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* day one year: 2018 *

scientist: so scp-049 what are your intentions?

*she stands and listens*

""my intentions hmm i think dr you already know that i want to cure people of the pestillence""

*she looks at you and then SCP 999 wobbles in and she looks at it and it quickly jumps on her and hugs her*

*she hugs him back then she goes back to listen to you and the scientists as SCP 999 continues to snuggle her*

""but it is to slow for me to do it on my own so i need a companion as such a talented dr like her will do""

*the scientists look at her* I am the only girl I uh umm why may I ask SCP 049

"" well ive seen your thoughts dr bower you are a biologist ""

*SCP 999 hugs her tighter as it realizes her worries yes she is a scp*

""this is a job offer dr bower take it i can be a powerful allie and i know your little secret"

My little secret? What secret?

""three letters dr bower s.c.p""

*he walks to the glass*

If your trying to call me an SCP, 049 I'm not an an SCP

"" oh really dr why is it you came here to the foundation hmm are u aloud to leave this site and go home... so dont lie to me""

*SCP shrinks and climbs onto her shoulder*


No I am allowed to leave I just... don't

""dont what dr bower"" laughs "" i can sence great power in you""

""join me""

*she looks at the others and they look at her*
 uh ummm

scientist: he does not lie dr

*she looks at them in surprise*
are you sure

scientist: yeh dr im sure

*scp-049 waits*

I gently put SCP down and its grows and looks at me, I then bend down and kiss it's head and it leaves then I walk into your cell

""what is your decision dr?""

*he walks up to her*

I will be your companion *she says as she closes the door* but I'm not killing people

""dont have to they bring me prisoners""


*she looks at him*

*he explains that he needs you to trust him and to hold out your hand*

I look at his hand

You won't kill me right

""i wont hurt you dr its to fuse our power so i cant hurt you""

Before I do anything, can you tell me what my powers are

"" i can not say dr you must understand as you must discover that yourself""

O-ok? *she hesitantly takes scp-049's hand*

*scp-049 takes off his mask*

*purple and white energy swirl around you and him you feel your inner power inside you*

""it is done dr""

*she looks at scp-049*
 umm I dont know what to say?

"a thank you would be nice dr bower"

Umm thank you

""so test yourself dr""

Uh ok, but how

""put your hands out like your handling a ball""

I do so
what now

""and say this ωμέγα ενέργεια!""

*she said it*

*a ball of black energy appears in your hands*

*she jumps*
what is that!

"" test subject please and that is your power dr""

What is it, the power

""you can pull any weapon from any shadow""

""and teleport""

Oh ok

""try it on this worthless criminal""* a test subject comes in*

Is it a real criminal like has he killed someone

""yes dr"

Ok *she pulls a circular saw out from the shadows* cool

TS: wait dr what are doing?!

*she looks at them then at the saw*
uh uh

""kill him dr""

*she looks at scp-049 then the scientists*

""cmon! dr!""

*she jumps* i uh I

""should i... dr or are you""

to be continued....
Mlp Oc zero
(ulquiorra44) thanks for the base! zero looks awesome!


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adrian hopkins
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
my oc for rping.

Name: darksie arliarno
Race: angel

Gender: male

Age: immortal


History: he is a feral god of lust

Personality: LUST

Weakness: unknown
Weapons: his sexyness

Abilities: he is the seven deadly sin lust



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

<reallyadrian>*curse walks in an sees rave asleep he sits down next to sirius*<sammaxben>*Rave stures at curse walking in* Rave: who are you?<reallyadrian>im curse black nice to meet cha<sammaxben>*Sirius starts laughing* Rave: grate another one people will start thinking where related.<reallyadrian>curse: well we are kinda related *james potter walks in and nudges sirius to follow*<sammaxben>Rave: no where not i'm not even from this ti ... place.<reallyadrian>curse: well infact me neither<sammaxben>Rave: we are not related<reallyadrian>curse: fine jeez<sammaxben>Rave: do you know what i'm just going back to sleep and waiting for hatch.<reallyadrian>curse: im waiting for lily<sammaxben>*is already asleep*<reallyadrian>**3 hrs later we arrive at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry**<sammaxben>Rave: WHERE IS HATCH!!<sammaxben>Hatched: over here Rave.<reallyadrian>Mrs mcgonagall : hello children welcome to Hogwarts i Mrs mcgonagall... now before we start there is no space for rule breakers here<sammaxben>Hatched: quick Rave hide your knifes. XD<reallyadrian>Mrs mcgonagall : what was that hatched dear<sammaxben>Hatched: nothing<reallyadrian>Mrs mcgonagall : be quet<reallyadrian>then<reallyadrian>Mrs mcgonagall : lets begin when you go in you will be sorted into your houses there is gryfindor, slytheryn, hufflepuff and ravenclaw<sammaxben>Rave: bet your Hufflepuff Hatch<sammaxben>Hatched: bet your slytheryn Rvae<reallyadrian>Mrs mcgonagall : whats that boys?<sammaxben>Both: nothing<reallyadrian>Mrs mcgonagall : once your sorted into houses you will go sit at the three tables<reallyadrian>**they go into the hall<sammaxben>Rave: The temple is better<reallyadrian>curse: shut up hatched<sammaxben>Hatched: I didn't say anything it was Rave<reallyadrian>curse: og sorry shut up rave<sammaxben>Rave: Only because i'm fabulous<reallyadrian>curse: no your not seriously your fuck ugly<sammaxben>Rave: you can only see half my face<reallyadrian>curse: yeh i still be ur ugly<sammaxben>Hatched: he's not<reallyadrian>curse: shut up no one asked you<sammaxben>Mcgonagall: the soughing has begun<reallyadrian>*curse went up first*<reallyadrian>sorting hat: slytherin<sammaxben>*Hatched next* SH: Slytheryn!! Rave: FUCK!!<reallyadrian>Mrs mcgonagall : WATCH YOUR PROFANITY!!<sammaxben>*Rave naxt* ST: Slytheryn!! Rave: yess yees hahahahaha<reallyadrian>curse: oh great these idiots are with me<sammaxben>Both: hay
<reallyadrian>curse: what its true your a bunch of goffs
<sammaxben>*The feast starts*
<reallyadrian>*sirrius is sat by curse and are talking about the transformations*
<sammaxben>*Rave shows off by doing trick shots with a knot and Hatched attempts to read something.*
<reallyadrian>Mrs mcgonagall : STOP THAT !!!!! ...,.AWWW THAT HURT DETENTION
<sammaxben>Rave: but the year hasn't even started
<reallyadrian>Mrs mcgonagall : STOP BACK CHATTING!!
<sammaxben>Rave: Et det tibi fimum Conclude prius optavi monstraro quid possum Romanum si putas carminibus vestram tueri te tam male. Illi autem recte non dicitur.
<reallyadrian>professor Dumbledore: thats enough rave just listen to the old bat
<sammaxben>Rave: O vetera sermone conclusit Dianae viribus et irrumabo.
<reallyadrian>professor Dumbledore: I SAID THATS ENOUGH !!! *coughs then laughs*
<reallyadrian>professor Dumbledore: Negavi satis !!!
<sammaxben>Rave: Si vestri 'iens loqui ad me dicam in lingua mea tu es origins esse rude non recte ambularent.
<sammaxben>Hatched: Рав просто заткнись!
<reallyadrian>professor Dumbledore: thank you hatched
<sammaxben>*rave starts mumbling to himself* Hatched; your welcome
<reallyadrian>professor Dumbledore: 20 points to slytherin
<sammaxben>Both: *start laughing like idiots*
<reallyadrian>*curse walks back* what was that about?
<sammaxben>Rave: i told her to shut up
<reallyadrian>*he luaghs uncontrollably*
<sammaxben>*Time to go to the dorms
<reallyadrian>curse: so rave u smoke?
<sammaxben>Rave: no i have a friend who does AND WTF WHERE ONLY 11!!
<reallyadrian>*takes out a bag full of a green substance*
<sammaxben>Rave: still only 11
<sammaxben>Hatched: can i have one?
<sammaxben>Rave: traitor
<reallyadrian>curse: what weed sure man
<sammaxben>Hatched: yesss
<reallyadrian>*passes him a joint and a lighter*
<sammaxben>Rave: just don't let the teachers see
<sammaxben>Rave: and did anyone hear who the DADA teacher is?
<reallyadrian>curse: nope
<sammaxben>Dark: Hello bitches can i have one? also new teacher so you better say yes
<sammaxben>Rave: Quod ex hoc mundo peccatum fecit, ut nos facere quod merentur.
<reallyadrian>curse: uuumm okay?
<sammaxben>Dark: nice to see you two mate
<sammaxben>rave: FUCK OFF!!
<sammaxben>Dark: later dear later
<reallyadrian>... *internal screaming*
<sammaxben>Dark: well i better be going, oh and i hope you guys know the pass ward.
<sammaxben>rave: FUCK!!
<reallyadrian>curse: nope
<sammaxben>Hatched: *grads him* lets go be glad i lission.
<reallyadrian>*curse is too high on drugs*
<reallyadrian>curse: weeeeeeeeeeeeee
<sammaxben>*The next day*
<reallyadrian>curse:uuuuh were am i jesus christ
<sammaxben>Hatched: in hell buy the way what is your blood static
<reallyadrian>curse:uuuh pure man
<sammaxben>Rave: Muggleborn
<sammaxben>Hatched: mugglebore
<sammaxben>Rave: we must really be a peace of work to be put in the house that hates are kind. XD
<reallyadrian>curse: im gonna be head boy of slytherin
<reallyadrian>curse: i wont tell
<sammaxben>Hatched: you better
<reallyadrian>curse: i wont!!!
<reallyadrian>curse: JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!1
<sammaxben>Rave: don't we have a lesson with Dark?
<reallyadrian>curse: in abou...shit were fucking late!!!!!
<sammaxben>Hatched: RUN AND HOPE WE CAN SURVIVE!!
<reallyadrian>*turns into a eagle and flies to class*
<sammaxben>*With Dark*
<sammaxben>DARK: you still have detention.
<reallyadrian>curse: oh for fuck sake god damn it fuck shit
<sammaxben>DARK: i don't care if your one second late your still getting a detention.
<reallyadrian>????: fuck u dark
<sammaxben>Dark: detention.
<reallyadrian>*sticks up middlefinger*
<sammaxben>Dark: do you want me to chop that off?
<reallyadrian>??: im not ever supposed to be here
<sammaxben>Dark: don't care
<reallyadrian>*rave and hatched arrive*
<sammaxben>Dark: *evil grin* mega detention
<reallyadrian>sirius: cmon boss let them be
<sammaxben>Dark: never mhahahahaah
<reallyadrian>curse: oh can we just start the lesson now!
<sammaxben>Dark: ok ok, so class if you don't already know i'm Dark and yes that is my name.
<reallyadrian>curse: i can show the dark side of the moon!?!?! *pulls down trousers and shows his ass*
<sammaxben>Dark: i will not tolerate lateness or disturbance. i will respect you if you respect me. *writes something down* Curse pull your pants up and go and see THE HEADMASTER!! *GIVES HIM NOTE* GO!!
<reallyadrian>*pulls up pants* i need go to the loo first
<reallyadrian>*rios up the letter and runs off*



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