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Use a pen, Bob.

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I can't remember which Sideshow Bob episode it was, but there's this one where he's sitting in his prison cell with Snake, I think, and he's cut his finger and is writing a letter (to Bart, more than likely) using his blood. He gets about halfway through and then get's really lightheaded and passes out. And Snake says something like "Just use a pen, Bob."

X3 If he isn't the most adorable thing ever I don't know what is.

Is it bad that I actually have a list of favorite murderers?
Most of them are fictional, at least.

Anyway, this is what happens at 2 in the morning when I try to reinstall my old programs and download some .rars onto my computer. Murphy's Law ensues, I get bored and open MSPaint, because OH BY THE WAY, TEGAKIE WONT WORK EITHER for some reason.
SRSLY, COMPUTER, you'd let me access the keygen files for Flash 8 BEFORE the Great Harddrive Erasure of October, but GOD FORBID if I want to use it NOW, you think it's a trojan virus. For shit's sake. I mean, I can't even open it.

Also, the entire time I worked on this I was listening to the ONLY SONG I HAVE ON MY ENTIRE COMPUTER RIGHT NOW.

I LIED, I have 3 other files.
They are
Girugamesh take 1 and take 2 (something my bandmembers and I did? lol, it actually has nothing to do with Girugamesh.) and
Swiss Colony Beef Log.

Don't get me wrong, I can listen to Cartman sing all night long, I NEED TO GET SOME MUSIC UP IN THIS SHIT OR I WILL GO INSANE.

Anyway, where was I?
oh yes,

And Sideshow Bob is my hero. I could ALSO listen to Kelsey Grammer sing all night long.

That is all.


Sideshow Bob Roberts (c) Matt Groening and Fox and all that jazz.
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StEaMeD-PoWeReDHobbyist Traditional Artist
is he your favorite character
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Stupid-Sexy-BobHobbyist Digital Artist
I give him a pen... wait... a good many pens. :happybounce: 
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It's Cape Fear hahaha
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I think Bob is emo. XP
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nekoinvaderHobbyist General Artist
Its the Cape Feare episode.
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I wathced this ep yesterday! Cape Feare. One of my fav eps of all the time <333
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Awwww, he looks so sad/confused.
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midnightstarfireHobbyist General Artist
Love it. And you've probably already been told this by now or found out is the episode Cape Feare. In my opinion Cecil is the most adorable thing in the world, but I still love Bob!
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real-fakerStudent Filmographer
Haha, yesss. I have since remembered which Bobisode it was from. X)
Cecil IS adorable. But Bob is classic.
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Haha, this is awesome :D I believe this is episode "Cape Fear." Season 5 I think?

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real-fakerStudent Filmographer
Yeah, you're totally right. I've since figured out which Bob episodes are what.... but at the time I drew this I just couldn't remember. XD

Anyway, thank you! : D
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hot-choc Artist
hahaha i love this ep ^^ sideshow bob rocks! i love the sinister pan before this scene starts :heart:
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real-fakerStudent Filmographer
Haha, Ohhhh my love for Bob grows exponentially. I think there's gonna' be a new episode pretty soon... 'fore the end of this season at least.

AND DUUUUUUDE I totally know that pan. With the lightening and the thunder and the purple clouds... LOVE IT. 8 D
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"I need a band-aid"
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real-fakerStudent Filmographer
Hehe, poor fella'. He so does. XD
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HAHA! My favorite Simpsons episode ever! :D Love it! And Í love the pic too! :love: Great work! :+fav:
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real-fakerStudent Filmographer
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SharpAceHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha! YES! I love that episode!
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real-fakerStudent Filmographer
Hehee, I just rewatched it. X3 Classic.
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SharpAceHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha. That show is great! :)
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J-DAmertumeStudent Traditional Artist
ahahah so fun :)
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real-fakerStudent Filmographer
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