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RMM MissFortune Agent 1.2



Bunch of small changes , but big changes too...
Context menu has behavior controls, for Movement on off , Launch pause don't, and best, MouseWheel Tilt or Scroll (how you want to start movement animations,Carefull of over scrolling)
Will still run in place if movement disabled.

14 animations,8 idle,stand,die(leftclick during stand),run left/right, attack left/right
Middle click Ults(also an idle)
Double click to launch LOLPATH variable in INI (change to your path)
(thinking of useing Rainfile but havent given it a shot yet)

I'm probably (thought trying not to be) Done with new Champions, but
How could i resist a Feisty redhead In a Killer dress with guns... i mean come ON!
Still no clue what im doing in Maya ,My access to Maya Dependent on others (Computerlab of a school i dont attend...) so animations still need work i think (though quite nice)
heres the link to START point for images all info i have starts here....(comes from) (…

*Others: (Older versions still need upgraded)

Giant props to MOSHI for a substitution line i ripped from Sphynx Random image skin
gives the Check mark to show position choice in contextmenu... Beauty

All rights to Model/Character  of MissFortune  © 2013 Riot Games, Inc. All rights reserved. Riot Games, League of Legends and are trademarks, services marks, or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc.
As for the Rainmeter coding "PLEASE TAKE IT USE IT MAKE LITTLE SCREEN FRIENDS!!!", Fix it advance it improve it share it!
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