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Rules / and people open for commitions

Hi guys welcome to :iconrealisticfursuits:
We are here to collect Realistic Fursuits/Quadsuits and fursuiters together and
help others create their own fursuits and quads.
Let us display the wonderful suiters of the world's works here!

We're happy to reply to questions you may have about fursuits. Feel free to submit artwork and photos but you must follow these simple rules. Please no artwork of anything other than fursuits please.

:bulletgreen:All art submitted must be realistic and costume related. Does not matter what material used, if it's pleather, leather, fur, resin, etc.

:bulletgreen:No plush or drawings (unless it's part of a costume, badge, or ref sheet)

:bulletgreen:Be nice to other members. We will have no criticism and no picking holes.

:bulletgreen: Please when submitting an item, make sure it's going into the proper folder! We will deny multiple tails that are submitted into the 'featured' section, etc.

:bulletgreen:Have fun!

We are very lucky to have a staff group with many experienced pro suiters, who may be able to help you out when in need, also check out their profiles the costumes are absolutely top notch.

When accepting and declining work, look at the eyes and other features, if they're realistic like this> but if they are cartoon like this>… please do not.

We are focusing on realism only in this group.
these wonderful people have fursuit and fursuit head commissions open!>>>


These people are open for fursuit and fursuit heads commissions.

If you want to advertise an open commission slot up here, please ask one of the staff and we will post it for you :)

Group Info

We are a group based on 'Realistic' Fursuits/Quadsuits.
All art must be based on real animals or realistic mythical animals and in some way have a relistic trace to them.
Please no cartoon, non realistic, anime, etc .
only Realistic, cosplay charicters such as Amatresau Okami,Wolf link or Red XIII Look quite toony, but if you say replace the eyes with resin or glass/ plastic of some sort and aint them like real eyes it would be realistic.

Also please no elaborate clours, some are alowed but only min like markings or tattoos, not full body or bright blue or neon pink unless the real creture is like that.

There are some wonderful groups out there for such work. If you would like to know about some of these other groups, feel free to ask and we will try to point you in the right way. ^^
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Hello, this is :iconthoroninc: This is our groups staff listed below. They do their best to help out so feel free to ask us questions, we're happy to help. ^^
~We don't bite. Honest.~



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our lovely affiliates....

Newest Members

I've stumbled across this website that I think would be super helpful for people to utilize.
It goes by the title of

FursuitReview is a website that does as it's name pretty much suggests; it hosts reviews made by customers detailing their experience and quality of their fursuit made by their fursuit maker. Super helpful!

The website's list of makers reviewed can be found here: And the list grows with every new review submitted (so they encourage submissions).

They have 3 types of review forms found on their website (you don't need an account to submit a review), they are and I quote:
... the standard 'fursuit review', 'grandfathered', which allows people to copy/paste a review that was posted elsewhere (such as [a journal], Tumblr, Instagram etc.) without completely rewriting it, and 'YR+LTR', which invites customers to review how well fursuits stand the tests of time.

They seem pretty quick to submitting reviews that are sent to them and they accept reviews on pre-mades, parts (hands, tails feet etc.), commissions, and even things like Custom hoodies and Kigurimis!

Cool this about this thing is "It would also help potential customers pick the right maker for them, and give an opportunity for more publicity for the maker." And I think with so many makers out there and difficulty picking who this could help!

So yeah, if you got a fursuit from someone or now a friend who has and you want to support them and/or inform others maybe write a review and send it in.

I recommend bookmarking their Website.
Following them on Twitter
Liking them on Facebook
Follow them on Tumblr
Watch them on FurAffinity

And just share this info with people. The more learn about it, the merrier!

Might see if I can cross post this in another group too.
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FuzzButtFursuits Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hi! I have a bunch of furs, fabrics, DVC stuff, and foam for sale! All way cheaper than I got it for and it has to go! 10% off if you buy 3 or more items!  FURSUIT SUPPLIES FOR SALE! MUST GO! ORLANDO, FL by FuzzButtFursuits
Saiki01 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017
Hello! I am looking for specific type of fur, however, I have no Idea where to look its Eurasian lynx or Siberian Lynx fur. I can't seem to find any Eurasian lynx faux fur, or something similar; I've searched every known site that sells faux fur, none of the site I have looked at sold eurasian lynx faux fur.. Or maybe I'm wording it wrong on the sites, no clue. Either way, I welcome any and all advice as well as appreciate the assistance that is given.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

SSGyarados Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi ! Does anyone know what kind of hinge gives the best movement/ is the most sensitive in a resin head. I would also like to ask if you can dye/drybrush fleece with acrylics.
Madarao123 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Plz help a classic werewolf get into a video game…
MissRaptor Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017  Professional
I don't think I ever submit correctly ><
I can't seem to find the 'featured' section to submit to, and I just now accidentally used 'AAA submit here,' which I don't even know what bad; sorry!  -_-'
Lyta-Silverstar Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
I'm trying to find help to build both mine, and my fiancés fursuits. We've purchased tails and ears, I have arm warmers, and leg warmers, but I want a full suit, he would bed a partial for the Time being. Can anyone help us out?
GryphonOfDarkness Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi there) Somebody makes a foam base fox head or angel dragon?
lamelobo Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
i dont know if this would be of any use but i have two taxidermy rug shell (foam head manikins) used in costumes, taxidermy or even to alter ...i am selling them really cheap and i thought i might ask if any one on this group might have use. if not thank you kindly . here is a link to the foam rug shell heads. if any one was intrested. thank you kindly lobo   the one is a grizzly bear foam head with a static mouth, and just a jawset...(teeth) and the other is a black bear smaller.:)
TheHornyDemon Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015
I am going to join this group! ( but right now I am on mobile so it's confusing.)
Just a question, does anyone have any scrap faux fur they don't want? I need some for some loose ends. Or even fake fur or imitation fur I neeeeeed it and the stuff online is expensive...
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