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Hungarian skies pt.XXXIX.

Copyright © 2009 - Zsolt Zsigmond

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update (5/26/2011) :daprints:

Print available! [link]

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Wow. Just wow.

When I first saw this, I was convinced it was some sort of photomanip. but evidently not. This is truly a piece of nature at its finest. I see a flawless panorama, a gorgeous skyline, and a great base.

As i write this, I try to think up something, something to critique this with, anything at all... but I come up with nothing. This has to be one of the best landscape photos I have ever laid my eyes on, and you my friend, are a very gifted photographer.

The subjects here, aren't inanimate, hardly. The couple lounging around in the backdrop, the lone watcher, staring into the distance. Perhaps I'm letting my imagination get carried away, but that's what a great photograph does to you i guess!
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I absolutely love this one...

so......................... hopeful
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oh. my. god!!!! beauty
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Great panorama!
I'm not really fond of HDR-ed nature/landscape shots,but you seem to know how to pull it off.
Not sure what critique I could give,because the composition/colours/exposure is just great..
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Beautiful ^^
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The sky is amazing
I love this picture

K1NGD0MH3ARTZ's avatar
so beautiful. the light in the clouds is amazing
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Truly beautiful :)
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reminds me of home, very beautiful :heart:
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wow that is beautiful! I love nature gorgeous
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"Eyecatching",love it!
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incredible. :clap:
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This is so beautiful, totally reminds me of my old farm. So many good memories.
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Where do you take such amazing shots?
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this is one of the most wonderful picture I've ever seen..
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wow!! Is this HDR?
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Mad. Amazingly great.
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What village is this from? It reminds me SO much of the place where I grew up. :)
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great works mate :ahoy:
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Amazing work...
Amazing sky...
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