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Amazing character design due!
I've seen very few people
that do their OC justice
like this!!!

It really peeves me to see them
illustrate the hell out of other
peoples stuff then walk all over
their own with shoddy jobs :(
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Awesome. You need glasses after working on this guy? lol
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Very interesting style man! fresh and complex Cheers from Mexico!
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holy sjit can you say badass looking?!

wow this is amazing...
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this is awesome!!!
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Awesome style!
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absolutely bastard fantastic, mental style.
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you r a really really great artist
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That's an awesome design, man.
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i made u a feature here [link]
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wuaaaaa O_____O
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that costumes crazy, nice character design
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I really love your work, I remember seeing it for the first time on cgsociety, back when you just joined I think. Very inspiring in the composition and overall flow.
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It kinda has a Metal Gear: Solid type of look to it.
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hey man!!!XD hah!!!ur arts are really cool!!!!!!hmm....i'll try my best to catch up IFS steps!!!!!!! XDXD
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I don't know what to say...
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