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The conductor

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Second important piece in my life for my beloved conductor which done for CG society challenge "master and servants" and won the 4th runner price. This one take me 14days long to finish!!
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I love the detail and colours!
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Great work man 
But WHY... 
Why the girl is holding a wand ?
What's she doing ?

WHY you designed this like this
what's in your mind ...

Can you share?
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I would assume that the reason would be because the girl is a conductor. That is someone who directs music and they use a stick to do so.
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<font><font>멋진그림 잘보고 갑니다.</font></font>
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Ragingly cool mate!!
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saw this in imagine fx, absolutely stunning work!
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even in all that chaos she stands out, well done
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whoa so epic and detailed
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Amazing work!
I really love your attention to detail, how it pops out of the border is really cool too!!
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I would totally request a familiar piece but different theme
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dam........very detail!!!!!!!!!
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Your art has been stolen I think you should check this out [link]
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Never seen a more beautiful composition of a ferrokinetic in a debris storm. The different fragmentary elements and colors really make the lines of the central character stand out. Great work.
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man that is insane. It is so chaotic but you organize your values so well that it's not confusing. Good stuff man :)
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MANNN this is incredible @_@ OMG I love this pic, great artwork!
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14 days?!!!!
wow, but every detail looks really impressive and all the work is so amazing
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Amazing artwork!!
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so many details o.o
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