rights granted by license are very limited and specific. You may not use images in photo-manipulations or digital collages. Furthermore, you cannot create any derivate works with the use of images. There appears to be a common miscomprehension and some appear to believe that 'if the use is not prohibited then it is permitted' - this is not true. It is clearly stated in the license agreement All rights are reserved unless otherwise granted to you.

Of course, you can ask the photographers for a written permission for the specific use you have in mind. If such permission is granted then you can use the particular images for the aforementioned uses. Please note that a non-reponse from the photographers should be understood a a denial of application for the intended uses and not a permission.

2. Any of the described uses (as they are not explicitly listed in the permitted uses of the license agreement) are in violation of: 1. The license agreement, 2. The artist's copy rights, 3. The artists moral rights, and 4. Deviantart terms of use. As a result any person who violates the listed license agreement, the photographer's rights and a third party terms of use (i.e. should be prepared to face legal liability and consequences arising from such use from all 3 parties."

Please visit the original journals that Aeirmid posted regarding the subject for the full version of the correspondence:

Dead Horse is Dead.Hi all,
Thanks for your patience with the stock nonsense these days. I received this e-mail as part of a mass BCC today:
Dear [name of original writer],
Thank you very much for your email.
I have multiple requests for the same information from many devianart users, this response is bcc'ed to all parties seeking clarification.
I am aware of all the discussions regarding the use of images by devianart users. It appears a lot of the users have misinterpreted the terms of the license agreement granted by and I will be happy to clarify and hopefully answer all of the questions.
1. The rights granted by license are very limited and specific. You may not use images in photo-manipulations or digital collages. Furthermore, you cannot create any derivate works with the use of
    About stockGreetings!
A few of you have been really worried lately about using stock from here because of the change in their ownership. Basically, you were concerned that their license says that you cannot redistribute their stock in whole or in part, by itself or combined with other elements, without the written approval of the original photographer.
As we all know by now, creating a photomanipulation is considered "making a derivative image." And we know we can't make premade backgrounds without permission from the photographers, as doing so is redistributing their work.
I advised a couple of you to check with the Help Desk and to find out the whole truth before making rash decisions about your group that could potentially make everyone panic.
Using my own personal account, I wrote to to find out what the story was. Here's what I said:
I was just wondering whether creating pho

Aeirmid will also no longer be accepting Daily Deviation Suggestions with images that contain stock unless written permission from the original photographer can be provided.

My personal advice to you? If you want to use an image from sxc, or already have, I would highly suggest contacting the original photographer for permission to use their image.

On The Bright Side:

We are very lucky to be a part of a community right here on deviantART that provides excellent and free stock resources for artists to use. (In my personal opinion, we have better stock than sxc any day of the week.) Our stock providers often come from a traditional art or photomanipulation background, so we generally have a better grasp on what perspectives are needed for that style of art when taking our stock photos. We often began providing stock for that very purpose itself.

Did you know that there are stock based groups out there that are focused towards a particular style or stock need? One of the best ways to browse stock is through the stock based group. Often they are checked for quality control and compliance with dA TOS before they are accepted into the galleries.

Here is a list of some wonderful stock groups. Keep in mind that this list is by no means complete. There are many wonderful stock groups out there!

:iconthe-stock-directory:   Founder:  CelticStrm-Stock  The Stock Directory is a learning based group. The group encourages new stock providers to learn from the seasoned veterans and provides discussions and material devoted to becoming a stock provider. It accepts a wide variety of stock images into the gallery.

:iconsafe-stock-resources:  Founder:  CelticStrm-Stock Safe Stock Resources is a project that was started within the stock community to feature trusted stock providers whose galleries are shining examples of the :devart: Terms of Service. Each provider's gallery is thoroughly checked by at least two administrators for compliance and stock legitimacy before they are accepted into the group.

:iconstock-for-premades:  Founder:  CelticStrm-Stock This is the safe haven for those who like to create premade backgrounds. The only images accepted into the gallery are the ones that can be used to create them.

:iconstockandresources:  Current Resource & Stock CVs:  Elandria   PirateLotus-Stock This is the official group for all things related to the stock and resources community. If you are a stock provider, this group is a must for your watch list. This is where you will find important information regarding the stock community and community related contests. It is a non-submitting group for general purposes, though it does accept contest submissions when a contest is being held.

:iconmanstock:  Founder:  MaithiranStock Sometimes we just need a good man. This group focuses on the best male stock providers and their work. It's one of the best places on dA to find a quality male stock photo.

:iconfairytalestock: Founder:  Malleni-Stock This group provides a lovely selection of stocks based on fairytales and the fantasy world.  You can find anything from model stocks to ancient castle ruins in their gallery.

:iconsizzlinghotstock: Founder:  charligal-stock  The group's name says it all. They accept amazing stock images from unique poses to impressive landscapes and architecture.

:iconyouresources: Founder:  Void-W4lker  This group accepts high quality resources in a wide variety of genres and styles.

:iconinspirational-stock:  Founder:  Tasastock Inspirational-Stock is a great group filled with stock that truly inspires an artist. They accept a variety of stocks, but their model stock gallery folders really stand out.

:iconbackward-perspective:  Founder:  kirilee This group is uniquely focused on model poses from a backwards perspective.  kirilee recognized the need by artists for model poses in this style, and created the group to provide the best of the best in this niche for artists to browse a little easier.

:iconhistoricalstock:  Founder:  DamselStock Who doesn't need stock from a certain historical period? This group highlights those styles and creates an enjoyable (and easier) browsing experience for artists.  You can find anything from the classic Medieval model to the high Victorian era models.

:icondaposes:  Founder:  AdorkaStock This group is a fantastic place for pose references for both traditional art and digital art. You can find a variety of poses from both male and female models in their gallery.

:iconstock-a-licious:  Founder:  Khudozhnik-Stock This is a rather new stock group that shows great promise in the stock community. They focus on finding unique and high quality stock images for artists to use in their art.

:iconhdr-stock:  Founder:  boldfrontiers This group is dedicated to the stock images that are shot in the HDR style. There are some incredible stock images in this gallery that could easily demand a higher price on paid stock sites. Luckily for artists, they are free.

:iconwinterresources:  Founder:  Malleni-Stock When you need a winter scene, this is the place to go. This group's gallery contains everything from models to landscapes and architecture. Everything is winter related and will help simplify your browsing time if you are searching for that theme.

This is by no means a complete list of the stock groups that are out there. These are just a sample of a few that make up our stock community. Despite the fact that is no longer a viable option for photomanipulations without written permission, we have resources right here on dA that rival or better the website's resources.

When using stock, always remember to follow the terms set forth by the individual stock provider.

Stock and Resources: Policy ClarificationThe Stock and Resources community is an integral part of deviantART, both for having an active community of its own as well as providing high quality stock to all deviants. 
As this community has grown so much over the years, so has the amount of invalid stock and resources that have been provided by some deviants. The Stock and Resources community feels like this reflects negatively on them, the volunteers have a hard time trying to teach people about valid stock and how to use it correctly, and it gives an appearance that deviantART Staff tolerate so-called “art theft” or copyright infringement.
In this article our aim is to reinforce our policies regarding stock and stock use and clear up some misconceptions.
Stock and Resource submissions to deviantART:
What are Invalid Stock and Resources?
In short, invalid stock or resources are anything which you do not have full permission to upload. This incl
      Photomanipulation FAQsEverything you wanted to know . . . And MORE!
This journal will (I hope) serve as a one-stop source for basic information about photomanipulation. As always, if you have questions, I will do my best to answer them or, if I don't know the answer, refer you to someone who can help you.
What is photomanipulation?
Photomanipulation is art that uses 2 or more photographic elements combined to make something new. It does not include 3D elements. For reference, see:
:bulletpink: Photomanipulation vs. Mixed Media
:bulletpink: Welcome to Photomanipulation Week
Which stock am I allowed to use?
You can only use images or other resources that are your own or that you have explicit permission from the original creator to use. For reference, see:
:bulletpink: :faq157:
:bulletpink: :faq217:
:bulletpink: :faq257:
  SUBMISSION GUIDELINES:iconRealm-of-Fantasy:
:star:Attention please also read: Credit Guidelines, Folder Categories Info & Fantasy Criteria
Language Translations:
<a href="">
  Resource Credit GuidelinesStocks and Resources
Stocks photos are photography created by an artist with the intent to share them with others to use in the creation of their artwork.
There are all kinds of various resources provided by Stock and Resource artists.
These resources include things such as but not limited to:
Stock Photos, Clip Art, Pre-made Backgrounds, Application Resources, Brushes, Presets, etc.
We have a list of Credit Guidelines here at Realm-of-Fantasy
This is to protect all artists involved.
We do not condone Copyright Infringement, and will do our best to protect artists and their artwork from any such actions.
We also want all Stock and Resources artists to receive credit were credit is due for all of their hard work.
If it is found that there is a blatant intentional Copyright Infringement issue we will report it to deviantART Staff,
and to the original artist whose rights have been infringed upon.
:star::bulletred: All Submissions mu

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