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Hello my fellow Pokemon nerds!  :pokeball: :wave:

ArwingPilot114 here today to announce :iconrealisticpokemon2:'s 2nd contest!

The theme this time:


Depict a scene or reimagine a scene from a Pokemon legend, story, or myth from any of the regions in any of the games (Orre and Mystery Dungeon are included).


:bulletblue: Any form of media is allowed
:bulletblue: Mega Evolutions are allowed
:bulletblue: One Pokemon must be present in the deviation
:bulletblue: You may recreate a legend / myth from Pokedex entries (EX: The battle between Kyorge and Groudon, How volcanoes erupt whenever Entei barks, How Kyurem eats people, or how Driftloom carries off children to essentially hell)
:bulletblue: Be creative and have fun!
:bulletblue: I will allow people to explore how ancient ruins may have looked like in the past (EX: What Ruins of Alph looked like, Tin Tower before it burned down, The ruins in the Desert Resort in gen 5 before it was burned down,  etc)
:bulletblue: ALL ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED AT 11:59PM (Pacific Time) on March 27th in our FEATURED FOLDER to qualify.

:bulletred: Voting will begin on March 28th, and a separate journal will be posted with all the entries.
:bulletred: To vote, just comment on the journal!
:bulletred: Everyone may vote for 2 entries
:bulletred: if you wish to remain anonymous while casting your votes, please note :iconrealisticpokemon2: or :iconarwingpilot114:


:bulletgreen: 1 month subscription from :iconarwingpilot114:
:bulletgreen: 500 points from :iconarwingpilot114:
:bulletgreen: 1 transparent prize art of any character (not human) by :iconsedillio:
:bulletgreen: 1 request of their favorite Pokemon from
:bulletgreen: Featured for a month on :iconarwingpilot114: profile

:bulletgreen: 200 points from :iconarwingpilot114:
:bulletgreen: 2 sketch requests of their favorite Pokemon from :iconarwingpilot114:

:bulletgreen: 100 points from :iconarwingpilot114:
:bulletgreen: 1 sketch request of their favorite Pokemon by :iconarwingpilot114:

If you would like to help out with donations for prize incentives,  note :iconarwingpilot114:

Also,  if you have questions on what you think may be considered a legend or something else, please note :iconrealisticpokemon2: :)

Think you know a friend who'd love this? SPREAD THE NEWS! :D

Enjoy your day and good luck! :wave:
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Does the pokemon have to look realistic..?