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Victoria 7 Reality presets by Pret-A-3D
Sandra by KarismaCGArt
Cheers! by fram1963
Gold Dream by Pret-A-3D
Cathy by Ikke46
Ronya by Ikke46
Model test Normal maps by camel2586
Setsunai by owakulukem
Before and After
Hofner Violin Bass - Before and After by fram1963
BA-Mattymanx car by Pret-A-3D
The Rivers of Belief - Before / After by Manduleen
Baroque Before and After using Reality by Amethyst25
Elektra by Agr1on
Catwomen by belzaph
Captain America by PGandara
BloodRayne by Zhack-Isfaction
Lantern by owakulukem
Bluegrass Trifecta by Conlaodh
Ancient beauties . A Celtic archer by belzaph
Sorry, Wrong Number by Conlaodh
Fantasy Sci-Fi
Underworld by owakulukem
Bounty Hunter by Ikke46
My new knifes by Ikke46
Blind Demon by MikeHuntSwe
Collected and Forgotten by Conlaodh
1957 Chevy Belair by scifigiant
LamboGirl by owakulukem
ShelbyCobra427Nr2 by robbiepeeradje
Autumn Colors by Ikke46
Blaze by Ikke46
Vickie - Knife - Tree Stump by Lookoo
Lady Cleo by romofrog
Til The End Of Time - Platinum Sculpture by DouglassJohns
Luturnalia 2 by robbiepeeradje
Water Born by angel-arwen
Midas - Olympus by Silas3D

Mature Content

Cathia by Ikke46
Getting Ready by DouglassJohns

Mature Content

Aloof by robotpope

Mature Content

12071601 by 3drenders
Lavinia 01281701 by 3drenders
Chelle In Stereo Cropped by mbinz
Holiday Themes
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by Amethyst25
Everything else
Lavinia 05281701 by 3drenders
Redneck Faberge Egg by Hypertaf-Tafkah
Reality Eyes by Sigstan
Honorable Mention
MizuyaHime by owakulukem
Reality 4.3 tests with different new HDR IBL by belzaph
Render Challenges
Render Challenge Logo by Pret-A-3D
Render Challenge 1 - Rock'n Roll
Rock ''s'' +  Roll ''ers'' by nounoumou
RRC 2 - Expression
The Thought: Winner of Paulo's, RRC 2 - Expression by kylumi
Reality and IES written by sigstan

An IES file is the measurement of the distribution of light (intensity) stored in ASCII format. IES profiles are useful for creating life-like lighting, as they can represent the physical distribution of light from any light source.

Here is an example of lights with different IES profiles (From Maya Zest free IES files):

Any of these profiles can be attached to a mesh light in Reality, and this will make the light behave according to the IES profile. Yes, that means you can turn a little mesh light plane into a round spot light with a well-defined light cone!

IES profiles make this possible to control the light cones and light spill to a degree that is not possible using standard mesh lights and it will take your renders to the next level.

In the tutorial, I show how to make a rather simplistic (primitive-only) simulation of a flashlight in an otherwise low-light scene with a bunch of low-emissive light sources. All to demonstrate the amount of control you can achieve with IES profiles:

As a bonus, I also show how to create the in-air visible light beam shown using a render effective localized fog/dust volume.

You can find the tutorial on the Reality forums by Clicking here!

We would love to see what you've created by using this tutorial!
Black Friday special: Reality 4 at $5.99. Expires on 11/26:

Reality celebration!! 60% off on Reality and all presets for two days only. Tell your friends.

On August 29th Reality 1.0 went on sale at the DAZ store and rendering for Studio and Poser changed forever.

Physics-Based Rendering–PBR for short–was a new technique for the 3D world in general and it was unheard of in the Poser/DAZ Studio universe. Reality introduced the concept and dominated the market for the years to come. 3D artists around the world became able to use lighting and materials as they were supposed to be: by absolutely accurate emulation of physical properties, instead of gross approximation as it was done before with renderers like 3Delight and Firefly. It changed the Poser/DAZ Studio market almost overnight.

For the past six years I had the privilege of serving this community of enthusiastic artists and making a living while doing so. You have welcomed Reality with open arms and produced an amazing body of work. I made new friends and discovered a world of possibilities that I could only imagine before. You provided great feedback and helped making Reality better.

Thank you very much for your continued support and friendship. To celebrate this milestone Reality and all presets will be on sale at 60% off for just two days.

Keep on rendering!

Originally posted here:…

Reality artist extraordinaire Marcel2586 has generously given us a series of props to be used with Reality. Not satisfied with doing just that, Marcel also provided exhaustive tutorials and demos on how to employ the textures and props. All this happened in the Reality Forums, and if you are not a member you are missing out. The forums are free and they are the best place where to find great Reality information, support, and tutorials.

Click here to see examples and to download props and textures.

Do you want to be the first to read the Reality blogs as soon as they are published? Consider subscribing to our blog. It's completely safe, confidential, and you will be sure to receive valuable tips directly in your inbox. Once on the website look to your right and fill in your name, email, and hit subscribe. It's that simple.

We will be moving to a new server tonight, June 15th. There are no changes scheduled to the website. We just need a new server, and we need to upgrade the OS, which has been unchanged for about five years. I have been planning this move for a while, and I hope that there will be no interruptions besides the few minutes needed to do the switch.

But, if any unplanned event throws a wrench in the works, please bear with us. The switch will happen at around 8:00pm EST today.
Thank you for your patience.
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About Reality

You are stepping out of the world of biased rendering and into the domain of real light.
Things are bound to be a bit different.

Welcome to the official Reality Art Gallery. Reality is the plug-in for Poser and DAZ Studio that enables you to render your scenes using Physics-Based Rendering. Reality pioneered this idea in 2010 and it is today the most advanced rendering solution for both Poser and DAZ Studio. Reality users who create art with both programs benefit from using the same interface.

You can find more information about Reality at the Pret-a-3D site

Here you can find many images that show you what can be done with Reality Poser and DAZ Studio Edition. The results are nothing less than amazing and they were created with inexpensive software that can give multi-thousand dollar programs a serious challenge. We call it "the end of high-end envy" :)

We always look for new content for this gallery so please submit your work to one of our galleries and make sure to describe in your image description the toolchain used. For example add one of the following:
  • Toolchain: Poser+Reality
  • Toolchain: DAZ Studio & Reality

Also please add the #Reality_plugin hashtag so that we can find your artwork among all the deviantArt images.

Before submitting make sure that you have read the submission guidelines to see if your images match the type of content that we feature.

Happy rendering!





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Shango-ThunderStones Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What's the latest status on Reality? Is everything alright with Paolos?
tman300 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 3, 2017
Anyone have any idea what the correct upgrade path is in DS from Reality 2.5 (still running DS 4.7 64 bit)? I was denied a response from official customer support because when I contacted them a while ago it turned out that my purchase of the latest product was too "old" (Reality 4.0 back in Sept 2015 and Reality 4.2  in Sept 2016). I'm not sure if I need to install 4.0 first then 4.2.0, 4.2.1 or jump straight to 4.2.1. Thanks for any help/info.
Sigstan Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Huh? - You can always ask in the Reality forums. Answering your question you can jump directly to Reality 4.2.1.
tman300 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017
Thank you for your response. I wish I could ask in the forums. Eventhough I am a member, I cannot post there for some reason. Didn't want to waste anymore time or bother Paolo so I figured I'd ask here.
Sigstan Featured By Owner Edited Mar 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, then something must have gone wrong with your sign-up at the website. You should be able to contact Paolo and get it fixed.
Also correction to Reality version. Latest version is and you should go to this, since 4.2.x had issues (mostly Luxrender version related).
joekr9 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016
How does the new Mac OS, Sierra 10.12.2 work, if I want to render using the Mac Pro's Graphic Cards (late 2013 edition)? There are two cards, which are AMD Fire Pro D700s. VRAM (Total):    6144 MB. Does anyone know?
Sigstan Featured By Owner Edited Jan 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not really updated on the current status, but you can try asking here:

Otherwise try it out yourself on your own machine using the Luxmark benchmarking (free download):

Simply download the Luxrender/Luxcore benchmark and run the examples. These should tell you exactly how well it runs on your particular setup.
lexxii Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you :iconreality-plug-in: For Affiliation With :iconcutieshots:  :) Best Wishes Always:) xoLexxiiCutieShots
Pret-A-3D Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016
You are very welcome
joekr9 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
Is Reality still being used much? I've posted questions over on the Preta-3D site, and never get any responses.
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