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Celestial vs Demonic magic

There are many types of magic, but only two are incompatible with one another. Essentially this is good vs evil magic. Celestial is more powerful than demon magic, but lacks some of the dirty tricks demonic magic is able to perform. Celestial magic characters generally do not get along with demonic characters, with a few exceptions.

Magic level

Like any skill, magic users must practice and study to build their power.  Lower level magic users will have much less energy/mana to work with, and therefore their spells are often limited and underwhelming.  Higher level magic users are able to perform more extensive spells and sustain them for longer.
‘None’ means a character has not yet discovered any magic ability, or (rarely) does not have any at all.
Novices are absolute beginners with little interest or knowledge in magic, and may even do magic accidentally when emotionally provoked.  Some novice users are even unaware of their magic abilities entirely.
Journeymen are medium-level magic users who have put in some work to refine their skills.
Advanced users are masters of their craft.
God-like magic users are rare, and have an incredible amount of power.

Gods and Religion

This world is polytheistic, with many options for characters to choose from. Gods are active in the world and communicate regularly with their followers. Religions take from all religions active in the real world, but are generally described as 'pagan' for simplicity's sake.  There are five elemental Gods that specialize in each element (fire, water, earth, air, and nature), but there are also many, many other equally powerful Gods with different specialties, beliefs, and rituals.

Some believe these Gods are simply charlatans who have mastered magic to such an extent that they can fool lesser beings into believing they are Gods. With the amount of magic in this universe, the line certainly becomes blurred, and no one really knows the truth. These characters are marked as Atheist or Agnostic. They acknowledge that 'Gods' exist, but do not see them as all-powerful beings, but rather mundane magic users who have cleverly cultivated a following.

One of the most common themes among Celestial Gods is natural/druidic and creation themes. Demonic Gods are often associated with fire and necromancy.

Spirits and Shamanism

All creatures in this world have a soul or spirit, a body of pure energy. Those with the shapeshifting ability can transform into their pure energy forms and wander the universes that way. Astral projection is a similar ability, but a vulnerable physical body is left behind asleep and helpless on the present physical plane.

Most spirits cannot be seen or heard by physical creatures while in this form, unless the physical creature has the Shamanism or Mediumship ability. This ability allows characters in their physical form to communicate with spirits even if the spirits don't specifically reveal themselves to them.


Omnipotence is an extremely rare ability, generally a single ability which denotes that the character can use any and all forms of magic. Only Celestial magic users can become Omnipotent, as it is a subset of Celestial magic. Anyone who has performed Demonic magic prior to becoming Omnipotent cannot ever become Omnipotent. However, Omnipotent characters can (but rarely do) perform demonic magic if they need to.

No one is sure how to become Omnipotent, with many myths and legends surrounding these "God-touched" creatures.

Description of Abilities:

  • Elemental
    • Fire
      • Create flames, control fire, impervious to heat, melt and shape lead/glass

    • Water
      • Control rain and clouds/fog, summon water, summon hail/ice bullets, dowsing, breathe underwater

    • Wind
      • Control wind, summon hurricanes/tornadoes, gently move objects with wind.

    • Earth
      • Shape natural earth and stone, summon stone, create stone from sand/chunks (reunification), crumble stone into sand, dig and build, polish or repair natural stone/gems

    • Nature
      • Summon all plants, kill plant life, summon unknown or new species of plants (i.e. healing capabilities), vines that can strangle, living trees (moving plants)

  • Psychic
    • Telekinesis
      • Move objects with the mind

    • Telepathy
      • Speak into the minds of others, read top-level thoughts (i.e. cannot discern lies or intentions)

    • Clairvoyance
      • The ability to perceive things others can’t.

      • This ability is a very generic term used to describe a wide variety of abilities.  Each clairvoyant can do one or a few different things, NOT all.
        • Examples include:

        • Sensing nearby spirits, but being unable to see/interact with them

        • Having a feeling about something that might happen, but not knowing the details

        • Ability to know insignificant details about things for no apparent reason

        • ...etc.  Basically a mild form of knowledge magic, with the type of knowledge depending on the magic user.

    • Illusion
      • The ability to bend light and create illusions

      • Illusions cannot be physically manipulated or manipulate anything, and will pass through physical objects.

      • This includes the ability to become invisible for advanced users.

  • Celestial (most powerful magic) (conflicts with demon)
    • Creation
      • An extremely powerful ability which allows the user to create nearly anything imaginable.  Consumes an immense amount of energy/mana.

    • Empathy
      • The ability to sense what others are feeling

      • Does not allow the user to read minds; rather, they will have an innate understanding of how another creature is feeling even if nothing is spoken or no context is given.

    • Energy sight
      • A little understood ability, in which the user can perceive the energy of the universe.
        • Examples include:

        • Seeing energy between two creatures and understanding that they are lovers or enemies

        • Seeing energy pooling in an area and suspecting that a spirit or energy-form is nearby

        • Seeing the energy of spoken words and understanding unspoken contexts

        • Seeing the energy of a physical being

    • Intangibility
      • The ability to pass through physical objects

    • Invisibility
      • The ability to become invisible.  May be detected by those with Shamanism or Energy Sight.

    • Animancy
      • Ability to bring non-living things to life

      • Life force usually must be sustained, which costs constant energy/mana from the magic user.  Thus, it is highly unlikely that it is possible to animate an object for more than a short time.

    • Banishment
      • The ability to banish a demonic magic user from an area.  Every time the demonic user attempts to enter the area, it will actively take energy/mana from the original caster.  Thus, this is a sparingly used ability and cannot last forever.

    • Summoning
      • The ability to summon anyone or anything, as long as the caster has seen the object or person before.

      • Those who have a strong sense of self are more difficult to summon, and some may be impossible to summon altogether.  Those who are unsure of who they are or are weak-willed will be very easy to summon.

      • Objects are therefore comparatively easy to summon.

      • The further the distance between the summoner and the object or person being summoned, the more energy/mana it takes.

    • Bestowal
      • The ability to give any power except Demonic to any person or thing.

    • Shapeshifting
      • Includes transformation into pure energy/spirit

    • Omnipotence
      • Able to perform all magic types at will (even demon)

      • Very rare

    • Healing
      • Ability to heal wounds and illnesses.

      • The bigger and more widespread a wound or illness, the more mana/energy and time it takes to heal.

      • Wounds are easier to heal than illnesses, as many illnesses are essentially the body fighting itself (i.e. cancer).  Illnesses caused by bacteria or viruses are easier to heal.

    • Astral projection
      • Similar to shapeshifting into energy form, but leaves behind a vulnerable physical body

    • Shamanism
      • Ability to interact with pure energy that is not actively revealing itself/hidden energies

      • Can detect spirits even if they are not visible currently

      • Can see into the spirit realm

      • Can summon spirits, though more powerful ones may resist

    • Exorcism
      • Ability to remove evil spirits, erase a possession

      • Stops mind control

      • Counters most demon magic

      • Is extremely exhausting to use, and takes a great deal of time to cast.

    • Dream manipulation
      • The ability to interact with others’ dreams.  Strong-minded individuals may resist having their dreams manipulated.

    • Precognition/prophecy
      • Precognition is the absolute ability to see into the future, often in uncontrolled bursts with little context, and with little detail.

      • Prophecy is the ability to foretell the probable future with much clearer details, but with the chance that it is incorrect.

    • Remote viewing
      • Can see an object or person no matter where it is located, as long as they have seen the thing or person at some point before.

    • Retrocognition
      • Can ‘travel’ into the past via astral projection

      • Essentially can see into the past.

      • Cannot interact with anything, cannot be seen by past beings

  • Demon (conflicts with celestial)
    • Mind Control
      • The ability to control what others think and do.  

      • Variable results -- those who have a strong sense of self are nearly immune to mind control.  Mind control works very well on those who are uncertain of themselves or of what they want to do.

      • ‘Exorcise’ can counter this ability.

    • Possession
      • The ability to enter someone’s physical body.

      • The possessed creature’s intelligence level, will, and self-assurance all determine how easily it is possessed and to what extent it can be controlled.  I.e. lesser animals such as small birds are extremely easy to possess, but it is nearly impossible to possess an aware God-like magic user.

    • Intangibility
      • See entry under Celestial

    • Energy Sight
      • See entry under Celestial

    • Animancy
      • See entry under Celestial

    • Summoning
      • See entry under Celestial

    • Invisibility
      • See entry under Celestial

    • Shapeshifting
      • See entry under Celestial

    • Drain life
      • The ability to drain a creature’s life force or energy, consuming it and transferring it to the magic user.

      • Extremely dangerous ability!  If the victim is able to counter or resist this ability in any way, the spell is actively mirrored at an exponential rate back at the caster.  The caster can therefore completely deplete their own energy (in a matter of seconds in some cases), causing death if the spell is not cut off in time.

    • Astral Projection
      • See entry under Celestial

    • Shamanism
      • See entry under Celestial

    • Dream manipulation
      • See entry under Celestial

    • Remote viewing
      • See entry under Celestial

    • Retrocognition
      • See entry under Celestial

    • Self healing
      • Demonic users cannot heal others, but they can heal themselves.

      • This healing magic is exponentially weaker than Celestial healing magic, and is far inferior.  But it will do in a pinch, especially as most who have access to powerful healing magic will not look kindly upon Demonic magic users.

    • Necromancy
      • The ability to bring the dead back to life as a puppet.  This is a form of Animancy, focused specifically on dead bodies.  The Necromanced victim does not regain its own spirit/energy, but instead becomes an extension of the original spell caster.

      • Exorcism

      • Healing, except self healing

      • Omnipotence (Omnipotent magicians can perform demonic magic, but demonic magicians cannot be omnipotent.  I.e. you can only become omnipotent if you have never performed demonic magic before).

      • Banishment

      • Empathy
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