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RMM Megaman 0.7



Not all animations shown in info-graph

The idea was(is) apricot(neat little program Google it) meets shimeji. However,
Having meet EVI ( another awesome rainmeter creation),Evi meets animated interface
a better description, of the Endgame Idea.

i however cant seem to run or write any advanced CPU, or procmon, measures without crashing (error in procmon in my windows, reinstall pending.( Completely off topic but think error from Asus procmon which installs with Asus Suite II))

Thus MegaMan (at this point) is a none system interactive animated desktop toy.

M.ouse A.ction S.witch C.ounting O.ver T.ime
M.any A.nimated S.kins C.onnected O.ver T.heme,
M.aster A.nalog S.witch C.ontrol O.ver T.heme (another idea almost to release candidate, had to build suite for him to control)

Know issues:
1. Double clicking to "HIT" can cause hangup on hit animations, any mouse action releases, Scrolling to fast between states can lock animation in transition, mousewheel doesn't index scrolllines so no way to tell how many times you've scrolled, One wheel scroll click up and down all it takes( if locked scroll again to unlock) (possible other bugs)
2. some animated sequences between states need "tweaked" (barley an artist so ...)
3. Ugly Code, need to Finalize. Clean up as it were , messy in there....( "i have no idea whats going on" -Towelie)

those three reasons cause v.07, at least 3 rounds of work left i think.
(not to mention the hundreds or thousands of hours to make it more then toy, but that's another thing altogether. As I'm way out of my "Pay Grade" )

Why MegaMan, 8bit easier to change, Not an artist(or just sucky one),
i wanted to use a Rainmeter Chan (like OS tans) but NO official rainmeter character representation, that I'm aware of or can find.

I claim no rights or License on this, my hope is to find many more characters created for rainmeter, this sort of a proof of concept, Rainmeter cant animate.. but it can.....
(collision detection a dream, Thou maybe possible, interaction between mascot skins, takes cross skin coding)This uses ONLY rainmeter...Imagine a little lua and proper coding from someone who KNOWS what their doing?

RM2.5 or Higher , heavy use of Mousewheel left and right, If your mouse doesn't tilt
you wont get Full functionality (thought of using Xbuttons but also unreliable as not all mice report the buttons the same.)

Change media player in HOME.ini (currently WINAMP)
size adjustable with Imagesize variable in INI's, (not connected with @include yet) so adjusting size would need to be done in all INI's to match size

(not tested on weaker systems, as animated throughout, many cause slowdown?
I run i5 and Nvidia560, no issues, however a lesser system might have problems ??? no clue!!! Let me know!)(edit: Clarify, i started building on Core duo and nv7900 worked on that so lower systems should be fine, comment if notice any trouble with your spec)

GameKeeperX ...for MegaMan Shimeji v.1.1 (for images)
Smurfier ...for answering rainmeter forum posts so well they answer questions not asked
also built mostly from his calc/animation explanations

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Really awesome!!! :)