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In The BLAC CH 10
Chapter 10: The Last Battle
"Hey, Marcus!" Isaac called, the other heavies and pyros trailing behind him, "What about us? What are we supposed to do?"
Marcus turned to face his fellow teammates, "All the heavies will be with their medics. We need them to charge during the bus trip. And pyros- I haven't actually though what you guys will do yet. Until I find out, you'll just be along for the ride. Aggy, is Manuel ready yet?"
"I'm comin'!" The demo-woman shouted as she and another figure came around the corner, "And don't call me Aggy!" The two came out of the shade, revealing Agatha, and a now fully zombified Manuel, who strangely looked good as new.
Marcus stepped back in amazement, "Manuel? Is that you? How do you feel?"
"Ugh, I feel like I have a hole my head." Manuel said in discomfort as he rubbed his hair, "Oh, that's why. There is a hole in my head." He laughed a bit, "That and I've got this strange craving for red meat." He began to look at Marcus as if he hadn't eaten for days.
:iconreal-live-fishlegs:Real-Live-Fishlegs 1 0
In The BLAC CH 9
Chapter 9: Joined Forces?
Marcus slowly got back to his feet, only to angrily scream at Manuel's corpse. "WHY DID YOU DO THAT? Huh? It should have been me, not you! Why'd you do it?"
"The same reason that I would have done it, had it been me." Carlos surprised Marcus from behind. He slowly walked up and knelt down beside his deceased brother. Carlos winced from the painful sight, but slowly closed Manuel's eyes with is fingers,"Vaya con Dios, hermano."
Johnny still lay on his knees with his hands behind his head- until he opened his eyes and looked around to see the enemy had left. "YOU!" he shouted at Marcus as he stood up, "You brought those guys here, didn't you? I oughta kill you for what you just pulled!" Johnny then drew his bat and readied to charge Marcus, only to be grabbed by a giant gray arm.
KI-11 held Johnny in the air in front of him, "You will not hurt little man!"
That was when Johnny's backbone kicked in, "Oh yeah? Well you're just gonna have to kill me then!"
KI tight
:iconreal-live-fishlegs:Real-Live-Fishlegs 1 0
In The BLAC CH 8
Chapter 8: The Case's Purpose
Johnny slammed his bat against the bars of the brig, "Alright Red, start talking! What were you doing in our base?"
Jamie stuttered a bit, "Well I-I-"
"Shut up! I don't wanna hear a word from you! Were you after the briefcase?"
"No, I was-"
"I told you to shut up! Now, why were you distracting my team with a game of cards?"
Jamie let out a sigh and tried to answer, "I was just having some-"
Johnny silenced him, "Did I say you could talk? Very well, since you won't cooperate, I'll just have to let you rot in your cell. Hope you like it in there, pip-squeak!" Johnny left the room in a matter of seconds.
The RED soldier sat down on the cell floor,"Alright Jamie, think. There's got to be some way out of here. Who am I kidding? I'm screwed." Jamie angrily and hopelessly kicked the cot next to him. Suddenly, the cot began to rattle. The bed lifted itself as the floor collapsed slowly, revealing a hidden staircase. "What have we here? Maybe I'm not so screwed aft
:iconreal-live-fishlegs:Real-Live-Fishlegs 1 0
In The BLAC CH 7
Chapter 7: Friend or Foe?
"There, try standing on that." Geo said as he finished patching Marcus' leg.
Marcus stood up and walked around the room with ease, "That's good, very good."
Geo smiled with amazement, seeing Marcus had made a fairly quick recovery, "Just don't go running on it, or it will delay the healing process."
"Will do, doc." Marcus replied, looking around the room, "How is he?"
"Jacques is stable for now." Geo started, "He's lucky to be alive, after going through all that."
"What exactly did he go through?" Marcus asked with concern.
Geo rubbed his chin for a moment, "After scrutinizing the burns on his clothing, I'd say he had a brush with plastic explosives, or possibly even a charge made with pure RDX."
"Hmm, pretty strong stuff." Marcus nodded, "Wait, how did you-"
"Jared helped me out. Your medic is a bright boy, even for his age. And of all things, he just happened to be a biochemistry major."
Marcus chuckled, "Yeah, that sounds like Jared all right. Can I talk to
:iconreal-live-fishlegs:Real-Live-Fishlegs 1 0
In The BLAC CH 6
Chapter 6: The Truth Hurts
Johnny watched from a distance as Marcus and Steff were slowly making their way back to the RED base. He knew he couldn't miss a chance like this, to hit the enemy when they're vulnerable. However, he was well out of range. Fortunately, he knew someone whose range had no limit. He quickly rushed inside his base and called for the BLU sniper, "Blaze, get up top quick! They're getting away!"
Blaze sat in the rec room playing cards with Kia, the BLU soldier, and the RED soldier, Jamie, who was also Steff's younger brother. Jamie tried to look over Kia's shoulder, "Any threes?"
Kia shook her head, "Nope, go fish."
"Nuts!" Jamie shouted as he drew a card from the deck. "I hope you guys don't mind having me over, I know I probably shouldn't."
"Nah, you're fine." Blaze added, "It's not like our teams are in a firefight or something."
Jamie laughed, "Yeah, that would suck."
Just then Johnny burst into the room, "I hate to intrude, but- THE ENEMY IS GETTING AWAY!"
:iconreal-live-fishlegs:Real-Live-Fishlegs 1 0
In The BLAC CH 5
Chapter 5: Meet The Teams Part 2
The ground continued to shake and quake from the explosions that followed. The RED team quickly donned their uniforms and grabbed their weapons, quickly making their way towards the base entrance.
"I still don't get it!" Steff shouted while running, "Why are they attacking now? And at this early? It's ridiculous!"
"I don't care why," Marcus followed, "I just want to know how to stop them!"
"I hope you have a plan, mate!" Danny joined in as they neared the entrance.
"If I don't, then I'll make one!" Marcus answered with pride. His confidence however was completely blown away as the two teams reached the entrance. What they saw was extraordinary- a giant turret, armed with an arsenal of deadly weaponry, almost like an overgrown sentry gun.
Marcus could only stare at the monstrosity, "God help us."
"Crikey!" Danny exclaimed, nearly jumping out of his skin, "What in bloomin' 'eck is that?"
Steff narrowed her sight towards the base of the sentry. There at th
:iconreal-live-fishlegs:Real-Live-Fishlegs 1 0
In The BLAC CH 4
Chapter 4: Meet The Teams Part 1
Steff walked down the base hallway with BLAC team trailing behind her. She introduced each member to their new rooms. Danny fortunately got his own room to himself. The other members, were not so lucky. Carlos was forced to share a room with Darius, the RED pyro, who apparently has issues with fast talking Hispanics.
"Come on, Steff! Can't he share your room?" Darius protested.
Carlos tried his best to apologize,"Por favor senorita, lo siento por mi mal ingles!"
"My room is off limits to everyone but me, you know that." Steff answered both of them, "You two will have to learn to get along somehow."
Darius groaned with disgust, "Fine, just for tonight! Come on hombre, I'll help you set up."
Carlos' eyes perked up with excitement, "Si, gracias mi amigo! I will be bueno, I swear!"
Darius turned back and pointed a finger in Carlos' face, "First of all, I'm not your 'amigo'. Second, if I hear you chatter one more word in Spanish, your butt is gonna be muy ca
:iconreal-live-fishlegs:Real-Live-Fishlegs 2 0
In The BLAC CH 3
Chapter 3: The Unlikeliest of Unlikely Alliances
"Manuel..." Marcus complained a bit, staring at the BLAC spy in their midst, "Tell me you were drunk. You were drunk, weren't you?"
Manuel pointed his finger at Marcus, "First of all, I don't drink senor. Second, I didn't call him on impulse. We all voted on it."
"You voted?" Danny raised his brow, "Mate, what do you think this outfit is, some kind of democracy?"
"We needed help, so I got it for us." Manuel objected.
"A spy? Helpful?" Marcus scoffed, "They're nothing but dime-a-dozen, back-stabbing scumbags! Especially this one!"
"Gentlemen, please! How can we do business together if I'm not even welcome here?"
"Jacques is right." Manuel pleaded, "We're not solving our problem by refusing his help."
"So what's it going to be, Marcus?" Jacques asked, offering his hand, "Will you accept my proposal? Or would you rather refuse and fail your mission?"
Marcus winced for a moment, and unwillingly clashed his hand with Jacques'. "Only for the s
:iconreal-live-fishlegs:Real-Live-Fishlegs 1 0
In The BLAC CH 2
Chapter 2: Captured... Again...
As Steff, Angie, and KI-11 carried Danny and Marcus inside, they unwittingly had left their post open to their enemies, the BLU team.
"Alright, they're gone." Johnny, the BLU scout whispered as he entered the RED team's perimeter, "Let's move in, quietly." With him was Doug, the heavy of BLU team, followed by Setsuna, who was perhaps the scariest and most sadistic medic in BLU team history.
"I am just vondering," Setsuna asked, "Who vere those two men?"
"Haven't a clue," Johnny muttered as a grin crept onto his face, "but one way or another I'm gonna find out. Doug, you and the medic take one side of the entrance. I'll take the other side. When those three come back out, we'll be waiting for them when they do!"
"Finally, some payback!" Doug cheered, still trying to keep his voice down.
Nearly an hour later, Johnny and his two companions were on the ground, sweating profusely from the intense heat. "I don't get it." Johnny started, "What's taking them so
:iconreal-live-fishlegs:Real-Live-Fishlegs 1 0
In The BLAC CH 1
A Team Fortress 2 Fan-fiction
It's war... The RED team and the BLU team have constantly gone at each other for the sake of vain things; money, prestige, and some fought just for the love of blood. In spite of the unending conflict, many RED mercenaries have come to know and even befriend members of the BLU team. However, when a new group of unknown soldiers in black suits show up, things start going a little crazy. To think, the greatest friendships always start in the worst of dilemmas. BLU and RED must join forces to find the answer to their questions: Who are these men in black? What do they want? Will Steff and her friends even dare to find out? Only one way to know for sure.
Chapter 1: In The Beginning
It was midday. Two guards marched down the Main Base hallway, dragging a young man. The boy opened his bruised eyes, slowly looking around as his limp body scraped along the floor. An angry voice came over the P.A. System, "Attention: All BLAC team members repo
:iconreal-live-fishlegs:Real-Live-Fishlegs 1 2
KotRT Character: Phillip Carnahan
Phillip Carnahan "Phil" - Descendant of Sir Kay. Phil is a hard-headed and rather mean person to be honest. He often will make fun of anyone that he feels is better than him. But who knows, maybe there's a soft spot somewhere..... Okay.... Maybe not.... But when it comes to fighting, his ancestor's skills seem to be borderline genetic. He's very touchy about personal questions, and is somewhat short-tempered.
Age: 19 years
Species: Human male
Ethnicity: English Caucasian
Skills: Swordsmanship
Personality: Harsh, bullying, yet occasionally sympathetic. Also, he is very loyal for a stubborn pup. He sometimes even shows chivalry to women… Whether he means to be so or not is unknown.
Height: 5' 11"
Hair Color: Brown, fringe pattern. (Bad boy look)
Apparel: Loose leather jacket with fur padding on the inside. Heavy duty cargo pants and shin-high boots with buckles on them.
Appearance: Fairly lean when dressed, but actually muscular underneath. Handsome, but doesn't smile much around ot
:iconreal-live-fishlegs:Real-Live-Fishlegs 1 29
New ID: Biotic Adept by Real-Live-Fishlegs New ID: Biotic Adept :iconreal-live-fishlegs:Real-Live-Fishlegs 3 19


DnD - Rain and smoke by HiSS-Graphics DnD - Rain and smoke :iconhiss-graphics:HiSS-Graphics 11 8 Storm by Ilyaev Storm :iconilyaev:Ilyaev 258 100 Random stuff by s0s2 Random stuff :icons0s2:s0s2 131 37
Devious Journal Entry
:iconsammykat457:SammyKat457 1 1
Ocean by Gretlusky Ocean :icongretlusky:Gretlusky 461 14
Hey guys! I am SO excited to announce that I’ve joined Patreon and now have an outlet to support my work! Here’s the link.
My name is Kat Tsai and I am a Vis Dev Artist at Dreamworks TV with a passion for color, atmosphere, and capturing a moment in an illustration.  I feel really lucky to be where I am now, having been born and raised in Virginia, far away from the hub of animation. Unlike a lot of my peers who had the foresight to go to an animation school, I had never even heard of schools like CalArts until I was already 20 years old. I ended up graduating from Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and everything I know about digital illustration I taught to myself through years of self-study. I want to be able to share my knowledge with the rest of the world, especially other artists that might not have the resources to learn through a traditional art education
:iconchuwenjie:chuwenjie 2 0
Into The Void by jannaphia Into The Void :iconjannaphia:jannaphia 2,235 90 Sadgirl 03 by chuwenjie Sadgirl 03 :iconchuwenjie:chuwenjie 128 13 Wendigo by IrenHorrors Wendigo :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 6,324 114 Flauris and Vearika by Kate-FoX Flauris and Vearika :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 4,558 88 GIFT - Lucas and Mina by AoiTorix GIFT - Lucas and Mina :iconaoitorix:AoiTorix 21 3 Megalodonna by Kate-FoX Megalodonna :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 5,379 92
UPDATED: 16 July 2018

Hi, guys!
I'm opening up my August intake for Commissions. There are limited slots available so reserve yours early.

Thanks to everyone who reached out already! Gonna be fun working with ya! :heart:

:bulletpink: Please do visit my COMMISSIONS PAGE for more details.
:bulletorange: Email me:

:iconthe-ez:The-Ez 10 4
06012018 by pancake-waddle 06012018 :iconpancake-waddle:pancake-waddle 568 14 Avengers by Gretlusky Avengers :icongretlusky:Gretlusky 1,057 31 Commission - Genies by HiSS-Graphics Commission - Genies :iconhiss-graphics:HiSS-Graphics 28 21


There is nothing more terrifying than Japanese commercials that star Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Don't believe me? Just watch! 
Grains of sand slip through little cracks between the fingers;
Rough and coarse, running their course;
But even long after, the sensation still lingers.

Second, minute, and hour hands tick and tock around a clock face;
Clicking, grating, itching the brain;
Forming ulcers from the mountains of stress.

Crescent moon and crucifix centered in a pentacle atop David's Star;
Revering, blaspheming the 'Maker';
Water, dust, and dirt is all that we are.

Hacking, scraping, and ringing breaks through the silence;
Painting every green thing red;
All the world is sick flesh, senseless and violent.
At needle point, the sweat is beading;
None can believe the things they're seeing;
Sky punctured with the tendrils of a higher being;
The advent has just begun.

Those who didn't break at the sight turned introspective;
The question "Are we alone?" is no longer subjective;
Our faith in our knowledge of the universe, defective;
Reality's core comes undone.

Our eyes have been opened, no longer hindered;
Every mystery of life, every doubt has been splintered;
To this we say, "Glory to the Light-Bearers and to their kindred!"
Dear God, what have we become? 
Five teeth sank in;
Five teeth broke the skin;
Stainless steel tiger claws;
Dug their wells deep within.

Floodgates opened up again;
Floodgates drew the red resin;
Pressure lost, levels went down;
The elixir of life caused many to drown.

Damage was done from just one slip;
Damage was done, and that was it;
Mustn't let the poison touch;
Must find a way to cover it up.

Drenched completely, head to toe;
Drenched completely, dead and cold;
Sheath the scars beneath a glove;
The resin flows, it isn't enough.

Pale flesh against brittle bones;
Pale flesh laid out on stones;
Drained of every drop of red;
Now only the pests adorn their head.

Five teeth sank in;
Five teeth broke the skin;
Had no time to say goodbye;
The resin wells had been bled dry. 


Real-Live-Fishlegs's Profile Picture
Duncan McDerpDerp
I had met with the Devil. I made him an offer. He sold his soul to me. And when it all ended, I became him.
  • Listening to: Touch This Light by House of Heroes
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
Tagged by :icons0s2: because she knows I like being involved.

1st Round. Describe your...
1. Personality
Neurotic, talkative, creative-minded, introverted, and I will stab you if you touch my breakfast.

2. Hair (not just lenght/color )
Biologically blonde, now more sandy/dirty blonde with hints of red (mostly in the beard). My hair is short, stubborn, and gets oily very very quickly. 

3. Eyes (same here ^^)
Various colors, ranging from blue to gray usually. My eyes can appear slightly sunken, but they don't stand out too much. 

2nd Round. Write without thinking. 3 random statements from or about you:
1. The only actions I'm responsible for are my own.
2. Life is too short to be a downer, even far too short to be an asshole to people. Be good to people.
3. I don't get to decide when I go, so I better live while I'm here. 

3rd Round. Fast random question round! YAY! Answer spontaneous:
Sun or Moon?

Red or Blue?

Morning person or night owl?
Not sure, probably morning person.

Cats or Dogs?

Master or Servant?
Destroyer of Worlds.

Movies or Books?

Bath or Shower?

Showers are just as refreshing and use a fraction of the water.

Fish or Chicken?

Cakes or cookies?
Gimme all of it, dammit!

Grin or Smirk?
Does it matter as long as you see my psychotic behavior?

4th Round. Random words - your choice^^ Yes or No?
Gummy bears?

Sea Food?

Crowd places?
I don't like crowds.

I write it, yes.

Bitch, I'm fabulous in anything I wear! 

Yes, I would like to science please.

Loud people?
Only if it's funny. Even then, in small doses.

Sure, why not? 

The color pink?
Yes, but with those shoes? 

Rainy days?
Yes. Just not every single day. I'd take rain over snow though.

Short beards?
Pfft, Texas Goatee, brah!

Dark basements?
Usually that means spiders, probably nah.


Bitchy persons?
Sexy persons? Sure. Naughty persons? Okay. Bitchy persons? NO and in Spanish No! (see what I did there?)

Last Round! Your favourite...?
Mistborn Trilogy- Brandon Sanderson
Harry Potter series- J.K. Rowling
Might be adding Robert Jordan's Wheel of time to my list.
Also, The Aeronaut's Windlass by Jim Butcher.

If it's got good gameplay and good story, and hopefully no microtransactions, I'll play it.


Anything that can't kill me.

Again, anything that can't kill me. 

Dogs, cats, and cuddly things. Goats too. You do not know cute until you bottle feed a baby goat.

I never got to watch it, sorry.

80 episodes in I lost interest, but Brock was my man. (I was in college when I first saw it., so that's probably why I wasn't into it.)

Tv Shows:
Firefly, Stranger Things, "Walker, Texas Ranger," Stargate SG-1, Combat!, and others. 

Animes or cartoons:
Teen Titans, Avatar the Last Airbender, Chunibyo, Overlord, FMA: Brotherhood, A Place Farther Than The Universe, Konosuba, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, Kim Possible, Archer, and many more. I love cartoons, I would love to be a cartoon. DON'T JUDGE ME!

The Iron Giant, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, John Carpenter's The Thing, The Blob (both 1958 and 1988 versions), The Fly (1958), Spirited Away, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Twenty Million Miles To Earth, The Patriot (yes it's cheesy, but the action and music were great), Raiders of the Lost Ark, Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049, Stardust, The House of Wax (the Vincent Price one), Edward Scissorhands, Hell or High Water, U-571, Inception, The Dark Knight, We Were Soldiers, Silence, How To Train Your Dragon, Brooklyn, Darkest Hour, Treasure Planet, Judge Dredd and Dredd (2012), Robocop, The Terminator, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Alien, Kingdom of Heaven, Tombstone, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, do you really want me to keep going?

I used to read Archie comics, but haven't read any in a long time save for some awesome web comics my friends make. Marid and Temperature are both great reads and I look forward to them continuing. 




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Thanks so much for the watch! I really appreciate it!! La la la la :happybounce:  Heart  
Real-Live-Fishlegs Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2018
You're very welcome, miss (or mister, or supreme omnipotent overlord, whatever your preference).
I apologize that I don't really upload as much as I used to. Perhaps in time I'll rectify that, but I thought I'd let you know ahead of time.
Feel free to note me though if you just would like to chat, or I'll note you. However it works best ^_^
Your art is really well done btw!
CloudDoodle Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
haha just miss is fine or whatever lol
No worries! I really loved the song you did for s0s2's animatic!
And thanks so much! Glad you like it! ^^
Real-Live-Fishlegs Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018
Miss it is then! ^_^
Thank you very much, it was one of my better pieces.
 My best songs usually are very personal, but this one went well with s0s2's animatic.
 I was very flattered that she wanted to use it.
You're most welcome, miss :)
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Thanks for the llama! :D
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You're welcome!
s0s2 Featured By Owner May 13, 2017
Noah, write songs and sing them! Come on.
Real-Live-Fishlegs Featured By Owner May 13, 2017
Working on it! XD I recently made a new instrumental, but I'm also hoping to one day do a song with lyrics too ^_^

Also *blushes* Thanks for telling me to do that xD 
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