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environment study

speedpaints from last class

That was 2-days class, and I taught students how to draw environment sketches.
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Beautiful and creative!
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awesome :D really like the colorplay in These ones :)


do you have a tutorial or sth for this??

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Damn man... I wish I could join your classes... I would pay anything to learn from the right person... but I'm a teacher in Bangkok...watching the artwork of so many talented and amazing people like you.
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I am student, begginer in this type of exercises, and well these are perfect for me to learn! I'm so glad i've found your gallery at a perfect timming! Thanks a lot for you to share!!
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looove theeeeeeeese
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Each one of the pictures are simply stunning.
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these have a lot of flavor to them! Keep up the nice work
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wow. o.o lovely!
you captured a really really beautiful mood in each one of those.
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Amazing work!
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wow these blow me away they look like i could walk around in them almost
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love this the colours and style
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Hi I really like these, can you explain a bit how you work and where you get your ideas from?
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i wish i am your student. sob.
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Wow, that's impressive. I wish i could join that class! Will you be doing any tutorials by any chance?
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Very lush and beautiful!
The bottom left reminds me of a true story about a gunship that that got carried miles into the Indonesian jungle when Krakatoa erupted and then just sat there rusting away for the next 200-odd years or so.
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You must be a really good teacher :)
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