Another card character

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untitled #78 , just another character for summoner cardgame~
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I remember seeing this on a website a while back, lovely work.
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Do you come up with these character concepts? They are fantastic
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you ned creating komic books
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And i'm back again!!!!
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He seems like he could be a swordsman or ninja....maybe even a mage..XD
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Wow! perfect colours!!
fantastic the effect around him... scenario is pretty good too.
Did you use Painter?
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ahh you have such cool concepts in ur gallery!
love the poses and the outfit designs!
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by the way, im starting out...heh learning to draw..saw your CG drawing and got interested in CG drawings, just wanted to know wat program do you use, or would you recommend to a beginner CG-ist :D
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I know that I still have alot to learn about CG when i see your gallery, love your work.
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this is awesome! xD i LOVE it
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... you also relit my flame as an artist i cant thank you enough for that =)
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Nice and good plastik:))
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Let me start by saying that I think your work is fantastic! You really express a lot of energy and passion in it. I couldn't help but notice though that the background for this image is another artist's work, Hydropix to be exact. It might be a good idea to give credit when posting images like this where you've borrowed other people's art.
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Really ... Really good piece of work ! I appreciate it ! A lot ! It gives an impression of mystery :)
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cool designs, i really like the folds. u do the whole cardgame on ur own?
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Nice job. Shows movement really well.
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damn, that is a very very skilled piece of art, seems to have a sort of Acolyte feeling coming from it , it might be just me though. I give this graphic a Platnium Rating :D.
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