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Hey guys! Are you interested in Indie Games? How about charity? How about artbooks for the game Journey, or Transformice plushies, or Super Meat Boy statues, or thatgamecompany t-shirts or a shot at over two hundred codes for games like The Binding of Isaac, Trine 2, Airmech, Bastion, and many more?

If the answer to any of those questions is 'fyeah' then you should go check out the Indie Games for Good marathon at - we'll be playing indie games and raffling and auctioning off awesome swag as well as interviewing developers such as the makers of Trine 2, I Wanna Be the Guy, Airmech, Journey and Flower, and so forth!

It was awesome last year - we raised 7k and played for 79 hours straight - and we're hoping to make it even more awesome this year! So please check it out; It'll be worth both watching and donating to, I can promise you that!
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Going to the mountains to see snow and and fall down hills in an almost controlled fashion and stuff.

I hope I'm not eaten by a yeti.
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  • Listening to: The Afro-Celt Soundsystem
  • Reading: The collected Lovecraft works
  • Watching: Your mom on a pay-to-view site
  • Playing: Photoshop Hero
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Well, I know I've said this like a million times before, but I'm sorry for not updating much. Real life's been keeping me really busy and I've kind of just not been able to keep up the habit of working in photoshop...

*wrings hands*

Um, I'll totally have something up next week, I sw... wait? Does anyone see that? No, really, it kind of looks like a steamrWRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

((Here's a fuckin art dump! More news will be forthcoming soon))
Good gods, I've never wanted a game more after reading this ESRB rating justification.


    Brütal Legend

    Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

    Rating: Mature

    Content descriptors: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes

    Rating summary: This is an action adventure/role-playing game that tells the story of Eddie Riggs, a roadie who is transported to a mythical world of heavy metal rock. Eddie is armed with a guitar and a double-headed axe, which players can use to slash and dismember enemies. Players can also perform "face-melting solos" (literally melting enemies' faces), meet humanoid creatures dressed like dominatrixes and brandishing whips, and liberate an army of rockers from a life of oppression. Although the storyline is often irreverent and whimsical, the depictions of violence are somewhat intense: Undead humanoids are dismembered with an axe (sometimes in slow-motion); a "Steel-Quilled Blade" causes human enemies to explode into gibs that rain down; machine guns, missile launchers, and sub woofers can be used to kill druids and other fantastical creatures. Eddie can also run over dozens of enemies with his hot rod, resulting in blood effects and more heads and limbs getting chopped off. During the course of the game, characters sometimes engage in suggestive dialogue intended for comedic effect (e.g., "Maybe with all your feedback, you guys could just blow me over the gorge" and "Playtime's over. Now let's get back to the orgy"). Players will also encounter "Skull Rakers" clad in bondage gear and amazon-like warriors dressed in leather outfits that partially reveal buttocks and breasts. Strong profanity (e.g., "f*ck," "sh*t," and "d*ck") can be heard in the dialogue.


Epic. Anyhow, if anyone still ever comes to this page or watches this account... something's coming. Be wary!
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So I guess Fallout and Little Big Planet made a baby?…

Hadn't heard of that before a preview at Star Trek. I'm not huge on Tim Burton, but I love the style.

Oh yeah, also I'm still not dead. Still no wiwow forthcoming. Still doing other stuff. <3 c ya
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Thanksgiving break! One week off of school! Just two days and one assignment away! Sweet release!

I mean, sure, I still gotta go to work, but at least it's way more free time.

Left 4 Dead is pretty fun. Why the heck didn't I know a Neverwinter Nights expansion came out today? I must fabricate and then fanart the crap out of a DnD troupe immediately!

Rorschach is very lame. This saddens me, because he has such a striking design. Oh well, maybe he'll stop acting like a serty twat by the end of this.
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For the gay marriage debate:

Step 1: Go back in time and find the first guy to ever scribble the word 'marriage' into a U.S. document of law in the first place.

Step 2: Carve the first amendment directly onto his buttocks with a rusty scalpel.

Step 3: There is no step 3. You've already solved the damned problem. Church wants to refuse to marry gay couples? It's their right. Gay couples want to build their own church so that they can get married or worship in it? It's their right. Government wants to give tax breaks to couples raising children? Then it's your business!

It's illegal to let the church tell us who god says can and can't get legal benefits. So why is marriage a legal issue in the first place?

The bill of rights sure looks nice on paper. I wonder what it would be like if a government used it some time.

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Saturday(Today): Birthday. Stay at home, eat cake and pasta, play Team Fortress 2.

Sunday: Pack a backpack for school

Monday: First day of class. Write down assignments and book orders

Tuesday: Second day of class. Get other classes' assignments and book orders. Torrent/order/e-bay all books. Repack backpack with luggage.

Wednesday: Go to San Francisco, crash at friends' friend's house.

Thursday: Go to Seattle, crash at friend's relative's house.


Saturday: 8========0~~ :D


Monday: Drive back to San Francisco in labor day traffic.

Tuesday: Arrive back in San Diego. Hopefully. Repack backpack for school

Wednesday: General academic befuddlement

Thursday: Additional academic bamboozledness.

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No, really. I do. And this scares the hell out of me. I love going all the way through it and reading every "dum niger" and "your a fag" comment. In almost every one with a few dozen pages of responses two people will get into a parody of an intellectual debate and that's probably the best of them all.

The "Most Popular" deviations here at DA aren't quite as good. Same endless sea of anonymous insanity, but less profanity. And it's typically more amiable here, so obviously not as entertaining. I like Digg's comments a lot, too. That's probably the internet's capital of pseudo-intellectuals since it became some kind of social network.

It's like how other people watch reality TV, or miserable B movies. Or maybe not. This is what makes me want to seek professional help.


If you actually forced yourself through that rant with hopes of some art news... Um, WiWoW is going really slowly right now, mainly due to the other projects holding my interest better. Sorry (frowny face).

Hahaha Bless your soul
you really think you're in control
Goin' to Colorado for a bit, probably won't update for a few weeks, although I am bringing my tablet.

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Do you liek them!?

Thank you /b/. I'm making this my permanent avatar, probably :D

Um, yeah, nothing else productive to say.
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Putting up two prologue comics this week, one today one tomorrow to see if I can go from scripted > inked and colored in a week while also doing school work and life. So, that'll be one comic today, one tomorrow, and one next Monday.

Having a lot of fun with these comics, and as you can see I'm dicking around a lot with comic storytelling stuff and things like inking coloring and size. Once the comic 'really' starts, I'll try my best to start using a standard size, and hopefully have more regular coloring style. These prologue comics are a nice supplement to the plot, but aren't really required for you to be able to pick up the comic at the 'real' page 1. So I don't feel bad messing around a lot with them =D

Oh, and to fend off the inevitable question: WiWoW 4 should be out next January of February. I swear, it's getting worked on too ^^
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I made a little header dealy, then I realized I need a subscription to add one. Ah well.

First off, some updates. WiWoW 4 is being scripted, drafted, and started right now. Which basically means all I've done is some concept stuff and most of a script. Expect it, say, January or February, with higher quality animation and voice acting!

Re: Your Brains flash is looking a little on the dying side right now, as while the animation I've done on it is decent, I really haven't put enough of what I can do into it.

Second, but probably a little more important to me, I'm launching a graphic novel style web comic next month. Next week I'll start posting the first ones, and eventually I'll have the whole prologue up here and will have a site up and running. I won't give away too much right now other than that it's about magic and everything blowing up. Repeatedly.
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Having to start a month before everyone I know else sucks x_x

That having been said, community classes are easier than high school. They just raep your wallet =( I do however have plenty of time. Barely 12 hours in class a week or so, and no more homework than I'm used to.

Projects I'm working on:
Buying and beating Metroid and Bioshock: ... what? >>
WiWoW 4 : Working on some scenes and starting to record
Re: Your Brains flash : Drawing hordes of zombies. Naturally.
Comic : Still just messing around with.
Couple Character Sketches
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Upon week ending, reset all units' movement points and hit points to full.

Sitting down in front of my computer now for very nearly the first time since Thursday. Comic Con: San Diego was a blast, and while I was heavily fatigued Saturday, I feel fantastic today.

I spent probably a quarter of the time at the Wizards of the Coast boost playing demos and trying to get a high enough d20 roll to get a source book, but they had given the best ones away by the time I got at it. I spent the rest of the time at various comic and web-comic related panels - Scott Kurtz put on a great show, and the new full length LFG Comic movie looks great. Between myself and my friend, I think we got some 20+ signatures from Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade before the end. Ignoring the myriad obese superheroes and elderly women in too little clothing that always grace these occasions,  there were plenty of interesting things to see. I played Eye of Judgement for the ps3 in an epic 70-minute battle and a demo DM ate my hot elf chick twins using a blue dragon that was probably 13 clevels above out party.

Beyond shameful corporate nerding, I found some people I played WoW with and visited a reputedly disreputable bar, hung out with various people for hours, obtained shiny free stuff, and all around had a great time. Now that I'm back, best of all, I'm feeling the urge to do more stuff here. Obvious next project is WiWoW 4, and I have a couple other flash things being whipped up, I'll probably post some scraps in a week or two. On the subject of scraps, I'm thinking of steadily uploading the hojillion unfinished and unsatisfactory sketches I've done up in there sometime.

Oh, I also met a great artist that has a DA account here, :iconjasonpal: . Great character portraits of all kinds.
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I think I'm beginning to feel a subtle urging here. And by that I mean there's like a million people hounding me to finish Woah, it's WoW! ep. 3. Don't worry - the thing's going to be finished, but bear with me here... it's going to be finished... eventually.

Anyhow, after avoiding my media computer for two weeks after banging my head against the wall trying to do humans and textures, I tried again a few days ago and had a lot of luck. I guess I just needed to step back and let all that crap I learned really set in.

One of my biggest hurdles in practicing art is that I am actually kind of bad at coming up with original material. On that note, art trades are pretty cool, and commissions are Absolutely and Apparently Alliterately Awesome. In the meantime, I guess I'll see how far I get trying to do stuff with humanoids I've wanted to do.

Anyhow, back to the drawing board for me.

Oh, and how sad is it that my Draenei character is already 70? =(
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First off, late happy New Years. Second, WiWoW is totally going to be done this month. Sorry about delaying it so much.

The following is rant. I'd recommend skipping this if you don't care about video games. Or, you know, freedom of the press and the quintessential sanity of the U.S. /glare

I know I'm just preaching to the choir here, but I'm all riled up again. Who knows, maybe there will be a miracle and people will actually search facts out regarding these things rather than accepting the first thing they hear from the news as fact, and this won't fall into the suffocating pit of 'uninteresting truths' that exists under the crust of solidified retardation that is our culture.

If you happen to read Penny Arcade, keep up on gaming news, or are looking for material for a certain self-righteous flash, you might have stumbled over the budding "documentary" called 'Moral Kombat',  which is essentially a collage of unrelated facts and scary sensationalist bull-shit designed to scare the crap out of the gullible and, of course, push various talking heads' diseased agendas.

If you haven't seen it, it's this.…

To sum it up, um... Well, to be honest, I don't know what the hell their point is. Flight simulators shouldn't be given to muslums? We should stop patronizing media that can be seen as 'escapist'? Everything sounds better with dramatic music? Old people have stupid hair?

Oh, I think what they're trying to get at is that video games are bad. I'm sorry, I'm a little confused here, as you didn't exactly make a case, or, you know, offer a single fact in that direction.

Well, here's a couple facts to get them started:

The average gamer is thirty-three years old. The average age of people purchasing games is over 40. As well, in some 90% of all cases parents buy the games for their children. To elaborate: Even if you did believe video games did make kids violent - which is wrong, but that's for later - banning violent video game sales to kids does about 95% less than you think it does.

Since the release of DOOM and the birth of the household shoot-em-up, violent video game sales have more than doubled, and youth violence has more than halved. Yes, in the most violent and realistic age of media to date, we are actually experiencing our most peaceful decade ever. The hordes of wild-eyed children nuking their schools you hear of aren't media distribution centers, they're high schools that are known for their sports teams.

Well, taking that all in, I can see why they aren't offering any substance in that preview. There's no substance in the subject. Now, I could write essays on how corrupt and vitriolic Jack Thompson is, and I might, but this journal is already getting too long.

Yes, youth violence is bad. However, it's a tiny fragment of what the media has made it to be - like a lot of things, but again, tangent. At any rate, the absolute coin-trick these tools are playing for society is destructive, deceptive, and just plain annoying. They're scaring what little wits are left out of the average family just to grab money and power.

What is the real way to help American society? I don't know, but delivering real facts to the public, realizing education is important, and kicking con-artists off the tee-vee is probably the best start.

From whence you came, you shall remain,
Until you are... complete again!

-Tenacious D...


Cool People Come First

These are people I know. There are actually quite a few more, but they're long inactive here. :iconamaroqkapuzing: :iconhydraphalanx: :iconshortcake: :icontopazmutiny: and :iconeeco: .


Second most important thing is money <<'

I really like to get these things and they go straight to college money =D Pricing and such shall be dependant on what job you give me. Really simple like 5$ for lineart/concept art and 8-12$ for other things, based on how complicated it is. Ask me for more information =)

Ummm... what else is there?


Currently singular... plural is for losars anyhow. Um, actually, anyone know of any clubs that I'd be interested in? I still don't even know how to search clubs ^^'



Tue Dec 26, 2006, 2:32 PM
You have no chance to survive make your time

First off, I just now noticed that I have 5000 pageviews. I guess I'll offer a drawing or something to someone who sends me the 5k screenshot =P I'm happy about that in a selfish way ^^

Second, although this should probably have been the first, I hope everyone had merry Christmases and, uh, Jewishmases, and everything else that comes around this time of year. I got money, which is, hey, what I wanted XD

Also, since my access to my gaming computer has been limited as of late, I've been getting things done faster. Expect WiWoWness in early-mid January :D And I still can't draw humans very well, amongst other things... Comic is probably getting pushed back to be one of those 'someday...' things, but that means that I'm going to be putting more effort into making shiny flash. I guess I need to start hunting for voice actors sooner or later. Eh, probably later.

...We don't wake up before lunch
but we all eat Captain Crunch...
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Bye bye productivity :D

Mon Nov 20, 2006, 7:35 PM
Amigad Midna :D

So, I kind of have NWN2, FFXII, and a Wii with Twilight princess. I've more or less enjoyed all three and thanks to splitting up my time I haven't beaten a single one yet.

So, um, see you in a couple weeks XD

Don't waste your time or time will waste you.
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