CEA Update, July 29, 2007

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Deviation Actions

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve discussed the subject so once again we’re alerting everyone to some very serious types of prohibited content.

The first major issue I need to once again address is the fact that deviantART policy does not allow you to submit pornographic material in any form.

Judging by the things coming through the CEA desk there are quite a few people who are still ignorant of this prohibition.

<a href=help.deviantart.com/565/>FAQ#565 You prohibit the submission of pornographic material; what do you consider this to be? contains our explanation of what we consider pornography to be so please look it over and if you’ve submitted something listed there you may want to take it down before we do it for you. If the staff is forced to remove your pornographic material there is a very high chance that your account will be suspended or even banned indefinitely depending on what they find in your gallery.

We take this situation very seriously when we say it is strictly prohibited. Please assist us in keeping our galleries clean and free of this material by reporting anything which you discover while browsing.

In a similar vein we do not allow underage persons to be depicted in the nude, or in ‘sexy’ or ‘erotic’ situations. Once again we have a FAQ entry, <a href=help.deviantart.com/249/>FAQ249 What is the policy concerning images depicting minors?, which explains this extremely well.
This is an extremely strict policy and we will not hesitate to remove such underage nudity or demand legal documentation which proves your age.

As the FAQ states you do not have to be completely exposed for us to take some sort of action so do us all a favor and save until you are considered to be of legal age in the United States.

Also I must caution that any underage person’s who attempt to deliberately misrepresent a date of birth in any way in order to resubmit deleted nudity of themselves or their peers will be banned immediately. This sort of deception will not be tolerated.

A related issue concerns fan art of underage characters from popular children’s television series who are depicted nude or in an erotic or sexual situation. Our policies governing underage nudity do not differentiate between “real” and “fictional” persons so this particular theme of fan art is not allowed to be submitted here.

Previously this issue was presumed explained by <a href=” help.deviantart.com/249/”>FAQ#249, however due to recent confusions concerning the issue we have created a separate FAQ entry to clarify the issue;

<a href=” help.deviantart.com/248/”>FAQ#248 What is the policy concerning nude or erotic fan art?

The new FAQ now directly addresses areas of policy which we had formerly thought addressed by a ‘common sense’ interpretation of FAQ#249 but due to consistent confusion on the issue we have now provided a separate FAQ entry to explain this longstanding policy.

To briefly review this new FAQ entry here;

Fan art can be broken into two broad categories; that which concerns characters that are presented as adults in their original context, and that which concerns characters presented as underage minors or children in their original context.

Fan art concerning characters that are considered to be adults in their original context have no restrictions in regards to nudity or other provocative themes other than those already in place governing sexual or pornographic subject matter.

Fan art concerning characters that are considered underage minors or children in their original context are subjected to several restrictions which mirror the restrictions in place for photographic submissions.

The following is a listing of themes which are prohibited in regards to these underage characters;

1. Depicted without clothing, front view, back view, or side view, with genitalia and/or breasts visible or not.

2. Depicted in under garments or lingerie.

3. Depicted in an S&M or ‘Bondage’ situation.

4. Depicted in a sexual or 'alluring' pose (dressed or undressed).

5. Depicted in the possession of ‘adult’ sexual toys.

6. Depicted with transparent clothing, blurring of nude areas, or the use of “blots” or “Censored” wording or props to cover areas that are otherwise not clothed.

7. Depicted with "enhanced" breasts or genital areas.

8. Attempts to portray an underage or child character as an "adult" in order to avoid these restrictions will be subjected to close scrutiny by staff. Such claims will be considered void in any case where the staff deems that significant and telling changes of the original underage character design were not attempted or that such efforts were inadequate.

Any fan art submission found to depict any of these prohibited themes will be removed immediately and without notice.
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Almost trolled this. Almost.
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This is a very detailed article with useful information. :aww:
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Late comment; I'm glad to see that these rules are so firmly stated. However, it feels like some of the more popular artists get major exceptions. Normally, I don't like naming names and I don't like conflict. But (and this is just an example, I'm not intending for this to be a direct attack) I feel like the dA admins excuse =Teruchan's obvious violations of these rules because he's, well, popular. And don't get me wrong, his art is wonderful. I just feel like it's pretty apparent to everyone on this site that the little girls in his drawings are, in fact, little girls. I don't think he needs to be banned or censured or even given a warning. What I do feel needs to happen, though, is that admins either crack down on everyone about these rules, or not have them at all. By the way, I'm not referring to myself as one of the people that breaks/needs to know these rules because I'm 14 myself. I just don't know how to keep my mouth shut and frankly, don't want to. XD

Anywho, if anyone decided to read this mini-rant, thank you for your time.
so is this porn?

its Michelangelo's David i think

here is venus roman/greek goddess of love

in the links i have given, we see a man and womans privet parts, so if i made my own take of the pics here, would they get banned/removed?

i mean this IS art, or what if i made a pic of some cartoon girl doing the marelin menroe pose with her dress being blown up but not over her knees, would that be removed?
punkisstillcool's avatar
It would be considered artistic nude and needs mature tags.
Re-read the rules and you can answer your own question.
thats just it, i have and ive seen people whos work that was tagged mature, that just had a girl bending over or some thing, eating an ice cream cone in a sexy way have the artwork removed.

yet there are full out nude images that are not, not saying they should be because technically its still following the site rules.
punkisstillcool's avatar
Because that's a provocative position, and an admin may have deemed the character underage.
actually alot of them arent, ive seen OCs get deleted and every thing and the woman looks like she is about 18 - 20 if not older.

there was one where KP *Kim Possible* was bending over to pick some thing up but shes looking back at you wiht an embarrased look of *your looking at my ass?* and it was deleted, she was not nude or any thing but in a bathing suit.

it was soem thing that was for lols and nothing more.
punkisstillcool's avatar
Things like that are on a case by case basis determined by admins.
well that can be a problem.

i might think that X is perfectly fine, nothing wrong with it and so on, but this guy over here might think that X is crossing the line and is not just wrong to be seen but should never have been made etc etc.

YET X could have been 100% following the rules.

i know a few people have show deleted items to admins asking them if it was crossing the line, a lot of times it was not but there is one admin *dont know name* that if he doesnt like it in any way, he will remove it even if its following the rules.
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Well that is something we can't exactly help now, is it?
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Damn, it seems to be gone.
When you still have an EROTICA section?
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oh one more question wath about romantic scenes/pics of underage chars?
in particular this pic :thumb39219587:

they are using swimsuits, and ash misty ar ein a romantic mood, there is a slight exageration of misty curves (not that much, if at all atually, if you watch the manga), guess it could be considered sexual in a way but is mostly romantic...
N647's avatar
well after reading the changes and aclaration, I proceded to remove the art acording to it, still some of them are a bit grey

wath about chars that while underage or 16-17, is in theyr char to do sexy poses, have exagerated breasts, or panty shots, or that a joke of sexual nature is almost a given of the char.

a few examples are:

momo from koni chan anime
mimi from duel master
lina inverse and amelia from slayers and the gags about her bust/sexy poses and the seting of the anime.

because you know a char might do a sexy pose or be in contrast with some of the points, but be in character (and I m not talking about hentai or similar but about normal shows)

this call for good judgement by the admins

last I hope the admins don`t delete pics of char that look young but are not, for example etna from disgaea that actually have more than 1K years...
wow wow wow.

i remember that when i joined DA, and i was reading the read me or what ever it was.

it said some thing along the lines of.

*this is an art site, not a porn site, how ever some people do consider nudity to be a form of art, so there for with in respects it will be allowed so long as it is properly listed as being adult content.*

im going by memory here, but i think that was more or less what was said.

now i have people that i am faving, that are good at the works they do
(not all of it is a nude woman being raped by some monster :P)

but people like GysKing1, appear to be targeted.

in my faves gall, i could pick out at least 15 pics that i could claim to be.

supporting rape, violance to women AND children, show death and suffering along with blood, supporting acts of war and many other things.

so you guys dont allow porn, but will alow nude artists .... WHAT?!
nudity is not truly considered porn or do you not know that some of the earliest forms of art use nudity most of the time as long as it is not porn related it's fine now shut up
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There might be problems with the "bondage" situation.

What about situations where children are tied up for non-fetish reasons, such as being hostages, prisoners, playing a game (like Cops & Robbers) or something like that?
Lisa-AngelOfDarkness's avatar
Thank you for this - maybe some people will finally get it into their heads they can't submit nude pictures of underage characters here.

Greta job clarifying this. :thumbsup:
wothic666's avatar
you know all the fan girls are gonna be pissed about this but yeah this a good policy
war-machine's avatar
if this was the policy all along, i wonder why so much anime style underage 'material' makes it to the 1st popular page so often without consequences.

Neo-Kaiser's avatar
Because admins are not everywhere at once, and those images probly weren't reported
war-machine's avatar
its not that hard to check the daily popular deviations. certainly not as time consuming as approving daily deviations and such.

one example from today's daily favorites: [link] by :icontickledpinky:

just look at the gallery. its got alot of what is considered, by rules listed in this post, as underage pornographic material.
theshadowmistress's avatar
This is great and very well written. It's in plain form, black and white - so to speak, and should only "confuse" *coughbullshitcough* those who don't agree. Love the article. Good work!

Now, I DO have one question. It's about the Pornographic FAQ #565.

It says: "Vaginal Spreading -
Female subjects should not be depicted with their vagina 'spread' or opened in any fashion or by any means."

Okay, now, what about that image you guys allowed for a DD with the guy's penis piercing? It was labeled as Artistic Nude, but it was still the head of a penis. It was not erect but it was still the head of a penis.

The way this reads and with that submission being allowed as a DD, dA makes it sound like it's okay for the head of a penis to show as long as he's not spreading open the little hole at the top.

You know I've been onboard with this whole porn and aging thing, but really, this particular item is hypocritical. I don't want to see a vaginal spread anymore than I want to see a dick head (and I'm not name calling ... although it's true on both counts =P).

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. If women aren't allowed to show their vagina (THANK YOU!), men shouldn't be allowed to show their penis (PLEASE!).
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