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FABRIC tutorial

:love: This is the last by-product from my Gabriel... XD~
Hope you enjoy these three...
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Hi! This resource has been featured in my journal this week! [link]

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your tutorials are awesome!!!!.....really helpful....
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This is great! Im teaching myself to CG like this. Thanks for making this! I just have one question to ask, what are the brushes you're using in painter? I mean for the Main colors and blending? Would you mind telling me? Thanks a lot! :P
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.... sorry, miss this one ^^|||

I use acrylics wet detail brush (Corel Painter).
I usually lower the opacity of the brush (to about 10-24%) so the beautiful color blending can see.
In Corel Painter, the blending comes naturally (although more blending can be done by using blender brushes... but, I don't use blender brush).
Also, increase the bleeding feature of the brush can help in color blending too.

My brush setting... explaination is in chinese, but, the setting is in english.
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I'll have to try this sometime..thanks for making it.
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wow so pretty! i must try it one day!!
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Hah!! Fabric tut!! XD
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Hrmmm, being mainly a photoshop user myself im wondering if there's a way to replicate such an effect in PS...
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If you use cs5 (I do that's the only reason I know) you can go in to 'scattering' under the brush options and depending on how you set it, you can get the same 'jitter' results as shown above.
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absolutly amazing!
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