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Gunbaby: The Baby with the Gun

Concept originally by the inspiring and amazing Kid Galactus, over here [link]
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You do realize there are already two "Gunbaby" comics, right? One is a webcomic called "Gun Baby" which appeared a year or two ago, and the other is my publishing company, Gunbaby Graphics (, which has had copyright to the name since 2006. Just thought you'd want to know. Nice work, though. Maybe you could shorten the title to "The Baby with the Gun". Cheers. -Tony Morgan
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No I did not. I was just goofing around with a character doodle someone else did. I wasn't actually planning on doing anything with this idea, but I could change the name or remove it if you would prefer.
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I would be AFEARED of messing with the corporate big shots at GUNBABYGRAPHICS.

GUNBABY (all one word) does not seem to be in use. I SAY CONTINUE THE SERIES!

(I am obligated to advise you not to take legal advice from me)
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LOL. Don't mess with that baby
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He's got a hair trigger and a diaper rash. He'll mess you up if you just look at 'm funny!
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Hey, I came up with that concept when I was, like, 10!
Except it was in the Matrix universe.
And they were all wearing sunglasses and trench-coats.
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Epic. Win. Please, do another xD.
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I ROFL'd pretty hard
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This would work perfectly as a Michael Bay movie, imho!
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