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3rd angel for summoner master card game
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I haven't got word to describe this perfect artwork o__o
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your style is mind blowing!!!
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no comment....

nice art work.
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Simply Awesome XD.
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Creepy fellow, he is. Love the honeycombing in the background.
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Utterly amazing. :o
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dude out of the 3 angels this one by far is the coolest one of all defenetly going on my fav's =3
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wow the attention to detail is amazing.nice work
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MAN!! DAT is so Koool..i love the feathers hw dey seem to come out of the page n the whole things is jst so beatiful to look gna watch out 4 ur art..dey really really good
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:faint: :faint: :faint: :faint: :faint: That is so dope its insane... E-Gadz you are GOOD!
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I love your style to do wings and clothing. very ZoneOfEnderish :)
hope you dont mind me asking, how did you do the upper left corners light effects? and also the whole background light effects. looks just amazing! :)
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omg, i love this pic so much Q_____Q
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the detail is immaculate, it looks like ZOE2
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Ooooohh I can't remember the name of the source, but I have seen your work in a magazine before.
I'm so happy that I have found your gallery of amazing work. Such an inspiration. :worship:
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man oh man the just keep getting better
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wow, really love ur cool angels design. they r one of a kind, a stand alone.
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W^o^W....marvelous !!!
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ละลานตา =w=
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So much detail. Amazing.
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Awesome pic! I really like the way you did the wings on this angel! :D
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